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Gimme a (Deep) V!

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I’ve noticed a trend that I’ve been desperate to get in on.

It’s called the Deep V-backed Sweater, and I LOVE it.

Subtly sexy!
Subtly sexy! But $52. :/

I’ve been hankering for one of these for a while. I don’t want to buy one new, and because it’s not necessarily a vintage style, I figured I’d just have to alter a regular sweater.

But then I realized I could just turn an old deep V-neck sweater around, and voila!

Le front.
Le front.
Le back!
Le back!

I wore my sassy sweater for an afternoon of antiquing. Maybe it’s just a weird sort of misfit empathy, but surrounding myself with things that were once unwanted but have been rediscovered and deemed of value makes my heart smile.

Even oddballs like this:


How have you rethought your wardrobe lately?


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