Welcome 2016...And A New ReFashionista Challenge! 1

Welcome 2016…And A New ReFashionista Challenge!

A DIY Xanadu Costume!
Allagash Dress-to-Top Refashion

Happy 2016 Everybody!

I have some exciting news for you. But first…a refashion! 🙂

Around Christmastime, a friend of mine got a text message from his boss. He said he had boxes of vintage women’s clothing and accessories that he didn’t want anymore and wondered if his ReFashionista friend would like to take a look at them.

I did. Oh yes. I did. I ended up scoring some AMAZING vintage formalwear, kimonos, bell bottoms, and accessories. I was particularly excited about this piece:

Hmmmmnnnn….How will I make this work?

That neckline tho! Amirite? WOWZA!

Other than that, this dress was a little too big, and I wasn’t digging that huge long skirt either. I know some of you are thinking, “Don’t you DARE remove any of that length!” Sorry kids. While this frock photographs really well, yards and yards of scratchy polyester don’t look quite so glamorous in person.

I liked the tag.

Nadine was probably a very classy lady, don't you think?
Nadine was probably a very classy lady, don’t you think?

I laid the dress out on my living room floor. It had a most impressive wingspan. I then laid one of my favorite and best-fitting LBDs on top of it.


You can see where I’ve outlined the smaller dress in chalk. I cut along the chalked line, and that’s where the finicky bit began.

I wanted this dress to fit absolutely PERFECTLY, so I actually ended up pinning this onto myself. It required twisting into positions my yoga instructor would be very proud of.

...and a LOT of pin pricks! *Ouch*
…and a LOT of pin pricks! *Ouch*

This took a LONG time to get right. The fabric was stretchy and tough to get to align correctly on each side. But after a good bit of tweaking, I felt it was ready to go under the needle.

Thank you for compensating for my incompetence, Pfaff!
Thank you for compensating for my incompetence, Pfaff!

This is all wrong, but it worked out. 🙂 Since my pins were facing the wrong way after I used myself as a dress form, I rolled the other side up and put it to the side. Luckily my machine is made to work for quilting, so it has a big enough space to handle my slackness.

Once each side was taken in, I needed to even out my bottom hem. Since the back half of me is larger than the front half of me, it went askew in the fitting process. No worries!

New hem!
New hem!

The end result?

Oh yes.
Oh yes.

I’m quite happy with this one!

But wait…there’s more!

Le back!
Ready to party!
Ready to party!

Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?


But wait! As it was slightly chilly, I covered up in another one of my sweet finds from my friend’s boss…

Don't worry! It's fake!
Don’t worry! It’s fake!

I had a blast ringing in the new year with my best pals.

Say ahhhh!
2016 is going to be awesome!
You’re probably just wanting me to share the big news already, arentcha?
We time traveled back to the 1920's!
We time traveled back to the 1920’s!

Okay…so here’s the BIG NEWS!

Look forward to a brand spankin’ new post EVERY DAY in 2016!

That’s right! The 366 Day (It’s a Leap Year) challenge continues! 

I did it in 2011, and it’s time to do it again.

There will be lots of refashions, but also other fun things. If you like my refashions, you won’t be disappointed, but I want to make ReFashionista about more than befores-and-afters. I’ll be sharing my favorite vintage & thrifted outfits, other people’s fab refashions, and how we can express ourselves stylishly while rejecting fast fashion. There are some fun mini-challenges and other cool surprises in store too!

Alright. Let’s do this!

Ribbet collage




What do you think?

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