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How to Refashion a Skirt into a Top
Refashioning my Way Out of a Slump

Some of my favorite thrift store finds are handmade garments.  Some industrious person picking out a pattern, then going shopping for fabric and spending hours making something special for themselves is a lovely thought…even when it doesn’t quite seem to turn out the way they might have intended like this frock:



I’m not quite sure what happened here.  It sort of looks like someone didn’t quite follow the directions that came with the pattern, as some parts of this dress weren’t put together right.

You missed a bit right here.
You missed a bit right here.


Also, whoever made the original dress seems to have cut the fabric along the bias, which made it stretch in weird ways that weren’t altogether comfortable.

It’s okay…I can work with it.  🙂

First, I put the dress on my form to get it a bit more nicely fitted.  There was no zipper or anything, so I made sure to not make it so fitted that I couldn’t wiggle into it.

Fitted, but not tooooo fitted
Fitted, but not tooooo fitted


I put each side through my machine, then cut off the extra fabric.

What's up with that interior peplum thing?
What’s up with that interior peplum thing?


The neckline hadn’t been sewn down in parts, so I decided to just use that as an excuse to make it into a nice wide V.



I stitched the new neckline down, then restitched a few other seams that were coming undone.

I think that awkward frock is much improved now!

Not too shabs.
Not too shabs.


I'm quite happy with this lil transformation!
I’m quite happy with this lil transformation!


Sort of has a 1940's feel to it, doesn't it?
Sort of has a 1940’s feel to it, doesn’t it?


My new dress was perfect for an evening cookout with some lovely friends.  🙂

IMG_5994 (1)
Love these guys! 🙂


I even brought libations! 😉


After the cookout, I headed off to see The Woggles!

They Woggle, but they don't fall down.
They Woggle, but they don’t fall down!


It was an awesome show, and if you get a chance to see them, you definitely should!

Diane agrees with me!
Diane agrees with me!


Erin & Ken would concur as well!
Erin & Ken would concur as well!





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