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Graduating to New Levels of Better

Graduating to New Levels of Lame

Hi all.  Wow.  Lots ‘n lots of comments on that last post.

First off, thank you for your kind words.  They were all extremely thoughtful, and you’re wonderful to have cared enough to reach out like you did. Thank you.

Second off, I want to ease your minds about a few things.  There seems to be a misconception in the comments thread of the last post that I’m just totally broke and should have a GoFundMe thing set up or something.  That’s not the case, I promise you.  I’m certainly not loaded, and am going through some financially tough times, but don’t worry.  I’m financially stable.  And I can’t stand those people who set up GoFundMe drives when there are people who are in actual need.  I make fun of them.

I’m feeling much better now, and have taken steps to keep feeling much better/ possibly betterer.  Don’t worry about me.  A lot of you said you’ve been feeling the same way I was feeling, and I don’t want that for you.  I hope you’ll seek help.  I wish I had done so 10+ years ago, as it has already made an immense difference, and I look forward to seeing how much better I’m going to feel.  It can get better.

For my 33rd birthday, I work up at 3:30 (WHOA!)am to do a refashion.

I started with this.


Remember me?
Remember me?


I snipped out those sleeves, as temps were finally going to reach into the 80’s.  Usually I don’t advise this as it will make closing up your armholes a little harder, and you run the risk of making them way too wide, but I really didn’t feel like spending the hour+ it would take to get these off.  Also, because this thing is so big and would need to be taken in so much, it wouldn’t be such an issue.




Once this was done, the gown graduated to my dress form for a fitting:


Much fit. Very wow.
Much fit. Very wow.


I stitched down each side on my machine, then serged the raw edges.


For those of you who keep telling me the tension is off, can you tell me how to fix it? :)
For those of you who keep telling me the tension is off, can you tell me how to fix it? 🙂


Next, I closed up those raw (and rapidly-fraying) arm holes.  It was actually a pretty finicky business.  I really should have properly unpicked the sleeves, then sewed the arm holes, then taken it in.  But in the end, it worked out fine.


Pin. Pin. Pin.
Pin. Pin. Pin.


These went under the needle (but not serger, of course) as well.

Only a couple more steps!

I hacked off some of the length to make this graduation gown look a little less graduation-y:




My new dress got a new hem.


Pin, then stitch!
Pin, then stitch!


But I managed to accidentally stitch one of the front flappy things down the wrong way!  :/


Just a lil unpick/restitch!
Just a lil unpick/restitch!


Next, I just needed something to give my new frock a bit more of a waist.  I took that bottom scrap and sewed it into a fabric tube/sash.

I think this is a little better than my last slackfashion:




I spent my birthday with some lovely friends.  Sorry there aren’t any pics, as I wasn’t in a very pic-y mood that night.


As evidenced by my partial participation in this one.
As evidenced by my partial participation in this one. #METAPHOR


So…there ya go.  Til’ next time…







  • wanderdrossel

    I like you. I’m sorry that things suck. I wish I could make them not suck.

    Would it help if I told you I read “Overdressed” spent most of the book thinking that you would love it. And then I got to chapter eight. You’re awesome, and I’m excited that people are featuring you in books!

    Hang in there.

  • Randi

    You can always make your dog into a service dog for your anxiety. I have a documented disability and my Wirehair dachshund is my service dog. They can’t deny you housing, its a federal law.

  • Jennifer Lewis

    Now that’s a pretty slick refashion! I love the shape and drape, but I’m not too sure about the material. If I remember right, the material is that polyester that doesn’t breathe well – the kind that sweaty bettys avoid like the plague!

    I’m glad that things are getting better. I feel you about the “look on the bright side” people. I’m a positive person overall, but there are times where I need to vent because I’m sad or angry about a situation, and I know that someone telling me to “look at the positive” is trying to cheer me up, but it annoys me more because I feel like that trivializes and minimizes my issue and how I feel about it. I think you’re like me where you need to let out that real feeling so you can deal with how to solve the problem or come up with an alternative.

  • vequihellin

    As a number of other commenters have said, many of us can identify in whole or in part with some of your struggles and the challenge of picking yourself up after a wobble becomes a fall. I, too am one of them and I wanted to say that your blog has inspired me to use my creative and sewing skills in ways I hadn’t thought of before.

    In honour of International Women’s day, my employer hosted a week of events (which included a clothing swap shop) and in our departmental lunch room we were encouraged to ‘discuss’ inspirational women on the whiteboard. There were a range of names from ‘My Mum’ to ‘Grace Hopper’ and ‘Ann Widdecombe’. I thought for a while about different women that inspired me: in my chosen profession, in my formative years, socially, etc and decided that, among other bloggers I follow, you stood out as having had a tangible effect on my way of thinking. So I put your name and blog address on the board in the hope that some of my colleagues may find some inspiration of their own from your previous 365 day refashion projects and ongoing commitment to a) refashioning and b) continuing to blog (so many people have projects and ongoing blogs that peter out and eventually shut down or just never get updated.

    Being inspiring isn’t about being world famous or changing the course of history. Sometimes it’s just about the little things. So when you’re feeling pants about things, remember that you have readers all over the world (I’m in England for example) that believe in your work and care about it. That is pretty cool.

  • T. G

    I think I can liken your confession to my morning last Friday.
    My little guy was receiving an award for “super citizen” at his school. Everything that happened that morning kept me from remembering his award until I was pulling into his school to drop him off (In my pajamas!) I told him I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to be there to watch him receive it but I didn’t want to be “that mom” he told me, don’t worry Mommy you’re just having a pajama day! He didn’t care he just wanted me there! I could continue to write about all the looks I got walking passed the other moms and the teachers but what I remember most is the look on his face when he saw me!

    We’re here! Your readers are always hoping the best for you and if one day you decide blogging isn’t your thing and you never make another post, you have already made an impact and it will grow.
    Confessing your true feelings had to be hard, but the comments you’ve received are proof that we’re here for you because you’re different and interesting and you make it happen.
    I’m glad you’re taking the steps to ensure your own success.
    All my best,

  • SarahL

    Hi! I just totally stalked your blog for about 3 days straight. I looked at all your refashions and I think what you do is amazing. I’m in Argentina now, but when I get back to the states I’m gonna try this out! I have 3 nieces who have sewing machines as well and are like way more fashionable than I will ever be…I think I’ll have them help me! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Alisha

    Yay!! So glad you’re feeling better! I don’t know you, but I love you, girl. My sister suffers from depression too. I am so thankful the dr. recognized the problem and that she was open to treatment. It’s a very serious thing.

    LOVE this after!! I would so wear it.

  • Deb Davis

    It has been a long Winter with lots of challenges and Inner Growth for many of us, me included. My computer “died” and trying to get my new “used” one to be “nice”. I kept thinking, “where is my Re-fashionista?” . Missed you and your inspiring re-fashions and so glad that you are back! I know that you will emerge from this Inner Growth to be even more creative and stronger than you have ever been. You are a trooper and surviver…like steel, fire makes it stronger! You have lots of friends and admirers who understand.
    Many Blessings!

  • Judy Thompson LaChance

    I discovered your blog by happenstance two years or so ago on everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure Pinterest. Your “Year of Refashions” was well underway and I enjoyed reading all your posts till I was caught up. You’re probably thinking oh that’s nice but it was more than nice for me. You see I was going through chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer and reading your posts were one positive thing I could count on. I enjoyed them not only for their creativity but how they reminded me of when I was young sewing with my Auntie. She worked her creative magic on everything she sewed. I no longer sew except for the occasional curtain panel or pillow,but following your blog makes me feel like I do (insert smile). Thank you kiddo!

  • A-Red

    Hey refashionista, I know you’ve been getting a lot of love from your readers 😀 So I hope that helps you:)) But I just wanted to add that being upset, or anxious, or depressed just means you are human and responding in a very human and natural way. There are times we are happy and there are times we are sad (and sometimes don’t even know why), but I believe our emotions are sometimes smarter than our “logical sense” and just trying to tell us to take a moment to pause and think about why we are having those emotions. Being sad is something we have to work through and learn from, not try and not be so, and God willing working through your hardships results in a stronger, more self-aware, and happier you 🙂 Be patient with yourself, and know you are just acting human as only we can 🙂

    And I also love your blog <3

  • Elena

    First…Happy Birthday you rock girl. Second, i understand how do you feel, have the same struggles with anxiety and depression…so happy you feel better

  • Elenor

    Hi from Australia! These are the best tips I can give you about your overlocker.
    Check your threading. This should always be troubleshooting step number 1.
    Thread each part with a different colour thread, then serge a scrap of fabric (remember to have the scrap in as many layers as you normally serge, probably two) and this will help you understand what each thread does. You should be able to see which one is too loose and tighten it up a bit. Keep serging your scrap and tightening or loosening until you have something that looks even. To me it looks like one of your threads is either too loose, or the thread that catches that one is too tight, or a combination of both.
    The easiest way to thread your over locker is to cut the original thread at the top by the spool, then tie your new thread to this one and pull it through all the loops. This will only work if your over locker is threaded correctly to begin with, otherwise you’ll just be rethreading it wrong again.
    I hope that helps.
    Love your blog by the way. And this grad gown refash is one of my favourites! You look beautiful in royal blue.

  • Chrissy Ingram

    That new refashion is much better. I was rather disappointed in the old tie around your wais one before. You are my inspiration! You are also human, so you will have some bummer days and bummer things happen in your life. Just like the rest of us.

  • Bonnie

    I send you love and a lot of it. I am almost 70 years old and had a stroke in my late 40’s. Where I am going with this is, I was a seamstress before and now it takes me two days sometimes to even put in a sleeve. I now do most of my sewing in my head and look forward to ever refashion you do. You give me so much enjoyment. THANK YOU!!!

  • el

    This link leads to a ‘game’. It was started by a girl who suffered a serious concussion leading to years to get ‘better’. She was having a hard time with the getting better process so she made it more fun by making the game Super Better. (There is a Ted Talk about her, on lifehack ted talks, I found it on netflix).

    It can help those with mental health problems and also those who are already better but just want to be super better. If you need help but cant go to someone, try this. Its anonymous and you can do it all online. Its SuperBetter!

  • Gina

    Great job. You really saw potential in something most people would have overlooked. About your tention on the machine. You can buy some bands that go under your bobbin to keep the stitches even. It worked on my machine.

  • Bobbie

    Glad you are feeling better. I think so many people have been having some level of “issues” for the past few weeks. I know that part of that has been a lack of warm sun on our faces!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! This is a really cute dress! I look forward to your posts and keep trying to find this re-fashionista gene in myself. Hope you have a glorious weekend!!

  • annybeads

    I have to confess that even though I have seen you turn some real ugly dresses into cute, I did not think you could pull it off with the graduation gown. BUT you sure surprised me!! Very cute dress. The sash and flower pin help a lot, but you created something very nice out of – well, not so nice! Well done. And so glad to hear you are feeling better.

  • Laura

    I went to this event and it made me think of you. There were some pretty amazing transformations but most of them weren’t for regular wear. One of the things I love about your work is that I would wear most of them. You have inspired me to do a couple already. I’m planning a bigger transformation this weekend – I hope it works out. If it does I’ll send pictures.

  • jenny_o

    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better. Lovely job on this refashion. And I love that brooch – sets the dress off nicely!

  • Nathalie

    Oh la la !!!! Super transformation, encore une fois !!! Tu as des doigts de fée et des idées de génie !!!! Je suis si contente de savoir que tu vas mieux 🙂 !!!! Je t embrasse bien fort, un gros ” câlin ” en toute amitié de France !!!!! Nathalie.

  • Erin

    #246 here again…So glad to hear from you! And to see a refash. Keep calm and sew on right? Oh yeah, And super Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

  • Cat

    I just went for a visit with a counsellor today for the first time ever, and made an appointment with my GP to get back on antidepressants. Be proud of the steps you’re taking to get better. It does get better. Kudos to you for moving forward, and continuing to do the things you love to do. Your commitment to trying to be positive, even if it doesn’t always work, will make you strong.

    • D.

      I worked in a fabric store and have used every brand of scissors on the market. Gingher are very good and can be sharpened but because my hands are smaller I like Singer brand scissors better. They have all the good features of Gingher but you don’t need to open your hand so wide to cut. Just an opinion… Hope it helps.

  • Sam Weigold

    Loving this refashion! Loving the photos of finished product too. All that wine?! Good place to be! Age is just a number not a feeling or belief system. Same as the bank balance. Follow your passion!! You’re doing great. Keep going and enjoy!!! X

  • Hélène

    Happy birthday !!! JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE !!!!

    Happy to know that you’re in a better mood.
    This refashioned is so great and I hope you’ll continue every day to inspire us !!!!

  • Judy paulin

    Jillian – I wonder if you will even see this with all the responses you get. Anyway, I wanted to suggest a possible solution to your Douglas/apartment problem. My stepson has a mental illness and also owns a cat. While apartment hunting, he encountered the same pet roadblock as you. One apartment manager said that if he had a doctor’s note stating that the pet was necessary for his mental well being that he could rent the apartment. He got the note and was able to rent the apartment. It might be worth a try.

    Happy belated birthday. It must make you feel VERY good to know so many people care about you. Best wishes. . . Judy

  • Janet

    What an amazing transformation from a clunky graduation gown. Glad you’re back on track doing your awesome thing with poor, unloved clothes.

  • Debbieb

    So glad you are feeling better. i have a small problem with depression and take a “happy pill”. It helps me toward an even keel.

  • Amy

    Glad you’re feeling better. That cornflower blue is just gorgeous, and I like the shape of this little gown, very cute and pretty modest too ( for a tiny like you – I need a bit more length). Great work on the pleats, they are very difficult for me!
    I need a dress form for the dress I have but hmm, I need a sewing machine first!

  • Sue V.

    Belated birthday wishes. I’m glad you are doing better. I love all of your refashions, including the cute skirt made from the grad gown as well as this sweet little dress. You always do a great job on your refashions. Blessings!

  • Marilyn

    So glad you are feeling better. I love the dress you did a fantastic job. I always look forward to your posts. Thank you.

  • Bunny Hand

    Start to solve serger issues by installing new needles. 90/14 universals, please! That may be all it takes. If not,make sure all threads are properly “flossed” into the tensions. Then, be sure you are using high quality thread, all the same brand. I’m in love with Superior Threads Tailor Made for my serger

  • K Back

    Jillian, Jillian… should have left it bloused so you would have a place to stash those bottles of wine 🙂 Seriously, really cute redo. Happy Birthday. B happy

  • Connie

    You are on the road to recovery, good. Now remember that men are just desserts.
    Sometimes you have them, sometimes you don’t.

  • Alison Barrick

    Hi Jillian – so happy to hear you are on the upswing! We all have those days when things are crappy, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to look ahead to the light and stop looking behind you at what kicked you in the ass! This is a complete transformation of one of the most hideous garments ever, talk about CUTE! Super fab transformation, well done and welcome back! 🙂

  • Sondra

    Happy Birthday! Today is my sisters birthday too! Your dress is very cute and looks fab on you! I am so happy you are doing better Jillian. I have been following your blog for years!!! Love it!


    Welcome BACK, little Missy! NEVER, EVER would I have thought that you could have done ANYTHING with a graduation gown except bury it after the big day……….thank you for proving, once again………….anything’s possible!!!

  • FMRox

    Happy Birthday! (We share the same birthday) I am glad you are feeling better. This dress is great! I like the pleated details the robe gave it. Wouldn’t you just die if it had pockets?

    • jess hogue

      Oh, AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My early 30s were pretty craptastic as well, but the mid-to-late 30s were rockin awesome!!! Here’s hoping it is the case for you as well. 🙂

  • Karyn

    I am so glad you sought help. I am also glad you voiced your concerns in your blog. It helps other people realize they are not alone. For many of us a tendency to depression and or anxiety is genetic or brain chemistry. Its not a choice. I am amazed st this refashion. I did not think even you could make that look good. But you did.

  • Karin from Birmingham

    Beautiful Jillian (and Beautiful, Jillian!) only YOU could turn a graduation gown into something so utterly adorable. Love it. Even more, love the determination and confidence in your post. You. Are. Awesome. Welcome back!!

  • nenamatahari

    You sure work sewing miracles. That is a really cute dress. Who would have thought you can make something so cute from a graduation gown? I am glad that you’re feeling better. I understand how things can throw you for a loop.

  • Dee

    So glad you are feeling better(er), LOVE this refashion as always, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for the update… we really DO care about you!

  • Cindy

    You are so very resourceful! Im amazed that you got a “silk purse outta a sow’s ear” (how’s that for antiquated, countrified jargon??lol)..I enjoy your courageous get-er-done refashions and how great you always look! I admire all the fun things you do, the loads of friends you have. Happy Birthday! Better Days Ahead! ps I have a SWM 33yr. old Son who’s longing for a good-hearted, pretty, honorable lady who desires a good-hearted good-looking, hard-working man wanting marriage & eventual family…So ya know that there are plenty of dudes still looking for their Sweetie.

  • Can't-sew-for-$#(%

    Ahhhhh-mazing! Can’t help thinking… those sleeves. The blue is so super-hero-y and the polyester can withstand anything… stitch ’em up together narrow parts at the top and present the resulting superhero cape to a lucky little kid… or keep it for your next hallowe’en costume. Glad you’re taking care and doing better. Yay You!! 🙂

  • constance

    Love the way you rock that gown that graduated to a beautiful dress!! It’s never a bad thing to ask for help, of any kind. Glad you are getting the validation you need to feel better.

  • Annette McPherson

    Hi Jill, your resilience and humour put a smile on my face this morning, it’s great to see you’ve bounced back so quickly. And another cute and clever refashion – go you!

    Re the lower tension of your overlocker/serger – your machine’s instruction book should explain it clearly,with pictures of different tension issues for each thread. My machine is adjusted via four tension wheels which guide the threads … usually just one needs a slight adjustment.

    Happy sewing and Happy Birthday!

  • Rosemary Sayers

    I am so relieved that you sound like your happy fun self. I look forward to your blogs and amazing refashions. I also almost think of you as a daughter ( i most certainly could be your mother!!!) and when you are down, i feel a little down. Nothing but good things can be on the horizon for you.

  • Cindy

    Your flap-stitched-the-wrong-way reminded me of having taped the lower half of a pattern piece for the train on my daughter’s wedding dress, onto the upper half of the pattern piece, backward. And of course then having cut out the piece(s), the wrong way, and discovering my error when the train looked more like an inverted duck tail. But I would also say…33?? Life can be hard, but it can get so much better when you’ve had the years behind you to say, “Yeah. That happened. I’m still here.”

  • Phoenix Richards-Bingham

    I am always in total awe of your refashion talent. My idea of refashioning is to cut the neck out of all of my tee shirts (I can’t STAND anything tight close to my neck and even oversized tee shirts are too clingy around the neckline) and to slash my tees and wear a contrasting colored camisole underneath it…LOL. I love your refashions, girl….keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Happy Birthday from Ireland and yes you are in an inspiration! When I first discovered your website I spent a couple of days looking at every single refashion. Its made me set up my own sewing room and Ive done loads of different refashions since. 😀 Thank you so much!!!

  • Miriam

    Me encantan tus trabajos, Te sigo desde hace un año aproximadamente, pero ya lei todos tus post. Los problemas económicos van y vienen, a veces sentimos ahogarnos, y otras nadamos sobre ellos, no te preocupes, estoy segura que todo se solucionará. Te envió abrazos llenos de buena vibra y deseo que todo se mejore pronto. Saludos desde Autlán, Jalisco, México.

    P.D. Te escribo en español porque se me dificulta escribir en inglés, lo leo y lo entiendo, pero tampoco quise utilizar el traductor, porque muchas veces confunde, aún asi, deseo lo entiendas. Más abrazos 😀

  • Kay

    Long time lurker…This is my favorite refash to date. Went from a giant blue sack to something very cool and stylish. I love it. And secondly, I am happy that you are making your way toward happy. I know I have gone through hard times and there is still happiness on the other side, so HUGS. : )

  • Jenn

    Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had an awesome day!
    Just wanted to pop in and say I love reading your blog and seeing your creativity.
    You are changing the way I look at clothing. 🙂

  • Chica Andaluza

    Have been thinking about you and am so pleased to hear that things are a little better – just take baby steps and one day at a time. You look fabulous and I wish you belated birthday greetings – may the year ahead bring you all the happiness you deserve.

  • Betty Daggett

    Very nice refashion. Happy that you are spreading encouragement again. Sometimes life hurts but we don’t have to wallow in it. Figure out what we need to do to move forward to the next great adventure, and yea, a little counseling now and then with a trusted friend or professional never hurt anyone. You go strong girl!

  • Debbie

    How is the fabric? My graduation gown had thin scratchy fabric and it was sort of see through too. Your dress turned out very cute.

  • Probably Rachel

    I love this! I actually have several graduation gowns hanging in the closet because it’s weird to me to get rid of them. Did you have any issues with the fabric being too thin? One of the ones in my closet is white and it’s basically transparent.

  • Ranelle

    Glad to see you’re feeling better. You’re gonna be okay, whether it feels like it or not right now.
    And please, just because your heart has been broken, do NOT hide it or close it. Keep it open for love and you will find it and/or it will find you.

  • funthingstodowhileyourewaiting

    Long time reader. First time comment-er. My serger stitch looked similar (and although it worked) it was looser than I would have liked. I finally sat down with my serger manual and figured out which tension dial went with each thread and then played around from there. It wound up being a super easy fix AND it taught a thing or two about using my serger better. I also went to a craft show recently and ran into a guy who was selling beautiful wraps/scarves that he had edged with his serger. Except that he had a different colored thread for the four spools. The effect was awesome and got me excited about using my serger in a different way. He did say, however, that (like his sewing machine) he has to adjust the tension of his serger for every project. Just some food for thought. Keep at it, lady. Your empire is vast and your fans are numerous. Chin up and take a deep breath. The pendulum always swings the other way eventually. -Leigh

  • Yona

    Wow…… really came out great especially w/the silver? earrings and silver sandals. Wishing you a Happy, Happy Birthday!

  • Miss J

    This is your best refashion!

    I like how you don’t pretend that everything is peaches and cream all the time. I don’t even put my picture on my blog let alone express my feelings so I respect you for doing so girl!

    I’ve been too busy to touch my machinefor a last couple of weeks, and I’ve got some awful gear I need to refashion. Need to just get on with it like you do!

    Happy Birthday.


  • M

    Wow- you make fun of people with GoFundMe pages. Way to alienate your readers. That comment, coupled with a few others recently, has turned me off completely.
    You have lost my interest and subscription.

      • Danielle

        GoFundMe page for person who needs to travel to Sweden for their child to have “only hope” treatment? *Take my money!*
        GoFundMe page for person who needs to move out of obliging friend’s basement and and will never truly end up on the street because they aren’t actually destitute? *Points and laughs because it’s healthier than feeling actual anger that this person doesn’t understand that saving money and waiting is part of being a GROWN UP!*

        Get it girl. You are charitable, caring, considerate and not holding your hand out. Most importantly, you are contributing to the world! Love the dress 😀

          • Leah

            Totally with me on the go fund me pages! Drives me nuts! Especially the “i’m sick and in the hospital in mexico because I didn’t bother to get travel insurance.” ones.

    • Laura H

      Considering that you’re paying oh so very much for the amazing content and hours of entertainment this blog provides, I’m sure ReFashionista is devastated that someone who read a comment suuuuper uncharitably decided to go elsewhere. (And I know she doesn’t need anyone to defend her, but this comment was so boneheaded, I couldn’t resist!)

      It’s pretty obvious that wasn’t an indictment of everyone who has ever crowdsourced funding. There is a very specific kind of folk who use GoFundMe for pity and take attention away from more worthy causes with their drama.

    • Ree Cee

      Well this reader is not alienated. Gheeze – lighten up – and see the humor. Have you actually read some of those ridiculous funding pages? I’m going to subscribe and cancel you out, so no loss here. Spread your wet blanket somewhere else. Bub-bye.

    • Sheri

      You should read a little better M. Not everyone needs a gofundme page some people just need to get off their butt and get a job. Some people abuse things that was her point. You don’t sound like a very nice person.

  • Anna

    Hi! Glad that you feel better! Have you ever heard of Byron Katie and her Work? It gave me a great boost in overcoming my struggles and maybe you want to give it a try? (just Google her) All the Best!

  • gram13

    i just love it.
    thanks for saying you can be better. it gives courage for my personal life too. courage is contagious i guess 🙂
    keep the good work.
    yesterday i worked too transforming a dress into a vest but i don’t have the pictures to show you.

  • Valerie Malley

    If the fashion of these before and after shots reflect your mood, the after says, you go get’em gal. Very pretty.

  • Queen Sylvia

    Much WOW! This new dress rocks!!! Who knew a graduation gown could hide so much promise! (but then again it’s so spacey it would fit Gotham city under its skirts)
    I love seeing you better. Hope you had a lovely birthday, and as Julia Roberts said to the handsome Italian man in ‘Eat Pray Love’ holding up a jug of wine – THERAPIST, a new and very good word. 🙂

  • Jen

    Wow! I have to say, that I really love the blue color (the gowns we have at the school I work for are the same pretty blue), but I know all too well that there is ample yardage of polyester going on with these, and I was dying to see what you were going to do with it! This looks cute, wearable, and not recognizable as a graduation gown at all. I think my middle school girls would LOVE it if their 8th grade graduation gowns could look something like this. I can’t wait to show them! Very cute!

    Glad you are feeling better. I hope you found a place for you and your pup to live!

  • Mitzi

    I kept wondering what in the world were you going to do with a graduation gown, but WOW! It looks really cute. Great work. Oh, and happy belated birthday.

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