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Mad Woman Dress

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Thrift Store Thursday: Crystal (?) & Couroc

While flicking through the “New Arrivals” rack at the thrift store right next door to my workplace (Can you believe the luck???), I found a few items that were probably donated by the same person as they were all side by side, from the 60’s, made in Italy, and the same size. As that size happened to also be my size, I was especially happy. 🙂

My favorite is this acetate number right here:


Don’t you just love?

The fit is fab, the print is delightful, and I’m actually a fan of acetate. It feels soft & luxurious, is moth and mildew resistant, and dries really quickly.

Here’s a closer look:

Come clooooser!
Come clooooser!

Sadly, there was no label in this to indicate the maker of this fab frock, only the size and fiber content.

A coworker took one look at me and said, “You look like you could be in an episode of Mad Men.”

Well, I do work for a marketing agency, so that makes a good bit of sense, right? Now…if I can only convince the partners to let me bring in a liquor cart…

Looking up at the cobwebs in the dingy back room of the office where I take these pics. ;)
Looking up at the cobwebs in the dingy back room where I take these pics. 😉



Anne's Dramatically Groovy Reader ReFash
Thrift Store Thursday: Crystal (?) & Couroc


  • amyjo72

    Love it! So adorable. So they label said maid in Italy, but no dressmaker info? Gosh, I’d be dying to know! It’s perfect on you, what a lucky find. I’m a 16, and sometimes have a hard time finding higher quality thrift but I am persistent and have made several great scores. Nothing Italian, though.

  • Carol

    I so look forward to your post. Brighten my days. You have inspired me to start sewing again!
    The only acetate I know of needed to be dryclean.
    If I washed it it was ruined.
    First time in dryer it shrunk. Second time I hung to dry and it ended up as wrinkled , stiff mess. Good luck.
    Thank you for being you.

  • tvonzalez

    Oh yeah, pinned it to my “Color – Two Snaps Up” Pinterest board.

    I too found clothing in my size this weekend at one thrift shop but nothing as intriguing as what you found.

  • Sarah Kristen

    I feel really stupid right now, because I’ve never heard of acetate as a fabric! What’s it like? When was it made and when did it stop? (I know I could look on wikipedia, but, too lazy.)

  • Lisa Adkins Stewart

    Love it and you’re doing great with your daily posts. IF it becomes a bit too much of an effort one day or you don’t want to mess up a vacay, have you thought about letting some of us send in our versions of your “Refashionista” style. I see that you have sometimes just put up another person’s blog post BUT no way, do I want to do a clothing blog…or food…or wine…or children…I do one on my own life and current events. But sometimes, I think I would like to see one of my fashion ideas hit the blog scene…er, this screen, or ya know…something like that!? 🙂

  • Charmaine

    I’m devastated!! the only charity shop within reach had only a rack or two of stuff. I went in yesterday and it is ALL household stuff, knick knacks and CDs. Not a square inch of fabric anywhere 🙁 🙁 🙁 You are SO very lucky, the Brits are not good at giving away their stuff

    • Amie

      It wasn’t always easy to get good stuff at a thrift store in the South either. I’m originally from North Carolina and back in the day if you had stuff to get rid of you called your family and friends first. This means that whatever ended up in a thrift store was scary (stained, stinky, torn, etc). I’m in Michigan now and have been part-time thrifting for years.

    • Lou

      Charmaine – that’s a shame – where do you live? I’m in Gloucestershire and our charity shops are full of clothes and fabric/bedding etc. It’s not cheap, though 🙁 I did get a nice floral tea dress for £6 the other day and dressed it up for a cocktail party. And have picked up dresses for formal balls for less than £10.

  • Heather

    This is why I wear vintage! The clothes are cute (it caught your eye, right?), comfy (generation of the pre-spandex!), and extremely affordable. Thrift stores, estate sales, garage sales… Because the majority of the people want the “in fashion”. I rather be different! 😉 Oh, and it probably wasn’t made by slave children in third world countries. There’s that too.

  • Fashionable Memaw

    You hit the jackpot again with your find! I love that cute print & the slinky feel of acetate must encourage your perfect poses! Black tights & boots finish this great look! Cant wait to see the other 60s items now in your possession, I hope!

  • Loretta Mitson

    Champagne living on a beer budget! I so love your posts as I live in a world of thrift stores, garage sales, and recycling. I am sure it is difficult to crank out these posts every day, but please know that we appreciate your effort. Vicarious living, you know! Thank you!!! Hugs!

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