Mary Poppins: A Reader ReFash 1

Mary Poppins: A Reader ReFash

One Dress, Three Ways: Fake Vest Edition
Headshot Top

I LOVED seeing your responses to my It’s Curtains for You, Sweetheart post! It was nice to discover I’m not the only person digging in the bins for sweetly cheap fabric!


This curtain refashion by Sloane is pretty amazing, and it made this old school theatre gal proud. 🙂

Last summer I made a Mary Poppins costume for a friend completely from curtain panels I bought at a ‘back room’ manufacturer sale, $1 a pound! And also a mini Mary costume for another cast member’s American Girl doll.

I love it! And I love how thoughtful she was for making an outfit for her friend’s daughter’s doll! That definitely gave me an extra grin.

I hope you’ll check out Sloane’s amazing blog, From Literature to Life for lots of literary/costuming inspiration! 🙂


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