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A Funky Flashback in 1970s Polyester

One Dress, Three Ways: Fake Vest Edition III: A Dress Refashion
Thrift Score Thursday: Liz Edition

We have made it to Friday, my friends! Huzzah! πŸ™‚

I’m feeling a little funky this Friday. Not bad in a funk funky, but 1970s funtime disco funky!

I <3 70's Polyester Shirts!
I <3 1970’s Polyester shirts!

Today’s outfit consists of a gifted shirt (from the same person who gave me my New Year’s Eve ensemble), some awesome geometric tights (sadly, new), a skirt I made from a sweater dress back in ’13, some super-comfy Sofft loafers, and a recycled road sign pin by Columbia, SC artist, Clark Ellefson!

I LOVE polyester shirts from this era. When I was in high school, I had a closet FULL of them in every print you can imagine. I woreΒ them with my JNCO jeans (remember those?) and my Airwalks and though I looked pretty swell. πŸ˜‰ Sadly, I ended up donating all of the shirts as I got older, and now kind of wish I hadn’t. Getting this shirt was a nice trip down memory lane. πŸ™‚

Looks kind of like a face, doesn't it?
Looks kind of like a face, doesn’t it?


I wore my hip lil outfit to meet a friend who surprised me with this incredible portrait. It’s a Dia de los Muertos Jillian!

What I look like dead.
So happy to have a such a creative/talented friend!

The cost of today’s outfit is as follows:

Shirt: FREE!

Pin: FREE!

Skirt: 50 cents (since I made two refashions from a $1 garment)

Shoes: $5 consignment

Tights: $10 New πŸ™

Hope you guys are as excited about the weekend as I am! Come back tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion of One Dress, Three Ways: Fake Vest Edition!



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