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Graduating to New Levels of Better

Graduating to New Levels of Lame

Hi all.  Wow.  Lots ‘n lots of comments on that last post.

First off, thank you for your kind words.  They were all extremely thoughtful, and you’re wonderful to have cared enough to reach out like you did. Thank you.

Second off, I want to ease your minds about a few things.  There seems to be a misconception in the comments thread of the last post that I’m just totally broke and should have a GoFundMe thing set up or something.  That’s not the case, I promise you.  I’m certainly not loaded, and am going through some financially tough times, but don’t worry.  I’m financially stable.  And I can’t stand those people who set up GoFundMe drives when there are people who are in actual need.  I make fun of them.

I’m feeling much better now, and have taken steps to keep feeling much better/ possibly betterer.  Don’t worry about me.  A lot of you said you’ve been feeling the same way I was feeling, and I don’t want that for you.  I hope you’ll seek help.  I wish I had done so 10+ years ago, as it has already made an immense difference, and I look forward to seeing how much better I’m going to feel.  It can get better.

For my 33rd birthday, I work up at 3:30 (WHOA!)am to do a refashion.

I started with this.


Remember me?
Remember me?


I snipped out those sleeves, as temps were finally going to reach into the 80’s.  Usually I don’t advise this as it will make closing up your armholes a little harder, and you run the risk of making them way too wide, but I really didn’t feel like spending the hour+ it would take to get these off.  Also, because this thing is so big and would need to be taken in so much, it wouldn’t be such an issue.




Once this was done, the gown graduated to my dress form for a fitting:


Much fit.  Very wow.
Much fit. Very wow.


I stitched down each side on my machine, then serged the raw edges.


For those of you who keep telling me the tension is off, can you tell me how to fix it?  :)
For those of you who keep telling me the tension is off, can you tell me how to fix it? 🙂


Next, I closed up those raw (and rapidly-fraying) arm holes.  It was actually a pretty finicky business.  I really should have properly unpicked the sleeves, then sewed the arm holes, then taken it in.  But in the end, it worked out fine.


Pin.  Pin.  Pin.
Pin. Pin. Pin.


These went under the needle (but not serger, of course) as well.

Only a couple more steps!

I hacked off some of the length to make this graduation gown look a little less graduation-y:




My new dress got a new hem.


Pin, then stitch!
Pin, then stitch!


But I managed to accidentally stitch one of the front flappy things down the wrong way!  :/


Just a lil unpick/restitch!
Just a lil unpick/restitch!


Next, I just needed something to give my new frock a bit more of a waist.  I took that bottom scrap and sewed it into a fabric tube/sash.

I think this is a little better than my last slackfashion:




I spent my birthday with some lovely friends.  Sorry there aren’t any pics, as I wasn’t in a very pic-y mood that night.


As evidenced by my partial participation in this one.
As evidenced by my partial participation in this one. #METAPHOR


So…there ya go.  Til’ next time…






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