Thrift Store Style: You Too Can Rock a Formal Mumsy Jacket! 1

Thrift Store Style: You Too Can Rock a Formal Mumsy Jacket!

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What do you wear on a day that’s juuuust cool enough for a light jacket?

...a light jacket! Duh!
…a light jacket! Duh!

Today’s thrifty outfit consists of an ancient grey T-shirt dress layered under a $6 secondhand hi-low cotton T. But what really makes this outfit is the jacket.

Here’s a better look:


This jacket may look pretty mumsy and dated on the hanger, but look at the details!

Amazing gilded print!
Amazing gilded print!
Beautiful beads!
Beautiful beads!

It originally had some pretty large shoulder pads in it, but those were easy to remove. For $1, I think it’s a pretty swell statement piece. And when paired with my $2 thrifted 80’s necklace and my green suede boots (sadly, new), I think a pretty swell outfit.

Great for work or play!
Great for work or play!

I wore my green, black, and gold to Keg Cowboy after work for some tasty noms with my good pal, Dan. Many cheeses were consumed.

Dan is drinking...water? Huh?
Dan is drinking…water? Huh?

The cost of today’s outfit is:

Grey Dress: $10 new years and years ago. 🙁

Black T: $6 from Sid & Nancy (secondhand shop)

Mumsy Jacket: $1 (thrifted)

Necklace: $2 (thrifted)

Total: $19





What do you think?

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