A No-Sew Hawaiian Shirt to Dress Refashion & Thrifting in Hawaii! 2
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A No-Sew Hawaiian Shirt to Dress Refashion & Thrifting in Hawaii!

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I would apologize for being MIA this past week, except I’m kinda not sorry.  😉  You see, I’ve been here:


When my pal Ryan asked if I’d like to join him on a trip to Kailua, Hawaii for a friend’s wedding, I couldn’t say no!  

I’d never been to Hawaii, and I needed to get away for a bit.  🙂  

What am I saying? I always say “I need to get away for a bit.”  The truth is, I love to travel more than just about anything else in the world and will make up just about any excuse to do it!  🙂

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t drag my pal to the nearest thrift shop right away!  😉

 I was surprised at how typical it was.  You can’t even tell this is in Hawaii:

Hawaii Salvation Army Store
Thrift Store Donation Sign in Hawaii
That’s better!
Hawaiian Thrift Store Interior
Looks pretty typical to me…
Muumuus in Thrift store in Hawaii
But look closer!

I found a few things to play with & Refashion.  🙂  One of these things was this Men’s 3x shirt!

3X Mens Hawaiian Shirt
It’s actually quite comfy!

Okay, I failed to take any “during” pics, so I’m just gonna have to explain this one.  

I made the neck hole the top of my new dress by tucking the collar in and buttoning up the shirt as far as I could under my arms.  

Next, I added a safety pin inside to make sure it was nice ‘n snug.

THEN, I tucked the sleeves in to make funky faux pockets.  🙂

And here it is!

Refashionista No Sew Hawaiian Shirt to Dress Refashion After

You can see how I’ve cinched the waist of my new frock with one of my favorite thrifted belts.  I even had a cute pineapple necklace I scored the week before at a local theatre’s costume sale!

refashionista wearing pineapple necklace closeup
It’s pretty great, isn’t it? 🙂

My new dress was comfortable as could be and got tons of compliments from people who had no idea that it was actually a shirt…until I told them of course!  I keep no refashion secrets!

No Sew Hawaiian Shirt to Dress Refashion After
Sort of has a 60’s feel to it, doesn’t it?

Ryan and I had an amazing time checking out Oahu!

Ryan and Jillian
Hello from Paradise!

We ate some amazing local grub!

Mmmmmn…Guava Pancakes and Mahi Eggs Benedict!
Mmmmmn…Guava Pancakes and Mahi Eggs Benedict!

We even made some new friends!

Fire Spinners
Fire Spinners!

And the view from our house just couldn’t be beat.

view of ocean from Hawaiian rental home

New-Sew refashions can be great for traveling.  

I didn’t even end up keeping this shirt, as I always pack extremely light and didn’t have any room in my luggage.  So, I just laundered it and re-donated it.  More money for charity AND I had a cute new dress for the day!  

What a win/win!


No Sew Hawaiian Shirt to Dress Refashion | Refashionista


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