Happy Valentine's Day! 1
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Ah Valentine’s Day! What could be more fun than a made-up holiday that seems to be aimed at making singles feel at least mildly deficient in some way? Oh wait…most things would be better than that. Silly question!

I was determined to not be glum today. Being bummed about one’s romantic status on Valentine’s Day was just a bit too middle school for me. Luckily, I scored tickets to an awesome wine and chocolate tasting event at the Columbia Museum of Art, so I wouldn’t be sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. But what to wear?

I have plenty of red dresses, and could have easily picked one to wear for the evening, but I wanted something special, fun, and new. Feeling optimistic, I hopped over to Goodwill, where I found two great possibilities for my night.

Option 1.
Option 1.

This strappy satin number would have been a fine option, but I was feeling more bohemian, so I went with this:

Not too shabs!
Not too shabs!

This bright floral minidress was exactly what I needed to bolster my spirits. 🙂

Hot off-the-shoulder action!
Hot off-the-shoulder action!

The price tag for both of these frocks helped too.


That’s right! I found both of these fun dresses on the 50 cent clearance rack! Can you believe no one had chosen them?

I cooked up a nice dinner of filet mignon and lobster (on sale for the big day)…


…and then hopped over to the museum with one of my best pals!

Mirror selfie with a piece from the museum's collection!
Mirror selfie with a piece from the museum’s collection!

Do you ever thrift before a special occasion or just to cheer yourself up a bit?

Happy Valentine's Day! 2


  • Sana Bharani

    Both the dresses are awesome! And chocolate and wine tasting event is perfect for Valentines day. When you are a few decades old, you would have done all the traditional ways of celebrating Valentine’s. My hubby and I went for a trek along with 68 others on Valentines. That was great fun.

  • jenny_o

    Love the floral one especially – and hey, what a great return policy! In these parts, if you buy it, you own it (unless you donate it to someone else, of course)!

  • Martha B

    Yes! I absolutely hit the thrift store(s) before special events to find something fresh to add to my mix!
    And I’m known pop in to a local shop to browse if I’ve had a less than stellar day. (My version of stopping at a pub for a beer after work!)
    Of course there’s my pit stops to kill time between work and yoga class …
    What can I say, I love me my bargains!!!

  • Anna Tennis

    Not a single Goodwill around here has a $0.50 clearance rack. Portland, OR is full of avid thrifters, so the prices are kinda high here sometimes.

  • A Johnson

    Love this! I agree with you about Valentine’s day – it can even make married people somehow feel inadequate! Love both your choices and can’t believe how inexpensively you got these!! You look AH-MAZING!

  • Meg Miller

    I agree with Jennifer K, and often see things in thrifts I know you would love. Do I thrift to cheer myself up? Not only yeah, but hell, yeah!

  • KaylaSilverfox

    I once found a Star Wars dress from Hot Topic, that I’d wanted for a while, at Platos for $6 but I also had a $5 coupon. So I got a twenty-something dress that I really wanted for a buck! That made my day and I told everyone that commented on it haha
    ASAP, Happy Valentines day! ❤️

  • Melanie

    I have to say that I wish I could find your deals. There is no way I could find a dress for 50 cents at a goodwill here in Southern California. Even our little independent stores aren’t that inexpensive! Maybe I need to shop in SC!

    • lorie

      I take advantage of the Goodwills near San Diego because they have fitting rooms and it’s still cheaper than Ross. And buying used American clothes down here in Mexico can cost about the same as Goodwill prices. New clothes down here are very expensive, poor quality and usually don’t fit me anyways.

  • Lala

    I thrift to cheer myself, at least have, but often feel guilty for spending money when I do. The best VD I ever had I was single and bought a box of ridiculous Barbie valentine’s, then spent a fair amount of time personalizing a note to each person I worked closely too. It worked great to amend a fight I’d had with a superior, making a joke about it in his card. Yesterday I was not single, and I had an alright time, but it’s a stupid holiday I corks care less about spending it with someone I’m involved with. It does tend to get to me if I’m single, though. Us people sure are silly!

  • Marilyn

    Hi there,
    I agree with Melanie no way can we find those kinds of deals at our Goodwill stores here in So Calif…I’m going to make more of an effort to dress up for special occasions. I always look forward to reading your posts everyday…Thanks!

  • Kerry Franciscovich

    Love the dress and your great attitude. I have happily thrifted outfits for special occasions. However, here in California the dresses at thrift stores generally start at $6.99! I try to go on half-off days. My best finds are at garage and rummage sales. But that counts right?!

  • Beth Boothe

    I love how you can get things for .50 and 1.00. The thrift stores here in Montgomery and Prattville, AL charge ridiculous prices for donated items. I do not recall ever seeing a grab bin. Stuff stays on their racks and tables for weeks because of the greed.

  • GirlFriday

    I love the dress you chose! It’s so fun and playful. How do you find such inexpensive deals? I’m always pleased when I find $4 deals at Goodwill. Is it a cost of living factor or are you just diligent about only searching clearance racks?

  • Moon

    yes I do: the possibility of finding something new I can use makes me feel like a little girl with a new puppy. Bonus points if its on my list!

  • Tamara Krick

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the floral one! You’re right, can’t believe it didn’t get snatched! And a big WOOOP, WOOOP to a fellow brussell sprouts lover!!!!

  • PA Memaw

    Today’s Plan: to visit my town thrift store & nab a new black hoodie, a black velveteen blazer, and perhaps some other new finds at $1. an item…I love Wed. $1. Day! I spotted items Sat. but held off till $1.Day & fortunately my Plus size items dont get snatched up at this little known treasure trove! Being retired requires me to pinch my pennies.

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