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Marije’s Reader ReFash

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Today’s Reader ReFash comes from Marije, who has a brand-spanking new blog, called The Adventures of Making. I knew I had to share her latest project with you, as it combines two of my favorite things: Big tote bags and tacky thrift store art!

“Are you sure about that one?” the cashier of the thrift store said, raising one eyebrow while looking skeptically at the items that I was buying. She wasn’t talking about the sweet pair of high heels (new! can you believe my luck?) or the couple of storage cans I wanted to buy. No, the reason for her eye-brow action was a framed embroidered artwork, depicting some medieval, bearded man doing whatever bearded medieval men usually do.



By the look of it, it had been in the thrift shop for ages. I could feel the hesitation of the cashier: the thing was incredibly ugly. But I bought it nevertheless. Was I out of my mind? Maybe, but I had great plans for it: making a shopper bag!

First, I took the embroidery out of the frame. I figured that I needed some extra fabric to actually make the bag, so I looked in my stash until I found a big piece of denim fabric that once was the cover of an ottoman.

Out of this denim I made a basis for the bag, with box pleads at the bottom. If you don’t know what box pleads are, you can either follow the instructions on my blog  where I have step by step instructions on how to make such a bag, or think about those triangular, flappy things on the side of juice or milk cartons; it’s exactly the same principle.

When my basic bag was ready, I sewed the embroidery to the front. And because of my awesome measuring skills (okay… luck) it completely filled the front of the bag.

unnamed (1)

I also made some lining out of a piece of upholstery fabric. Then I added some pockets to the lining, since in my opinion, a bag without pockets is not worthy to be called a bag. It’s simply a sack. Sacks are for horses, not for urban girls.

unnamed (3)

I added some straps made from some of the scraps of denim, put the lining into the bag and sewed them together the top seams. I was finished! I’m quite proud of this project! I mean, who doesn’t want to walk around with a piece of art (I’m generous with my titles today) on its bag?  Casually going to the market with it and say: “Oh I don’t need a plastic bag, I’ll just put these apples into my art”? I’m sold!

unnamed (4)

Awesome job, Marije! Keep Making!

unnamed (5)


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