A Polyester Flowers No Sew Dress-to-Top Refashion 1
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A Polyester Flowers No Sew Dress-to-Top Refashion

Short Sleeve to Long Sleeve Dress Refashion
How to Remove an Elastic Waistband from a Dress

One of my favorite thrift stores has recently done something that leaves me peeved. They have DOUBLED the price of their clothing from $1 to $2. Grrrrrrr! I know that for some of you, especially those who live across the big pond, this is still ridiculously cheap. But a 100% markup? C’mon! Would we let this stand in other areas of our lives???? Like, what if the price of dishwashers suddenly doubled? What then?  😉

Anywho. *angry pout*

I found this dress for $2, which is $1 more than I would have preferred to pay for it. 😉

2 dolla! Holla holla!
2 dolla! Holla holla!

I actually wore this one to work as-is with a belt, but it still wasn’t very flattering. Also, as I mentioned in my last post, I have a shortage of tops, but a wild abundance of dresses. You can probably guess where I’m going here.

It almost blends in...weird!
Ouch. My eyes!

That’s right, this is about to become a tunic! I snipped the bottom hem off as well. Don’t worry! It’s made of thick polyester, so it’s not going to fray!


All that was left to do was tie that bottom cut-off hem around my waist, and now I have a pretty Fall tunic for an evening with friends!


If you look down at my feet, you’ll see I’m sporting a curious shoe choice. Here’s a better look:

Are they boots? Are they clogs? Will we ever know?!?!
Are they boots? Are they clogs? Will we ever know?!?!

I thrifted these for $3. I’m not sure why I like these. I remember seeing these same strange bootclogs in the 1990’s and hating them. They’re made by VANELi, so we’ll just call this a score, okay?

Layered with a sweater for the chill
Layered with a sweater for the chill
Happy theatergoers!
Happy theatergoers!
Goatfeathers is open again!
Goatfeathers is open again…only now it’s called Goats!

Oh…I just wrote a couple of articles for The Good Life Blog!

One is How to Downsize with Minimal Trauma

The other is A DIY Pet Sweater for Your Precious Pooch (if you were wanting a Douglas fix!)





Short Sleeve to Long Sleeve Dress Refashion
How to Remove an Elastic Waistband from a Dress


  • Marsha

    Jillian, I love what you do so so much and I think you are amazing. I was hoping you knew someone who is on the same level as you but is “bigger” than you. I am an average sized 14/16 and would love to also follow someone who is my size for inspiration. Do you know anyone?

  • Heidi

    In your October 28, 2015 post, you were wearing Western style slip-on footwear. Regardless of whether it’s western wear or some other kind, that style of shoe is called a mule. A clog has a platform. Mules have none.

    Oh, and the Allagash refashion? It was an Allagash refash!!!

    Love your web site!

  • Kristy

    This is SO CUTE. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, and as an obsessive thrifter I’ve been dying to learn how to use my sewing machine so I can buy the less perfect things and refashion them. This weekend I finally learned how to make it work (hey, we all start somewhere) and eventually made a pillow cover. Woot! So naturally now I’m dying to be on your level. One day….

  • Grace

    I’m visiting Columbia in a few weeks for a short interview trip & I’d love a list of your favorite thrift stores to go visit while I’m there. What’s your short list?

  • Cris Pellie

    When I am thrifting, I often find myself strangely attracted to items that are “unique” or hilariously hideous at first glance. This is especially true if they are truly vintage and/or from a high-end designer. They often become my favorite pieces and get lots of compliments. Those boot-clogs rock! CP

  • Claire

    Personally, I love the shoes ( I would call them mules), the tunic looks fantastic and put together with the skinny jeans it all looks amazing! I really look forward to reading your blogs and seeing your transformations, especially as I spend way too much time (and money!) in charity shops as well (the American version of ‘thrift store’ sounds so much better!). I live in the UK and in my area of England (the South East Coast), the average purchase in a charity shop is around £3.95 -£4.50 per item. It’s normal though to pay £6.00/£7.00 upwards for a better label (sorry I don’t know what that is in dollars, but it’s definitely a hell of a lot more than you’re paying!). I would be absolutely thrilled to be able to buy something for one or two pounds, so I wouldn’t worry too much, it’s still masses cheaper than the UK!

  • Wendylowther

    Am working my way through Archives! Am very impressed! Used to buy material and pattern whip up a dress and wear it out the same day! Maybe was easy as young and figure good!
    Love your approach… Find it encouraging! Have just bought a new machine …. Only do simple things …. Hemming etc,

  • Marilyn P

    I shouldn’t complain but my favorite Goodwill recently went from 25 cent to 88 cent on Wednesday’s for all clothing of a certain tag color. I know they need a profit to help everyone they employ but at almost triple the price is was a shock! Keep up the great designs!

  • Vickie

    Our thrift dresses are $3 and up. Except for the occasional dress found on the .50 rack. And it’s a missionary thrift store. Prices have been going up like crazy. You always do a great job no matter what the dress or cost!

  • Clare

    Love your site! I get the price increase thing, I live in Perth Western Australia and my local Good Sammys stores have made ALL their dresses $9.50! Unless it’s considered ‘retro’ like your dress today and then it would be $20+. Ridiculous!

  • jenny_o

    You always look good! Love those shoe/boot/clog things on you with the rest of this outfit.

    I see so many great patterns in polyester clothing that I wish I could refashion but I just can’t wear it – it feels clammy and scratchy to me. I keep trying on clothing made from it and have to rip them back off. Can you be allergic to polyester? Ah well, the principle of re-making is the same for cotton, you just have to be prepared to hem everything.

  • Michelle

    Tonight I went shopping. Got 4 tops. Two cotton singlets, one linen singlet and a stretch knit 3/4 sleeve. $198.00 and that’s with a 10% discount. Welcome to Australia.

  • Ms Dill

    If the sale of clothing is supporting more than just the thrift store than I am all for it. Agrace, St Vincent de Paul, Goodwill, The Salvation Army are just a few places in my area that offer services such as food pantries, hospice care, shelters, AODA treatment and job creation for at risk and marginalized populations.

  • Sana

    You got the style right. It looks more fetching as a tunic than a dress. The dress looked boring. Must congratulate you on your sense of dressing.

  • amarthya

    you took a $2 frock and made it worth a hundred bucks! you know what money can’t buy? The eye you have that can see the future fabulous.

  • krisguest

    Add me to the group who thinks you’re still getting a major steal! I live in a smallish Canadian town and we have a couple of thrift shops. I generally only go to one of them because the other two are dirty and really unpleasant to shop in. The problem is, the prices at the one I go to are high. I try to shop on “half-price” days. Dresses are usually over $15, and shirts are $7, 8, 9 each.

  • yanire acosta

    Greetings from a Venezuelan from Colombia, I love your work, super talented, I hope to soon have the opportunity to have at hand and refacionarla where to buy clothes for me, I love all your ideas.

  • Ali

    I share your concerns for thrift store prices rising, it’s just annoying! I don’t even go to Goodwill anymore because they want $10 for a men’s shirt! Used clothing in general should NOT be more than a few bucks, but in Florida we have lots of consignment and thrift stores so there are bargains aplenty. I too am Canadian and can reinforce your other reader’s opinion, you are NEVER going to find anything in Canada for $1 – used or not! Go south and shop, that’s what I say. Love the top, and frankly, I just gave up a pair of shoes very much like those. They look good on you!

  • Judi

    This is cute, and so simple! I do agree with you about price hikes at the thrift stores and let one of mine know that I didn’t appreciate them doubling prices.

  • Liz

    I Have been following your blog for some time. I enjoy your refashions. they are amazing.Your writing style is effective yet causal. Quite refreshing and honest. I can relate to your journey of the minimal life. Thank you

  • Murielle

    I doubt that dress could ever work as a dress, but as a tunic it’s perfect. Great refashion!

    I am (proudly) Canadian, but I must admit I have marveled at the low, low thrifting prices you’ve written about. Apart from the odd scarf or I don’t think I have ever paid as little as a dollar for anything in a thrift store. This past spring, I found a Ralph Lauren dress for eight dollars, and considered it a “find”. Especially when I googled it and discovered it was from his 2014 collection. But this is a very rare, rare occurrence. Most of the really great things donated to thrift stores these days never make it to the floor, they go straight to eBay.

    Love the shoes! Love, love, love the shoes!

  • JoAnn

    My Goodwill has 49 cent days on one color tag every Sunday and Monday, as well as half off another tag color. I can’t bare to pay “FULL PRICE” ****GASP**** (which is no higher than $6.49.) My 5 kids and my wardrobe have benefited greatly from that store and this blog!!!! As for those boots….I reiterate what another woman said. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t like them then, it’s what you like today that matters. That’s the whole basis off this blog….no? Ugly then…better by Jillian now.

  • grammaaj

    Cute! Here in the thrift stores that dress might cost as much as $12.00 depending on who prices it. I wait until they have sales. They pick a tag color and everything with that color tag is $1.29. They also have specials on Sunday’s and Holiday’s.

  • Hermes

    Amazing!!! We must be o the SAME wave length here. First – hope things are getting back to normal in your area . Second, I just purchased a dress from F21- oh so cheap and YES, made it in to a tunic!!! The top portion fit nicely, however the bottom was too tight and too short. It is just perfect as a tunic. Love! Keep the creativity coming!

  • [email protected]

    One reason I don’t refashion is b/c the clothes cost $3-15 at the thrift store (Good will) where I find great stuff. I think they have big warehouse days w/ cheaper prices–but I can’t get to them b/c of my schedule. I am always envious of $1 finds and have the same envy for $2 finds. Be happy–you’re spoiled to have such consistently cheap prices. I loved this refashion. Looks much better as a top.

    • Ann

      I agree! The only items that cheap at my thrift stores are the baby clothes! You have to watch for sales and hope to find something. It was a steal when we found my boyfriend jeans for $5. I’m super jealous of the $2 at the thrift stores

  • Queen of Fifty Cents

    You’re not the only one who thinks there’s a huge difference between one buck and two! I feel the same way about paying fifty cents instead of a dollar, go figure. The less I pay, the more free I am to experiment.

  • linziloop

    I like them from the front but not from the side… that’s no help really is it?! Unless you aim to face everyone face-on at ALL times lol! I dunno, on a scale of 1-5 I guess I would give them a 3?!

  • Barbra

    love the new top!
    you didn’t like the boot/clogs in the 90s because of what they were being worn with. They look awesome with your skinny jeans and totally complete the outfit!
    Keep the refashions coming. You inspire me to be creative along with my already thriftiness!

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