Fashion History: Slaxtastic Edition 1

Fashion History: Slaxtastic Edition

Your Move, Anthropologie: An Anthro-Inspired Maxi Dress Refashion
Back from Sabbatical!

Sometimes I find AMAZING things in my thrifting adventures that require no refashioning, but I still want to brag about them.  🙂

Take this sweet mini-haul I procured for $3:

Seriously. $3.
Seriously. $3.


Those copper mugs will be housing moscow mules (my favorite cocktail of the moment) oh so very soon.

But..those pants!!!!

Not bad for $1, eh?
Not bad for $1, eh?


No alterations required!  I paired them with a black shell I’ve had for over a decade and my sweet leopard-print booties.

When I looked at the label of my new trousers, I was intrigued.



I found this website that told me a great story about Stephanie and Joe Koret, the Trikskirt, and Slim Hip Slax (are these yellow pants those very slacks…er…slax?).  Stephanie designed Koret’s clothing and within two years, they made 2 MILLION dollars.

Pretty impressive for the 1930’s.

While Joe and Stephanie have since passed away, the Koret brand is still around, known today as Jax under the Kellwood Corporation.

I wore my new slacks…er…slax to lunch, where the waitress high-fived me when she found out I bought them for one lil dollar.  🙂



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