Thrift Score Thursday: Mikelos Edition 1

Thrift Score Thursday: Mikelos Edition

A Seersucker House Dress to Day Dress Refashion
Shirt to Dress Refashion: As Seen on Good Morning America!

This was a swell week to be a thrifty fashionista!  🙂

LOOK at these lovelies I scored!

So chic!
So chic!

Aren’t those vintage leather pumps ($3) just to die for?!?!  

And they were made in Spain…SPAIN (this seems ridiculously cool and exotic to me for some reason)!!!!

That black leather belt ($1) is pretty sweet too.  

Such a unique piece.

And that big brooch was a steal at fifty cents! 🙂

I couldn’t resist pairing my new pumps and belt with my favorite new $1 frock!  🙂

…and it has POCKETS!!!
…and it has POCKETS!!!
So happy these were my size!  :)
So happy these were my size! 🙂

Not bad for a $5 outfit, eh?


A Seersucker House Dress to Day Dress Refashion
Shirt to Dress Refashion: As Seen on Good Morning America!



    Spanish shoes are famous for their quality … Spain is worth a visit … it also has many art museums, a Fashion museum in Madrid, ancient monuments, incredible parties and beaches … In Seville April fair regional costumes are still sewn by hand many times and transformed according to fashion. I hope to see you soon in Spain, Europe! And to tell it in the blog and Instagram…

  • Lauren

    I too was introduced to your blog within the past 2 weeks, and am slowly scrolling through your entire archive. I’m having to limit myself to one month per day, so I have something to look forward to! I have been thrifting for 2 decades (that probably dates me!), and have always found super awesome things that I still own today. I am living vicariously through you now, as I am taking the year off from buying any new/new-to-me clothing (includes clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.) It’s been challenging, but in a good way. Your blog inspired me to dig through my hubby’s pile of old t-shirts, and the other day I made the CUTEST skirt out of a dark gray tee, turned inside out; cut off neck and arm holes, hemmed all sides and embellished with 2 flowers on front made from light gray tee and bright blue tee. New skirt and no purchase! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • ReFashionista

      Thanks so much! Nonononononoooooo…don’t live vicariously through me. There are sooooo many cooler folks to live vicariously through, I assure you (I’m living vicariously through Anthony Bourdain…a much better choice!).

      That’s awesome about your sweet new clothes! 🙂 Keep it up! 🙂

  • Flo

    The outfit is cute, but those shoes, MY GOD THOSE SHOES!! I would have paid $10 for those shoes, gorgeous my dear. Good score!!!

    I was just talking about you this afternoon. I was in the Goodwill buying t-shirts to make doll clothes out of and I got to talking to another woman in line who is also a huge fan of yours. You are soooo loved 🙂

    • ReFashionista

      This wasn’t from a Goodwill. Tell me your shoe size. If we aren’t the same, I’ll tell you the store’s name. 😉

  • nenamatahari

    Those are cute shoes. You’re lucky you have a size 6 foot. Size 7-8 is the most common size, so there’s NEVER any of those left during any sale. The really little ones like 5-6 and the really big ones like 9-11 are always the ones left, so you can scoop up and score.

  • kimberley g

    i adore the belt!!!! it looks really expensive and i am so glad you have shown that three quarter heels can look really trendy! i just wish our charity stores were as cheap as yours! they are so expensive here x

  • Nicola

    I absolutely love your blog!

    Have you ever refashioned a swimsuit?

    I have a black halter neck swimsuit that I just adore, but it’s thinning in the back and front, and I don’t know what I should do.

    It’s not underworked, so I can’t really make a bikini, so I’m just a little stumped. I’d hate to throw it out!

    Can you help? Or anyone, for that matter? Xx

  • Melissa

    I have a confession to make: I started reading your blog maybe two weeks ago? I have since read the ENTIRE blog (from start to finish) and am crazy inspired to thrift for many, many years into the future!
    As a newly wed, (and hopefully mommy-to-be soon!), our budget is pretty tight. As an artist, this is the most fantastic outlet to solve my budget and wardrobe disconnect!
    Thank you for the inspiration! I now have an old sewing machine I’m trying to repair, am ordering Rit Dye, and hitting the local Goodwill.
    Blessings, Melissa

      • Gillian

        I did too – once you find Jillians’ blog – you just want more and more – it’s addictive!

        Ps love the shoes – it’s such a great feeling when you find a really awesome bargain at a Charity Shop. Anyone can buy new stuff – it’s takes skill too find a $3 bargain 🙂

  • erin

    That’s an awesome outfit! You always put things together in ways I never would think of. Especially your accessories. And I’m so excited to be in your neck of the woods today!! I’m on the road with my hubby’s band right now to go play at New Brooklyn Tavern tonight. If you wanna hear an amazing couple of guys, come on out!

      • Cristina

        Shoes are awesome…I´m Spanish and shoes are famous here because of the quality, this shoes looks like 50´s to me…absolutely perfect! I love all your ideas, but in Spain is difficult to find second hand shops yet..

  • sarah

    Hi Jillian, love your blog. I would like to find out what you do to “sanitize” thrifted footwear. I have always avoided this section of Goodwill because of the cooties factor. Would love to get your expert advice so I can expand my thrifting horizons. Thanks!

      • Tamara Kingston

        What about trying the shoes on in the store. Do you bring a Lysol spray with you or something. I have always avoided the shoe section due to being nervous of foot coodies 🙂 BTW, I love your blog. I am new to it and I have already refashioned several items of my own clothing. I cannot wait to hit the thrift stores.

        • ReFashionista

          Fortune favors the bold! They didn’t look gross or anything, so I just tried them on right there. Like a fearless badass. 😉

          • orfan

            In some thrift stores I’ve seen a sign that says all footwear has been sprayed with (I can’t remember the actual word – disinfectant perhaps?). It didn’t discolour or mess up any of the footwear. However, I usually take the eyeball it and just try it on route. Never had an issue so far in ~7 years.

  • Linda CAden

    Fabulous Fashionista, you are an inspiration to me and a breath of fresh air…So glad I was watching TV the morning you were featured…. I shop constantly at thrift stores myself however, I’m not as creative as you are… with re-vamping them…

  • nikki

    I have been watching your blog for some time and it has helped so much!. My mom and I own a boutique with great thrift and new fashions. One day a lady came in and tried on this great dress only to have issues with the top. Well my Jillian refashionista kicked in I told her she should cut the top off and make it a very cute skirt!. She happened to sew and loved the idea so much she bought the dress! Thank you for showing us how to make things that may not work into works of art!

  • Ali

    Kelly you ARE doing well for a $5 dress in Toronto! Thrift & consignment store shopping in the south (I’m in Florida) is a shopper’s dream come true, I have scored more great finds since I’ve been here (from Vancouver) than in my whole life. But Jillian takes it to a whole new level 🙂 FABULOUS finds Jillian, pretty darn nice outfit for $5!

      • Helise

        Same here! So frustrating to have large feet for my height (or rather lack thereof) and wide as well. By the ‘evidence’ of vintage shoes it would appear that women in t so distant past women appeared to have small, elegant, narrow feet…or is it that only those shoes survived to become vintage treasures? Where there women with larger, wider, clog-hopper feet but they wore out their shoes and thus we don’t find them in those fittings?

  • Jessica

    I love dresses with pockets! 🙂 And super score on those shoes, they are awesome! So glad I found your blog, it is definitely inspiring me to be more creative in my fashion. Thank you!

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