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Headshot Top

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Thrift Score Thursday

In yesterday’s post, I showed you my thrift haul for the week. Among the clothing I found was a sparkly beaded and sequined top from the 80’s.

So pretty!
So pretty!

When I needed something snazzy to wear for work headshots day, this seemed like a nice & classy fit!

This top is covered in intricate bead work and was a steal at $2…and an even bigger steal at $1, when I pointed out the zipper pull was missing.

I had never heard of the brand name, so I looked it up.

Who are you?
Who are you?

Well whaddyaknow? Adrianna Papell is still alive and well (That rhymes!)!

The missing zipper pull wasn’t a problem. I just pulled the zipper up with my fingers grasped around the pull-less part. You could also attach a safety pin, and then remove it once you’re all zipped up. 🙂

I did have to snip out these guys though…


I wore my sparkly new top to work, and got lots of compliments on it. 🙂


I styled my new-to-me top with black boyfriend-cut jeans that I rolled up a little and my fave leopard print booties. Sorry this is the only pic I have. My camera immediately died on me after this one.  :/

My coworker was supposed to email me pics she snapped with her phone, but right now she’s out of the office and I only have a little bit of time for lunch. Ouch, Courtney. Very ouch. 😉

But I did manage to take a weird pic at home after work/before streaming the Sherlock Christmas Special!

Just chillin in my shades at home...like ya do.
Just chillin in my shades at home…like ya do.

I love finding ways to wear fancy sequined things out of context, don’t you?



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