A No-Sew Jersey Maxi Dress Refashion 2
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A No-Sew Jersey Maxi Dress Refashion

Lady in Reeeeeed
How to Refashion a Skirt into a Top

When I woke up yesterday, I had an unshakeable urge to do a quick Refashion! My victim was to be this jersey maxi dress!

no sew jersey maxi dress refashion before

This is a maxi dress.  It’s not terrible.  I’m sure there are worse maxi dresses in the world.  

I actually wore this dress as-is a few times after scoring it for $1.  It was one of those, “Eh…it’ll do for work, I guess…if I put a cardigan over it.” pieces.  

But that’s lame.  Why should I settle for a lackluster frock from 9-5?

I made a couple of cuts.

no-sew maxi dress refashion cutting off bottom
Cut #1.
Cutting off seam of maxi dress to make belt
Cut off the seam, then cut it in two!

I took the top cut-off part and cut a little more…

making diy no sew belt from jersey maxi dress
Kind of looks like a rectangular squid!

…then I yanked on those fringy things so the fabric would curl, like so:

creating fringe for no-sew belt

Then, I wrapped this sash-thing around my waist twice, knotting the top fringy things together and the bottom fringy things together in two separate knots.

closeup of no-sew belt
Nice lil detail, eh?

I think this no-sew refashion is pretty swell!

no sew maxi dress refashion after
Wearing boots for as long as the weather will allow!
no sew maxi dress refashion after
Is this pose too much?

Do you like those paintings next to me?  

They’re by none other than the charming Michael Krajewski!  He opened his studio to the public for Main Street’s monthly First Thursdays on Main Art Crawl!

Refashionista and Michael Krajewski
He’s the one on the right.

I ran into some rather cool kids while checking out his new work.  😉

A No-Sew Jersey Maxi Dress Refashion 4
The Lovely Paige!
It's fellow writer & theatre critic, James Harley!
It’s fellow writer & theatre critic, James Harley!

I didn’t get to spend as much time at First Thursday as I would’ve liked, as I had to make a mad dash to Finlay Park to check out SC Shakespeare Company’s production of Cymbeline!

As this is hardly ever produced, I was really excited to catch this rarity.  🙂

Cymbeline Program

It’s a very good production, and you should catch it if you can.  

Live theatre!
Live theatre!
Lovely costumes!
Lovely costumes!

Erin was nice enough to lend me a sweater, as the night was quite chilly.  Luckily, the wine we brought kept us warm!  🙂

Thanks, Erin!
Thanks, Erin!


refashionista no sew jersey dress refashion before and after
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