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Mai-Linh’s Reader ReFash!

Sewing with a Serger: My First Impressions
A DIY Strapless Dress Refashion

Okay guys…I’ve been a major slacker about sharing Reader ReFashes as of late.


This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Mai-Linh, a devoted thrift store scavenger and upcycler!

Sort of robe-ish, no?
Sort of robe-ish, no?


I picked up the dress at a Goodwill. It had a sort of eccentric-hermit-bathrobe vibe, but the fabric was fabulous….After I chopped off the sleeves, the top needed some reshaping/taking in, and then I hemmed the skirt. 

Look at that robe now!


So fab!
So fab!


Le back!
Le back!


She's ready for her close-up!
She’s ready for her close-up!


Beautiful work, Mai-Linh!


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