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Layer Your Way to a Different Era

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Today’s outfit is a result of me looking at my wardrobe and saying, “Meh.”

I wanted to wear a very nice-fitting grey dress I thrifted a while back, but it’s quite dull on its own, and I was in the mood for something a bit more glamorous. Just tossing on a sweater and leggings wasn’t going to cut it.

Luckily, I have plenty of other thrifted layers to choose from.


This is a combination that makes me think of the 20’s, but perhaps that’s just me. Layering the grey dress over a vintage black maxi gives the illusion of a dropped waist, and the art deco print from the pajama jacket I’m wearing could have hopped right out of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!

Yep. I'm wearing my PJs in public.
Yep. I’m wearing my PJs in public.

That lovely bauble around my neck came from the same nice gent who gifted me a most impressive vintage haul he had before he moved to his new house. None of the items (save the shoes) in this outfit cost more than $1.

I'm ready for my gimlet, please.
I’m ready for my gimlet, please.

So, the next time you get a case of the wardrobe “Mehs”, why not try experimenting with a bit of atypical layering?



  • Helise

    Love this look! It is very ‘Miss Fisher’! I am so looking forward to the next costume exhibition of this fabulous TV series here in Australia. It is coming up about now and running until June, or thereabouts at the Old Government House in Parramatta, as usual under the auspices of the National Trust. Why don’t make a flying visit to Sydney, dear Refashionista? I am offering you free accommodation for your stay. Not 5 Star, I must warn you!

  • Jenifer Simpson

    Love how you explored and layered the clothing and i find it so inspirational as i find myself getting bored with some pieces of clothing and trying to figure out new ways to use something without necessarily cutting it up and refashioning completely. I will be looking in the closet tomorrow for layering possibilities….

  • Mary

    Question… you do the outfits one at a time and take photos after each one? Or do you do maybe 10 or 15 at a time and then do the photos? Just curious! Love your work!!!

    • ReFashionista

      One at a time! Otherwise my coworkers would wonder why I’m slacking off to play dress-up (The big white thing lives at work)!

  • Jenny Mackie

    Looks great Jillian .. you have a great blog. I’m delighted you are a fan of Miss Fisher! We Australians think it is a pretty terrific show and currently there is an exhibition touring the country of the clothes. It’s wonderful to see them up close and the designer gives detail on how she converted often tiny vintage dresses into clothes for the well proportioned Aunt Prudence and how she mixed new and old textiles to create the looks for the dresses and hats..Great ideas for dressmaking which I enjoy. Another refashioning blog you might enjoy from Australia is Textile Beat. Not mine.. I don’t blog, well I do… about weather – JennyWoodwardweather, but a similar philosophy to yours. All the best.Jenny

  • vintage51

    I am glad to see so many other people love Miss Fisher as much as I do. She was the first person I thought of when I saw your outfit. Would love it if you checked out my blog at vintagethrifter51. I could use any and all advice as I am new to blogging. I do thrifting and refashioning too, with recipes and odds and sods thrown in. Cheers, Michele

  • Heidi

    SWEET. It’s not you. I didn’t even see the article, just the pic from email and I thought that outfit had a fantastic 20s vibe to it. Nice!

  • jenny_o

    Love the whole thing and that IS an interesting necklace. And wearing pj’s like yours in public is a whole different thing from what I’ve seen (cough*flannel pants*cough) … very classy!

  • Ellie

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit!
    I NEVER would have thought of this!
    Also, I love Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries! 🙂 And that top would definitely fit into Phryne Fisher’s wardrobe!

  • Barbra

    Love that you can pull off the dress over a maxi! The necklace and the jacket look awesome together. Definitely going to look for some atypical layering to combat my current wardrobe “mehs”. Thanks for the daily inspiration to think outside the box!

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