Thrift Score Thursday: Cruise Edition 1

Thrift Score Thursday: Cruise Edition

Tiki Week Dress to Top Refashion
Sgt. Pepper's Not-So-Lonely Heart's Club Dress-to-Jacket Refashion

I’ve hinted a couple of times that I’m taking a trip soon. Well, in a few weeks, guess where I’ll be?

*happy sigh*
*happy sigh*

I can’t wait! I’ll be going with about a dozen of my closest friends and we’re all quite stoked (We try to take a big trip together every two years). So, while everyone else is shivering in their parkas, I’ll be sipping frozen mojitos in the Bahamas.

There was just one problem. I needed some stylish new cruisewear for my trip! As I’ve already spent a pretty penny on this vacation, I didn’t want to spend a great deal more on a new wardrobe.

It was a good week, friends.


Not only did I find most of what I need for my voyage, I found it for super-cheap!

Only one of those dresses was $6.5o. The rest were 50 cents apiece!


For a closer look at my sweet haul, check out my post on The Good Life Blog right here.

*NOTE: Goodwill’s site is down temporarily, but should be back up this evening. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. 🙁

But that wasn’t all I found! Since I’ve been working at Riggs, I’ve noticed what appeared to be a tiny antique store across the street. I finally walked over the other day for the first time and discovered that, much like the TARDIS, it’s much bigger on the inside! I only had time for a few minutes of browsing, but left with these lovely items:

A funky clutch!
A funky clutch!
A fab necklace!
A fab necklace!

These items were also shockingly inexpensive.


The Ones That Got Away…

Of course, not every item I find in my thrifting adventures is a keeper. Here are a few things I found that just didn’t make the cut.


This purse is made from old food wrappers that have been cut into strips, folded, and then woven together. It seemed like a no-brainer for me until I took a closer look.


The handle was coming undone. 🙁 I looked at this bag for about 5 minutes, trying to figure out how I could repair it. Sadly, I failed. Such a bummer.

Feed yourself!
Feed yourself!

I love gardening. In England and the U.S. during WWI and WWII, people were encouraged to grow their own veggies to lessen the strain on the public food supply. Their gardens were called Victory Gardens and were seen as a way to fulfill their patriotic duty. This poster would look awesome in my kitchen. IF I had any wall space at all for it.

Actually, now that I’m looking at this again, I might see if it’s still there. I can make room for something this awesome right? Whaddyathink?

Ew. Just Ew.
Ew. Just Ew.

This grosses me out. There are few things worse than buying something at the thrift store, sticking you hand in the pocket, and finding someones crusty snotty kleenex! Let this serve as a PSA to you. Check your pockets before your donate!

So, what’s the grand total this week?

Awesome Cruise Clothes: $9

Sweet Clutch: $4.50

Necklace: $4.00

Not bad for $17.50!



  • hazelshappenings

    Hope it’s still there what a great find, a piece of history!!! You did awesome! I remember we used to make all sorts of things with wrappers as a teen of the 70s! But I have no idea if I’d still remember how to do it? Like Macrame we used to make all sorts of things with that, but I’d have to sit a moment or hour and figure out the basics once more, sad when I think of that. I should do that and teach the Grandkids. I LOVE LOVE the necklace your found!!! I am surprised the store didn’t catch that used tissues, just ewww… in Michigan, all items donated have to be clean before you turn them in, or they go straight into the bin.

  • Kathryn Roskow

    I bought a jacket once at a Salvation Army store. There was a tiny hole in the bottom of one pocket and something clanking around in the lining of the coat. Dug around and found a really lovely gold ring set with a real pearl. I took it back to the store, but was told their merchandise often comes from a different location and they would have no way of knowing where it was donated. That was a pre-Facebook find. Today I’d just take a pic an post it. Don’t even know where that ring is now, but I’ve often wondered who was missing it.

  • Susan

    I can’t believe someone would donate that poster! That has got to be a collectible, it’s part of America’s history (I’m in Canada, but I would love to have that poster). You have to run back for it!!

  • jem

    the woven bag, i see them everyday here in the Philippines. if your just within reach, i will help you with it…. have a great voyage girl,,,

  • Ellen

    We looked into cruises, too, but decided that even though the price is good for what you get, sadly, they are so bad for the environment that we just didn’t feel comfortable going on one. ☚ī¸ I hope you enjoy your trip and come home refreshed!!

  • Kristal

    I love your blog, its inspired me. All thru college and the start of my grown up life i thrifted. I didnt know how to sew, but I’m trying my hand at it….not quite sure what im doing but doing it any way…
    Thanks….any words of advice to help?

  • Kelly Burton

    I just bought a candy wrapper purse with the same handle problem & I just cut it off to make a clutch I LOVE yr blog keep up the great inspiration!!!!!!

  • Cynthia

    When you go back for the poster you should pick up the recycled wrapper purse(especially if it’s a Nahui Ollin) and see if you can take the strap off and use it as a cosmetics bag or clutch or put a new strap on it from an old belt, purse or beaded necklace.

  • Nancy

    At 4:24pm EST, I got this message when trying to click over: “Forbidden

    You don’t have permission to access /set-sail-with-goodwill/ on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

    Can you publish the material here, as well?

    Another question: would that recycled paper purse work as a clutch? It really is in line with your philosophy, and looks like something you would enjoy using with different outfits.

    Loving these posts, Jillian.

  • Barbra

    You’re going to look so fab on your cruise!!! include some pics here so we can all see just exactly how fabulous they looked on the ship and on the beach…

  • crissyW

    I did not think I could like your blog any more and then you reference Doctor Who and I find a whole new level of enjoyment. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ lady! (…and yeah the victory garden print is a total find I would love one of those in my kitchen.)

  • Judy

    Your beautiful pastel purse is quite old. It is from the 30-40’s and usually is in black. I have never seen one like yours. The purse with the recycled paper….when I was in H.S.(mid 70’s) it was very popular to make chains like this with juicy fruit(?) gum. The wrappers came in yellow, green, red, maybe orange? I never made the chains, I would rather sew an outfit than make a chain.

  • Debra Peck


    You don’t have permission to access /set-sail-with-goodwill/ on this server.

    I just got this when I tried your link at 1:37 MDT

    I’ll try back later. I can’t wait to see your haul up close and personal, lol.

  • Denise

    you could always attach the poster to your fridge. They now have sort of velcro thingys that command came out with for pictures. They work great and you can remove them when you move. Why couldn’t you just attach another strap to that purse? A belt maybe? just a thought

  • Ali

    I too am in LOVE with that Victory poster – OMG you must get it! As for the recycled handbag, I have looked at those in the past as well but none have found their way to my closet. But…they are pretty cool and some great designs out there. Your haul looks amazing and I know you’ll have a great time. I’m in awe of the fact that you have SCADS of friends, well done Jillian!

    • Lala

      Jillian, I read a design book once that said to alter your art with the seasons. That way you can have more than just what will fit and refresh your look from time to time too. I say, go for the poster, too, if it’s not too late. Otherwise, think about it as someone else gets to have it. After all, we can’t have everything. Bummer sometimes, but it’s true.

  • Michele

    You MUST get that garden poster! Sometimes when I really want something I don’t have room for I do an energy exchange – one thing must be given away to buy a like item so I don’t get overcluttered and I love what I own.

  • Amelia Weed

    The Bahamas cruises are amazing, and I agree with you about the price being incredible for what is included if you go with the cheaper cruise lines. It’s the only way I’ve ever been able to afford to travel outside of the US; we always leave from the Charleston port as we are in Asheville, NC. Been twice with several friends, and we also try to do something like this about every two years. We are due again end of this year; not sure if it will happen but I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Also wanted to say that I love your blog and have been following for a long time. I plan to eventually submit a reader refash to ya when I have one that’s worthy. I have my own blog now and do some sewing and refashioning posts there. You’re one of my biggest inspirations fo sho. 😀

  • Leslie M

    I just got back from my first ever warm weather winter vacation and I scored big at the thrift store on everything that my hubby needed for the trip. I’m in awe of all your scores and the prices. Where I shop, the prices start at $3.99 and average about $6.99 per item. I’ve gotten some very expensive items like a wool Calvin Klein coat but things like that tend to set me back at least $15-20.

  • Jillain, not Jillian

    But sometimes you get the garment home, throw them in the wash machine, and pull them out only to find $65 floating around with the clothes. Which means that someone left MONEY in the pocket! Whoo hoo! I’ll take dirty money over dirty tissue anyday!!

  • Michelle

    I also cannot access the good life blog, I used to be able to, but now my service provider has blocked it as a phishing site. 🙁

  • debbierodgers @Exurbanis

    Yes, yes, yes to the garden poster!

    But no, no, no to the Good Life Blog – I get a message that the account has been suspended. 🙁 I so wanted to see what you did with the cruisewear. Maybe you can post it at Refashionista after all?

  • Jen

    My computer won’t allow me to visit your blog because it says that it is infected with a Trojan. Sorry & don’t know how you’d delete it.

  • Creshone

    I was just looking at cruises the other day. Really want to go on one for my birthday! Hoping that the skies are clear and that you have a super awesome time (I’m sure you will). I am loving everything I see!

    • ReFashionista

      They’re so fun! I also think they’re a surprisingly good deal for everything you get (depending on which cruise line you use). 🙂

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