One Dress, Three Ways…The Final Chapter! 1
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One Dress, Three Ways…The Final Chapter!

Tangerine Dream Dress
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You’ve waited with bated breath for the thrilling conclusion of…


For my final trick, I chopped off the top halter section of my $1 dress’ most recent incarnation!

It's hard to say goodbye!  :'(
It’s hard to say goodbye! :'(


Then, I took that raw edge and pinned it…



…followed by a quick bit of whirrrrrring!



Time for a little role reversal!  I turned my dress upside down, so my newly-stitched edge was the new bottom!  Then, I grabbed a safety pin and pinned my new shoulder down from the inside so it wouldn’t show.

I was feeling a little ornamental, so I took an orphan earring and attached it to my new shoulder as well for a bit of pizzazz!

After tying on the original belt/sash thing, I was left with this saucy cocktail dress!

Ooooh la la!
Ooooh la la!


I wore my new frock to a few fun events around town where I ran into some terrific people!  🙂

It's fellow local theatre critic, James Harley!
It’s fellow local theatre critic, James Harley!


I'm not quite sure what's going on here...
I’m not quite sure what’s going on here…


Thanks for the pic, Rob!  :)
Thanks for the pic, Rob! 🙂


It's Nick "Danger" Dunn!
It’s Nick “Danger” Dunn!


I even shared a drink with this handsome gent who managed to keep me and my friend Erin alive on a recent kayaking trip!  You can read about our little adventure right here.



So…that’s the end of One Dress, Three Ways!



Buuuut…I wanna know which one was your favorite!

Was it Dress 1, Dress 2, or Dress 3????


Leave your answer in the comments section and let your voice be heard!  🙂




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