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Happy Holidays from ReFashionista!

Happy 2015 from ReFashionista!
My First Pecha Kucha!

Hello everyone, and Happy Holidays!  I hope yours have been just lovely and that you’ve spent them with those you hold dear, whoever they may be!  🙂

When I woke up Christmas morning, I eagerly rushed to my refashion rack.  I had been holding on to something very special for December 25th.




When I was in Hawaii a couple months ago, I couldn’t resist picking up this awesome muu muu with its happy Christmas colors!

Then the waiting game began.

I waited patiently until Christmas and was happy to start chopping into to this ruffly frock!

First, that top ruffle had to go.




That bottom ruffle quickly followed!


Do you see a future skirt in that ruffle?  I sure do!
Do you see a future skirt in that ruffle? I sure do!


In chopping of that bottom ruffle, the length of my new dress was quickly approaching the danger zone of too short! No worries.  In order to make the smallest hem possible, I serged the bottom edge to prevent fraying, then pinned it under once about 1/2 inch.


Just a teensy hem!
Just a teensy hem!


I stitched it down…




And just like that, I was all done and ready to spend a very Merry Christmas with some terrific friends.  🙂

Oh!  and just look at my fantastic Christmas present!




Ooookay…I’m just kidding!  This sweet ride belongs to my friend’s husband.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t pose with it!  🙂


My posing needs a lil work...
My posing needs a lil work…


Erin and I spent the afternoon catching a much-anticipated film!


Into the Woods…It's time to go!  :)
Into the Woods…It’s time to go! 🙂


That’s right!  Into the Woods!

Erin and I were quite excited about it!


Happy Christmas pals!
Happy Christmas pals!


We even stopped for…ahem…refreshments beforehand!


Juice Boxes for grownups!
Juice Boxes for grownups!








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