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One Dress, Three Ways!

One Dress, Three Ways…Take 2!
Purple Skies: A Faux Tie-Dye Tutorial

Well hello there!  Do you remember that time about a year ago when I took on a One Dress, Three Ways challenge?  You’ve seen me do refashions, but what about re-refashions or re-re-refashions?!?

I think it’s time to resurrect this challenge!



I started off with the polyester teal number you see above.

For ReFashion #1, I decided to go no-sew!  This one is super easy!

I pulled the little belt/string/sash thing through the belt loops on the sides, but only towards the front, like so:

Step 1 of 2.
Step 1 of 2.


Then, I tied the string thing in the front, pulling the belt loops to each other.


Step 2 of 2.
Step 2 of 2.


That’s it!

Please don't throw a dart at me!
Please don’t throw a dart at me!


It would really hurt.
It would really hurt.


I got tons of compliments on my new dress and felt oh-so-very Grace Kelly all evening!


One Dress, Three Ways! 1
Happy Birthday Donald! 🙂
Check out my new Nana bag! :)
Check out my new Nana bag! 🙂


Hmmmmnnn…wonder what I’ll do for ReFashion #2?  🙂




What do you think?

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