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Gimme a (Deep) V!

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I’ve noticed a trend that I’ve been desperate to get in on.

It’s called the Deep V-backed Sweater, and I LOVE it.

Subtly sexy!
Subtly sexy! But $52. :/

I’ve been hankering for one of these for a while. I don’t want to buy one new, and because it’s not necessarily a vintage style, I figured I’d just have to alter a regular sweater.

But then I realized I could just turn an old deep V-neck sweater around, and voila!

Le front.
Le front.
Le back!
Le back!

I wore my sassy sweater for an afternoon of antiquing. Maybe it’s just a weird sort of misfit empathy, but surrounding myself with things that were once unwanted but have been rediscovered and deemed of value makes my heart smile.

Even oddballs like this:


How have you rethought your wardrobe lately?



  • Catherine

    What a great idea, I am already backward so this will do just fine, love the naked baby picture, I would die if my parents had done that to me, Giggles.


  • Karen Petitt

    The sweater is fabulous and I love this idea. The baby painting is a little creepy, imho. I am sure it’s eyes would follow me everywhere I went in a room – just not in my house lol! I really need to go through my wardrobes and drop what is not wearable or of any use and re-fashion some of my favourite pieces, have the weight issue and I’m lucky cos I always bought the best I could so I think I am going to have to diet and up scale my better quality clothing. I have too much fabric too, something I must start working on soon Karen x

  • Elizabeth

    The deep V in the back would be a great way to put a spin on a beloved team sweatshirt. Sweatshirts never really fit right but sometimes a team shirt is appropriate for a game party. Seems a new neckline, deep v back, and zipping in the sides and sleeve bottoms would be a forgiving task and would make a team sweatshirt so much more fashionable!

  • gwen

    Good. Grief. The thrift shop near my house (dangerous!) has some of these sweaters and I never even thought to just turn them around. So simple, love it. I know where I’m headed at lunch today…

    So is the baby painting going above your new sofa?? 😉

  • Lori Nevin

    I just pulled out two identical sweaters, one in blue, one in gray and neither fit at the sleeves, underarm, waist, and length. I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought them!! So with a bit of inspiration from you and the internet, I’m going to chop, sew, serge, overstitch and turn them into one well-fitting tunic. I employed hubby who took my before picture. Now to find time between college studies and full-time work…

  • Karen

    My current need is to bring my closet up-to-date with my age. I have many items that just don’t look appropriate for a 50 year old. My teenage daughter has done her shopping in my closet. Now I need to be trendy but age appropriate.

  • Jenifer Simpson

    I love the imagez, the photos and the ideas behind Refashionista and have executed several..egs the large 80s dress into something shorter without the shoulder pads and a knit sweater to skirt with matching scarf . I’m working my way through my wardrobe and recycling, reusing and reducing as I go. Your site is SO INSPIRING!

  • Chrissy

    I found this site (through pinterest) because I was interested in refashioning my wardrobe.

    Jillian’s how to’s are really good.

  • Sadhana Kembhave

    Thanks Jillian for the thought provoking questions.
    My second (and last) resolution for this year was not to spend any money on new clothes / accessories. I have kept my promise till now. I go through my wardrobe every 6 months or so. That way, they get overhauled pretty regularly. Still, there will be a few pieces which I keep diligently for that date / event, which does not happen. So, now I am keeping aside all those for refashioning. Don’t we buy too many clothes altogether?
    A few of my friends came to know that I am refashioning clothes; so a friend sent by courier a load new clothes which did not fit her or her friend. I am excited to turn them into interesting outfits!
    I also have loads of dress materials I had bought, which are waiting their turn. At this rate I don’t need to buy clothes for a couple more years.
    When I decided to quit buying new clothes, there came a shift in my thinking. Earlier, as soon as a event or party invitation came, I use to feel ‘God, i don’t have anything suitable to wear! should I buy something new? what, where, how much, when?’ Now I don’t do it. I look inside my wardrobe (sometimes inside my mind and heart, lol), and pick out a dress. I find there are so many new and unworn clothes there, and new materials to be stitched and so many waiting to be altered!
    I am feeling, ‘I have everything I need’. And I am better dressed than ever before.

  • Barbra

    Overdressed is on my “to be read” list at the moment. The past few years, most of my clothing has come from thrift shopping. Very few items are purchased new…socks, panties, tights. Although this year, I did splurge on a few trendy faux fur vests and long sweaters to keep things fresh.

    This past December here in Texas we were snowed in so I decided to do an overhaul on the closet. I had already done a pretty good cleanout of stuff that didn’t fit or was no longer the image I was looking to project just a few months prior. So I did not think there would be much to do…but with no place to go…I delved in.

    I, too, have had several weight changes in my life and have clothes ranging across tttoooo many sizes to mention. But I diligently tried everything on and realized I have so many clothes, I thought, I could probably wear a new outfit everyday and not repeat for a year.

    Challenge issued. Challenged accepted.

    Part of the problem is if I wait until the morning rush with fuzzy thinking to decide what to wear, I wear the same old thing every day. To make the most of the full closet I have and keep the challenge interesting, I pick out an outfit for each day of the week – with the help of the weather forecast as I live in an area where you can get three different seasons in one day – in advance, mostly Sunday night while I wait for Downton Abbey to start. I make sure the top goes with the bottom and find some jewelry to match. After the outfit has been worn and appreciated, I hang it back up in the closet backwards so I can keep track. So far, with the month of January gone, no outfits have been repeated, I look pulled together and stylish everyday, and there are still a ton of hangers facing the right way.

    There is always a new way to rethink the wardrobe.

    • Britton Avery

      Brilliant idea!! I am going to take a page from your book and try it out, I recently moved and had to weed out a lot but I still have too many clothes for my tiny new closet. You just made my week!

  • Mia

    Just had this conversation with my 9yo daughter. We rehabbed a head and footboard and a dresser for her dream bedroom. She’d made a negative comment about thrifting and wearing, “other people’s clothes,” so I pointed out that her beautiful bedroom would not be possible without thrifting because it’s costing closer to $150 than $1500 and that washing machines can make all things new again. I also pointed out that she had no problem donating to these organizations for the benefit of kids less fortunate than herself. I then defined the word, “snob,” for her. She spent the rest of the day noticing how many items we’ve thrifted recently and I’m happy to report that the attitude adjustment seems to be a success. Once she cooled her jets, we talk about sustainability and our contributions to waste. She gets it now.

  • Danielle

    On your suggestion I read Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion.

    I then completely cleaned out my wardrobe, particularly getting rid of alot of things that no longer fit.

    I had mostly fast fashion in there (including alot from Aus Kmart), but I realised that I do take very good care of my cheap clothes. I have some skirts, tops and cardigans that have lasted me 5-6 years of weekly wear to work.

    I’ll continue to buy some of my work wear that way, caring for it to make it last, but this process has renewed my interest in thrift shopping, paying more attention to labels when I do. I also now have a healthy pile of mend/refashion from my own wardrobe to be getting on with. I also aim to save up for a few long wear classic pieces such as some tailored pants and skirts and a decent winter coat and boots. I’m also yet again going to try and sew some dresses for myself.

    It’s a difficult process, particularly since my weight has fluctuated a lot over the years, but it’s so worth it.

    So that’s how I’ve rethought my own wardrobe. Thanks Jillian!

    • SuzyDQ

      That’s awesome, Danielle! Thanks for sharing your story. I’m pondering reading that book at Jillian’s suggestion as well. I constantly struggle with paring down my closet; maybe the book will give me the motivation I need!

    • Charlotte Wood

      I think I would be constantly worried that it would fall off and expose me to everyone. Especially with all of these children I have hanging off of my hips. 🙂 I wouldn’t worry so much in Julian’s sweater as in the sweater of the model at the top.

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