What Would Julia Do? A T-Shirt Appliqué Dress Refashion 1
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What Would Julia Do? A T-Shirt Appliqué Dress Refashion

An Off-the-Shoulder No-Sew Dress Refashion!
Sewing with a Serger: My First Impressions

Blogs are weird.  

I remember a conversation I had with a slightly tipsy acquaintance last year.  She told me, “I don’t read your blog anymore.  I’m going through a really sh*tty time right now and I just can’t deal with seeing you being all happy all the frikkin’ time.”  

I thought this comment was kind of rude, but I actually got it.  

Blogs are weird.  You’re only seeing what I care to show you, and yes, I’m pretty happy for pretty much most of the time.  

If you’re feeling lousy, you might not want to see that.  But then, every now and again I’ll have a completely sh*tty day that leaves me feeling quite melancholic.

I hope that acquaintance is reading this right now, as she’ll finally get the schadenfreude fix she was craving.

Even on a day that I pretty much know in advance isn’t going to go well, I can somehow still manage to eek out a refashion.

I started with this dress right here…

A T-Shirt Appliqué Dress Refashion Before
Don’t look so happy there, m’dear. This day doesn’t end well.

…and this holey & well-loved T-shirt right here:

Julia Child T-shirt
Julia Child is kind of my hero.

Swallowing my slow simmering feelings of dread, I pinned the sides to take it in, 1″ at the bust, 1.5″ at the waist, and .5″ at the hips.  

I got these measurements by just pulling the fabric of the dress taught against my body while I was wearing it to see how I wanted it to fit.

Bust, Waist, and Hips
Bust, Waist, and Hips

Then, I filled in the  gaps between those pins with more pins.

pinning side of refashion

I stitched those sides down…

sewing side seam
Don’t fret! I serged it when I was done! 🙂

I gave my new frock a new hem…

Just pin it, then stitch it!
Just pin it, then stitch it!

…then pinned something pretty awesome onto the bottom of the skirt.

Julia child tshirt graphic being pinned on dress
My apologies for the pins in your face, Julia!

I stitched these two pieces down.

appliqueing tshirt graphic on to dress
Carefully whirring around the outline of one of my favorite people!

And that’s it! My T-shirt applique dress refashion was complete!

refashioned dress with t-shirt applique
A funky frock for a lousy day!
What Would Julia Do? A T-Shirt Appliqué Dress Refashion After
WTF, Universe? I thought we were buds.
What would you have done, Julia?
What would you have done, Julia?
julia child applique on dress
She’s not very helpful, I fear.

So, there ya go.  A refashion.  Woooooo.  

Currently feeling rather bummed, disappointed, and uninspired, but I promise to be back to my old obnoxiously happy self soon.  

In the meantime, I’m just happy to have lovely friends with lovely kitchens that are always there to answer a text that simply says, “Mind if I come over for a minute?”

I'm also thankful for Bota Box.
I’m also thankful for Bota Box.

Meh.  Cheers?

Refashionista What Would Julia Do? A T-Shirt Appliqué Dress Refashion Before and After
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