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One Dress, Three Ways III! Which is Your Fave?

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One Dress, Three Ways II…and Good News!

Hello all.  Whew!  I have been one busy busy gal!  Starting my new job and lots of other fun things have kept me in a most exciting flurry of activity!  🙂

Don’t worry!  It’s all calming down enough for me to blog a bit more regularly…at least for now!  🙂

I feel like the last time we talked, I was near the end of a project.  Hmmmmnnn…what could that have been?


Oh yes! Now I remember!
Oh yes! Now I remember!


You can see the previous (no sew!) incarnations of this dress right here and here!

I thought it was time to whip out my machine for the final chapter in this thrilling saga!

Since I’ve already made a dress and a top, I decided to go for (as many of you guessed) a skirt!

I wisely held onto that bottom scrap from #2!


What's the plan, Stan?
What’s the plan, Stan?


To get started, I did a bit of cutting:


Don't wave Goodbye yet, little sleeve! I have a plan for you!
Don’t wave Goodbye yet, little sleeve! I have a plan for you!


I knew I wanted to go for a funky layered look for my new skirt, and that I wanted it to be fitted.

I took a dress that I really like the fit of, and cut my basic skirt template from that.  Pinnage followed.


Shaping up!
Shaping up!


You can see where I’m using the finished edges for my waistband so they don’t overstretch/so I don’t have to add elastic to the already-stretchy fabric.

I stitched the base of my skirt together.


Stitch those sides!
Stitch those sides!


Remember those sleeves?  I cut them off…


Owie Owie!
Owie Owie!


then I cut those guys apart like so:


Disection in Progress!
Disection in Progress!


I pinned my fun flappy leftovers around the wast…


Flappy Bits!
Flappy Bits!


Then, I stitched them down!


It's the stitch that Zigs!
It’s the stitch that Zigs!


Okay.  I THINK I may have solved this problem, but sewing the flappy bits on was a real struggle.  :/  My thread kept breaking off and doing this:


Over. And Over. And OVER AGAIN. :/
Over. And Over. And OVER AGAIN. :/


I THINK it was just that the thread guide behind the needle had somehow gotten too tight and was pulling the thread (Everything SEEMS to be okay now), but do any of you guys have any idea what could have been going wrong?

Despite a rather frustrating experience (with lots of internal screaming), I still somehow ended up with a fun & creative addition to my wardrobe!  🙂


The Final Chapter!
The Final Chapter!


A lil sloppy, but still cute!
A lil sloppy, but still cute!


Le back!
Le back!  And YES I did a quick fold-over take-in.  :/  But it looks okay with my sweater over it…I guess.


I was honestly just happy to be done with this one, you guys.

But my new skirt sure had a fun time seeing Zoso (a really fun Led Zepplin cover band) that night!


Hi Zoso!
Hi Zoso!


Mark seemed to have an alright time too!


Yes. He's a full head taller than me.
Yes. He’s a full head taller than me.


But enough about my social life!  What I really want to know is…

Which version of this dress is your favorite?????


Leave your favorite in the comments!  The winner will be announced in my next post!



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