Shirt to Dress Refashion: As Seen on Good Morning America! 1
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Shirt to Dress Refashion: As Seen on Good Morning America!

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A Long Sleeve Shirt to Cocktail Dress Refashion: As Seen on Good Morning America!

So…I showed you how I refashioned that LBD for Good Morning America yesterday, but what about that purple dress on the right?

Refashionista on Good Morning America
How’d I do it?

I mean, how do you go from this…

good morning america dyed dress refashion before

…to this?

shirt to dress refashion on mannequin

This was a tricky one, folks!  

First, I dyed the original top to get rid of that blah faded brown and white…

fuchsia and purple rit dyes
A fun color combo!
mixing dyes in washing machine
It’s all in the mix!

…then I noticed all these little holes on the sides.  :/

holes on side of shirt

This is where all my photographic evidence falls off, you guys.

I can explain!  It was about 2am when I was working on this, and I had to try to get a couple of hours of sleep before going in to work the next day then dashing off to catch my flight!

Still…I’m sorry.  :/

The best way I know how to explain what I did was:

  1. I removed that fake underlayer
  2. I took the whole thing in from the sides.
  3. I took it in again from the back to raise the neckline a smidge
  4. I added the fabric from the sides to the bottom of the dress, patching some holes and re-stitching around others (cutting off the parts with holes and stitching the good bits back together, then stitching THAT to the bottom).
  5. I gave this craziness a new hem.
  6. Then I took the sleeves up a little.

And that’s what brought us to this!

as seen on good morning america shirt to dress refashion after

My new purple frock had a blast for my last day in NYC!  

Erin and I checked out the MoMA, had a fantastic lunch at Grammercy Tavern (an entire page of their menu is dedicated to ciders!), and had a lovely time exploring the city before we caught our flight back home.

at sangria stand
Lookie! We found a tasty frozen sangria stand!
Times Square Selfie!
Times Square Selfie!

What a fun trip!  🙂


shirt to dress refashion as seen on good morning america
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