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Thrift Score Thursday: R&K and Some Lovely Trays!

No Sewing. All Style.
A Most Secretive Maxi Dress

Welcome to another installment of Thrift Score Thursday!

My favorite thrifty find for this week is this adorable vintage R&K sundress!


I look angry, but I'm really happy!  :)
I look angry, but I’m really happy with my $1 dress! 🙂


So light!  So comfy!  So perfect for a 97 degree day!


I'm in the know, doncha know?  ;)
I’m in the know, doncha know? 😉


This R&K dress was hanging next to several other R&K dresses of the exact same size, so I scooped ’em all up.  The others will have to be refashioned, and I can’t wait to show them to you!  I paired this one with a big pair of shades and my Jack Rogers Sandals (that curiously seem to go with everything).

My other thrifty find this week (It was a light week) is this set of adorable tiny appetizer trays!

Aren’t they the cutest?


At 10 cents apeice, I was quite thrilled!  🙂

What thrifty finds have you scored this week?


No Sewing. All Style.
A Most Secretive Maxi Dress


  • Shelia

    PS, I went shopping over the last 2 days, and made huge hauls both days,,,, 23 sundresses,,,8 blouses ( 4 silk),2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of jeans, 4 pairs of sandles, 2 belts, 3 pair of capris, 8 huge matching picture frames,3 skirts and 3 midi dresses, a vase and 3 hardcover books for 76.00

  • Shelia

    I have the EXACT pair of sandles you’re wearing in this picture,,,, I LOVE them,,,,I bought them at the goodwill thrift shop years ago, and they’re my absolute favs…I spent 3.00 for them… Just came across your blog, and I’m addicted.I’m 54 years old, and have been a thrifter since the age of 13… Veteran thrifter here….

  • Hélène


    In France (yes you have a fan in France !), we have some goodwill shops named EMMAUS with a lot of things (clothes, furnitures and so on) with a lot of prices (from 1 euro -1.25 dollar to 80 euros -99 dollars for furniture or more). I got a Lacoste tee shirt for 5 euros (6.20 dollars) and I try to go there as often as possible. As I live at the spanish border I go to the spanish Emmaus. I am looking for clothes for my little daughter and from time to time I found clothes for me. Too I go to the attic sales and the prices are the name that Emmaus.

  • Meredith Stand

    You are so creative, I love what you do with the clothes! I really really LOVE your Owl necklace. It is stunning…. any chance you can share where you got that?

  • Jessica Jay

    Just saw the Buzzfeed post about your work, you’re such an inspiration!! I’ve been wanting to do the same thing for YEARS, and I’ve made a few pieces, but nothing major as I’m still a beginner. Just got a serger machine, so really excited to start making some well-tailored pieces with strong seams. Just wanted to write and say that I can’t wait to see more of your work; thank you for being such a creative, talented, fun, and giving beauty. The world needs more trend-STARTERS like you!!

  • re-dress

    I love that you share your finds as well as your refashions. I’m definitely addicted to your blog and thrifting. It’s great to see you back in the swing – it helps me to be the same. My awesome find this week was two Land’s End preppy madras dresses that fit perfectly. Goodwill had a 35% off sale for the 4th of July. My daughter told me to embrace my inner preppyness, and boy, did I!

  • kelly

    LOVE & look forward to my weekly dose of your refashion!! My best find of late is a BETSEY JOHNSON skirt for $2!!!! it looks like a vintage scarf skirt electric blue, sunshine yellow and hot pink!!!!! MY NEW LOVE 🙂 keep you the GREAT WORK!!!

  • senjiva

    those little trays remind me of the pink and blue ones we had as kids. My dad always put our snacks on them and it felt so special. I think they had been my Grandma’s

  • Dianne Davis

    i did really well this week. A floral sundress, a black cargo dress, a circle skirt with tiki huts all around it, a plaid circle skirt and a striped express top. They almost all needed a bit of fixing here and there but not much. 🙂

  • Juliana Santos

    Hi dear 🙂
    I discovered your blog and I loved it! I’m Brazilian, 30, and I think your job it’s amazing!!! I’m in love with your hibiscus dress and another one with flowers and one shoulder too. Congrats!!! You have a gift! Bless you! (Sorry my English)
    With love, Juliana :]

  • Rosie

    I found a super cute store the other day called ragstock and totally fell in love and was thinking of your blog the whole time, haaa 🙂 I scored some sweet shades, a cool tank top, and an ‘almost there’ jacket that looked like it could use some love. I really want to go back but unfortunately they only have stores in the midwest and I’m only here on vacation :c Thank the lord for online stores!
    But yeah I probably wouldn’t have even looked in there if it weren’t for this blog, so thank you for converting me, ha ha!

  • puggo

    HI!!! Love your blog and I have read every single post you’ve made. Vancouver (Canada) thrift stores are expensive here. I got some deals though when one was going out of business, got a leather jacket for a dollar. It’s way old school, so I want to cut it up into squares and crochet around each piece and make something like a skirt. If you have any ideas of what to do with leather pieces, I would love it. Keep up your good work. You’re so adorable!

  • socalgardeneats

    I love the by-the-pound Goodwills. Our price is $2.49 per lb, but even at that price a blouse is about a dollar. I bought this beautiful wool coat that fits perfectly for $7.50 too. I can’t count how many work blouses, trousers, sweaters and scarves that I got from there. But my favorite find so far is a Theory jacket that was severely sweat-stained. Since it was cotton, I just cleaned it up with hydrogen peroxide and some soap and it was good as new (and disinfected!) I love the fact that it fits me perfectly, is beautiful, makes everyone jealous, and finally, was saved from going into a landfill.

  • Sally

    I’ve got some great things lately: a genuine snake skin belt that says “made in France” for $2, a pair of silk shorts for $1 (I’ll need to refashion them because they are huge and in a dowdy style, but they were $1 and silk, so I’m willing to risk it), a cute royal blue skirt for $1 that needs a hem, and the best: this funky jacket from an Icelandic designer called Elm Design for $15. It’s a bit more than I would normally spend thrifting, but this brand is sold at this super swanky shop in my area and I’m sure it was originally in the realm of $500. It needs no refashion — just to be worn. Also a bread machine for $10, so now my house smells like bread.

    The absolutely best thrift I found was at an estate sale (where I find some of my best things) — it was a gorgeous silk Chanel skirt for – wait for it – $5. Yup. I wore the hell out of that thing until I got a little too much booty to make it work, so I gave it to a friend of mine and made her promise she’d wear it as proudly as I did.

  • Andrea

    I try to go to my local thrift stores once a week. Found a Ralph Lauren off-white linen purse with dark brown leather trim for $5.99.

  • Beth

    Love your blog! It always inspires. My Thursday scores today were a very cute blue cotton shirt with delicate flower print (£3.75) and a purple corduroy mini skirt (£2.50). Since I found your blog I now buy 95% of my clothes in charity shops (as we call them here in blighty), and I have to say I’m slightly addicted – I now have so many lovely clothes that I would never have been able to buy new. Plus it’s way more ethical. We don’t have many £1 items here though – since the whole ‘vintage’ thing became fashionable the second-hand shops have got more expensive. But if you know where to go you can still get great bargains – my favourite shop is tucked away by the bus station on my way to work – everything is £3. Love it.

  • Mickey

    Lovely finds Jilly. I throw some tags (what a friend calls thrift store shopping) often. Two fab finds were a Longerberger kiddie purse for $2 and on a separate excursion a genuine pair of Tiffany ss hoops for $25. Talk ’bout keeping something close to your chest until I could checkout ….. I was afraid someone was going to grab me and say sorry but that price is a huge mistake.

  • Chelsea

    Found an AMAZING 1950s styled perfect red and white polka-dot dress. Looks fantastic!! I’m always on the look out for retro, 40s or 50s clothing; it being my favorite eras and my husband is a photographer. I started refashioning clothes after looking through this blog and I never felt more inspired than looking on here! You’re amazing, Jillian; A great inspiration to us! Thank you for all of your hard work keeping us updated and informed on how to look fabulous<3

  • MizzJen

    Scored a beautiful red vinyl late 50s / early 60s handbag for $2, and a gold sueded leather Judith Ripka “Jane” East/West Zip Top Bag in mint condition for $10 at a St. Vincent DePauls store. OH SO happy!

  • Jill Moran

    Scored a beautiful old leather doctor’s/brief case full of buckles and pockets. Got it for $10 at a hospital thrift store. Clutched it tightly to my bosom so no one would see the deal I scored. Would attach a pic but don’t think I can in this comments section.

  • Jenn V

    I think the best thing I ever found was a silk Ralph Lauren dress. It’s brown silk with wee polka dots, cut on the bias. I think I paid about $8 for it. Paid about $40 to have it tailored…
    Thrift stores in Canada don’t seem to be what they are in the US. Prices are a lot higher than what they used to be (still cheap compared…) but there are no $1 dresses. It’s probably resulting from the “mainstreaming” of thrift stores..

    It’s great for my daughter (Jillian) who is about a 0-2 because we find all sorts of trendy clothes at single parent affordability!

    I haven’t refashioned anything yet (myself) but I’m always inspired to try when I see your marvelous results!!

  • outerbankshouseseller

    As always, love your posts!! I have scored so many good things at our local thrift shops … I am constantly amazed at what people discard. Love the dress….and you’re right, those Jack Rodgers go with everything!

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