Of Sparkles & 60's House Slippers 1

Of Sparkles & 60’s House Slippers

Sgt. Pepper's Not-So-Lonely Heart's Club Dress-to-Jacket Refashion
Melissa's Skirt to Capelet Reader ReFash

Today’s outfit is uber-cheap, and uber-fun. 🙂

Sparkle AND color!

That twinset was given to me by the same nice fellow who gifted me my faux fur for New Year’s Eve.

The skirt was bought from Goodwill from their clearance section for 50 cents.


But let’s take a moment to check out those shoes. 🙂


You’re looking at a pair of 60’s Keds house slippers I bought for a mere $3. When I first purchased them, the original insoles has disintegrated to powder (despite giving the appearance of having never been worn). No worries! I just bought a new pair of insoles, ripped out the old ones, and was good to go!


Not bad for $3.50!



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