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Thrift Store Thursday: Crystal (?) & Couroc

While flicking through the “New Arrivals” rack at the thrift store right next door to my workplace (Can you believe the luck???), I found a few items that were probably donated by the same person as they were all side by side, from the 60’s, made in Italy, and the same size. As that size happened to also be my size, I was especially happy. 🙂

My favorite is this acetate number right here:


Don’t you just love?

The fit is fab, the print is delightful, and I’m actually a fan of acetate. It feels soft & luxurious, is moth and mildew resistant, and dries really quickly.

Here’s a closer look:

Come clooooser!
Come clooooser!

Sadly, there was no label in this to indicate the maker of this fab frock, only the size and fiber content.

A coworker took one look at me and said, “You look like you could be in an episode of Mad Men.”

Well, I do work for a marketing agency, so that makes a good bit of sense, right? Now…if I can only convince the partners to let me bring in a liquor cart…

Looking up at the cobwebs in the dingy back room of the office where I take these pics. ;)
Looking up at the cobwebs in the dingy back room where I take these pics. 😉



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