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The Sewing Party!!!!

Hello and Happy Monday!  First off, thanks so much to everybody who showed up for The Sewing Party!  I had a blast chatting with you/ sharing my love of refashioning.  🙂  For those of you who were unable to attend, don’t fret!  There are more (free) videos in the works!  I’m hoping to have one up by the end of this month.  🙂

I frequently talk about how much I like living in Columbia, SC.  I sometimes hear my fellow Columbians say there’s nothing to do here, and I just don’t understand these folks!  There ALWAYS seems to be more events going on than even a very social gal like myself can possibly attend!  One of my favorite events that I ALWAYS manage to attend is Arts & Draughts at the Columbia Museum of Art!  Drinking.  In the museum.  Huzzah.

A&D was last Friday, and I was stuck with nothing to wear to catch the new Norman Rockwell exhibit!

Except this:




As you can see, I’m not super-enthused about this one…yet!  This dress is just too much black, too shapeless, too shoulderpadded, and I hate those side-tie thingies!

Luckily, this was a pretty easy one to deal with.  🙂

While there’s plenty to dislike about this frock, there’s also a lot of good stuff going on.  You just have to look a little closer.  🙂  The top of this dress is lovely with it’s pretty mandarin embroidered neckline.  The fabric is warm and cozy.  🙂  It has the potential to be the perfect dress for a cool Fall evening.

To get started, I snipped out those pads.




A bit more snipping followed!




I gave my dress a new hem with some fun rainbow thread…


Do you like the rainbow thread?
Do you like the rainbow thread?


Then decided to get a little fancy…


Yep.  My machine does this.
Yep. My machine does this.


Check it out now!


Pretty, eh?
Pretty, eh?


I took the side tie thingies, wrapped them around the back and back to the front, where I tied them off.  MUCH better that just tying it around the back (My bootay doesn’t really need any further attention, you know? 😉 )

Now I have a pretty dress that keeps me quite warm while not being too stuffy!


Protip:  Wear bright tights to give your outfit a bit of pizzazz!
Protip: Wear bright tights to give your outfit a bit of pizzazz!


My smartly-dressed art pal Richard thought my dress was quite fetching!


Isn't he dapper?
Isn’t he dapper?


Mark seemed to think it was alright as well…


He's certainly a tall drink of water isn't he?
He’s certainly a tall drink of water isn’t he?


I swear, I’m wearing heels you guys.


Heel Proof: Exhibit B.
Heel Proof: Exhibit B.


Norman Rockwell:  Behind the Camera will run through January 18, and I hope you’ll get a chance to check it out.  It was really interesting getting to see his artistic process, and I was deeply moved by how passionate he was about Civil Rights (which was reflected in his later, less-popular work).







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