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Elefun Dress Vol. 2!

A Not Quite Red Ruffled Dress Refashion
A Too Darn Hot No-Sew Dress Refashion

Let it be known that I have a fondness for elephants.


Elefun Dress Vol. 2! 2
Hey Buddy!


This is evidenced by this refashion, as well as this one.

When I found this dress with its funky elephant print, I knew I didn’t want to let any of those little guys go!


I love them. Really...I do!
I love them. Really…I do!


Unfortunately, I knew I wanted to shorten this one.

Not to worry!  I had a plan!


Wait? Why two chops?
“Wait! Why two chops, Mom?”


I overlocked the raw edge of that bottom scrap, then pressed it under.


Don't judge...it was my first time overlocking!
Don’t judge…it was my first time overlocking!


Then, I stitched it down.



I’ll bet you’re wondering where I’m going with this one, eh?


I put my dress on my form, and pinned that scrap onto the neckline.


Le back!
Le back!


Le front!
Le front!


If you look closely at the front, you can see where I made two pleats to compensate for the length of the bottom being longer than the length of the neckline.  I bascially just eyeballed it and folded it.  It really wasn’t very hard, just a little finicky.  🙂

I stitched my new collar down…


Teal elephants on parade!
This looks almost identical to the first sewing shot…weird!


I’m almost done!  🙂  I couldn’t forget to give my newly-renecked dress a nice new hem, now could I?




Almost done!!!
Almost done!!!


I am really really really proud of this one, you guys!


Save the Elephants!
Save the Elephants!


Seriously…I’m in love with this one.  I enjoyed getting lots of compliments on it all day!  🙂


Even while eating a tasty vegan feast!
Even while eating a tasty vegan feast at Good Life Cafe!  


Even while being interviewed by The April Blake! :)
Even while being interviewed by The April Blake! 🙂


What do you think?





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