A 40's Fabulous Frock 1

A 40’s Fabulous Frock

Free Fashion Books, Courtesy of The Met
Go Panthers (I guess) Dress Refashion

“Absolutely! I’m not proud.”

That’s what I say when someone asks if I’d like to dig through some of their vintage duds that they’re either about to donate to a very probably unknowing public or just leave languishing in their attic.

When the founding partner of Riggs (the creative marketing consultancy I work for) offered to let me have first dibs on a wardrobe box of dresses that used to belong to her grandmother, I quickly gave the aforementioned response. I wasn’t disappointed. The dresses were mostly from the 1940’s. Sadly, many pieces were quite deteriorated in their old age, but I managed to restore several pieces.

This is perhaps my favorite:

Why yes…my kitchen is a bit tacky. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hate hate hate that I was unable to get a pic under better lighting, as I just couldn’t get any that did this lovely dress justice. Sadly, The Big White Thing (patent pending) I like to use from work was in use for actual work things, so this is as good as it gets. :/

I would absolutely never touch the length of piece this old, so I left it as-is. I paired it with a $1 thrifted belt and a $30 pair of Tory Burch boots I bought at a charity shop a while back.

See? I’m making progress in getting caught up on my bloggery!

And this is how I shall spend the remainder of my evening…

Girl…You’d better work!



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