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No Sewing. All Style.

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Here’s a nifty $1 polyester dress I scored at one of my favorite of all thrifty places.  🙂

Don't you love that blue hue?
Don’t you love that blue hue?


This is such a simple one, folks.  It’s mind-bogglingly easy, and requires NO SEWING AT ALL!  🙂

I made a few chops…


Chop, Chop, AND Chop!
Chop, Chop, AND Chop!


That’s it.


So Simple!
So Simple!


What this refashion lacks in complexity, it more than makes up for in style!  I truly love this one and plan on wearing it again and again and again!  Since the polyester is of a very tight weave, it’s never going to fray either!


Oh hai, Erin.  :)
Oh hai, Erin. 🙂


My new dress was just the thing for an evening checking out art and having drinks with friends at First Thursdays on Main!


All the lovely ladies dig art!
All the lovely ladies dig art!


Isn't Faith's wig fabulous?!?
Isn’t Faith’s wig fabulous?!?


But wait…who is this mystery man?
But wait…who is this mystery man?





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