A Splurge or A Steal? 1

A Splurge or A Steal?

A No-Sew Thrift Store Dress Upcycle
Thrift Score Thursday: Sylvia Edition

In my most recent Thrift Score Thursday, I spent a pretty penny on the dress on the right. A few of you wanted to know why. $38 is way more than I usually spend on my vintage finds.

It doesn't look like much on the hanger, I suppose.
It doesn’t look like much on the hanger, I suppose.

Here’s why.

Do you understand now?
Do you understand now?

Everything about this dress is awesome. From the cut, to the length, to the supersoft fabric, to the amazing print. It’s simply a perfect and timeless dress I’ll wear again and again.

It’s a classic.

Strike a pose!
Strike a pose!

My buddy Cole thought it looked nice too. πŸ™‚

Even when I made a "Blue Steel" face.
Even when I made a “Blue Steel” face.

What do you think? Was this worth the price?


  • CrisPellie

    In the retail world, $38 is a bargain. Sometimes I catch myself thinking something like, ‘$10 for a jacket?!? They are getting a little crazy with their prices!’ But then I remind myself it’s a like-new, designer brand, $200 retail jacket, and then I “splurge.”

  • tilacata

    I think we’ve all spent more on dresses that we’ve worn maybe once. With that said, it’s DEFINITELY worth it. If you love everything about the dress and you know it’s not a one time thing…go for it!

  • gwen

    Long sleeve, long length dresses that aren’t frumpy are nearly impossible to find for this petite gal. I’d buy that off of you right now for $38 or more – it’s fantastic! Plus there are so many different ways to style it. I bet by the time you’re finished with it, it will work out to less than $1/wear. Excellent purchase!!

  • Bree Miller

    Lovely dress and it looks grand on you! In the long run, I am sure you will get your money’s worth out of it… enjoy!

  • La

    it’s lovely and it suits you. Plus, what’s the point of thrifting and saving where you can if you can’t splurge every so often.

  • SuzyDQ

    I loved it on the hanger and love it on you. Soooo glad you didn’t CHOP off any of that gorgeous length. Can’t WAIT to see what you do with the green cheerleader outfit.

  • Mindy!

    It looks fabulous on you! FABULOUS!
    I’m a little curious as to why it was priced at $38. Is it silk or wool or designer? Where I live (Toronto, Canada) I only see known names to be priced that high.

  • Yona

    You look great in it and will surely wear it another 37 times, so there……you’re wearing something you love and you’re happy, which is what really counts.

  • Veronica

    Why not splurge when thrifting? This sentence is an oxymoron! How often can you find an outfit that fits, you’ll wear again & again for a mere $38! My find this week-100% silk wrap dress & a dress with price tag still attached!

  • PeesaLisa

    To put things in perspective, you still got this by thrifting in a second- hand shop, didn’t you? The main point I get from your blog is that we don’t need to buy very much that’s new (except for underwear) if we’re willing to search a little further afield and be creative. I live in Vancouver, Canada, and second hand dresses/sweaters will often cost at least ten bucks a pop in our local Sally Ann.

  • Wendylowther

    An excellent buy! You look great and it is super that you could wear it without work! In my area nothing is $1. Love comfortable clothes!

  • Ann M.

    Love it on you and on the hanger ! As for the $38, I think it balances out because of your creative thrifting. Because of thrifting you can afford to spend a bit on something that feels like an indulgence and makes you feel good. I don’t consider this extravagant at all.
    Keep thrifting, re-making, and sharing with us. I always hope that there will be a post when I open up my computer each day. You give me ideas and lead us back to sewing, threatened to be a lost art. Bless you

  • Sharon

    Jillian! It’s just a beautiful on you as I thought. I am so glad you love it. Can I just tell you how fun it is to be on your blog?! Would you mind if we shared your photo on our instagram page? Super excited to see what you’ll do with the little green number, too. xo

    Thrifted Sisters

  • MJ

    Oh Jillian, we have lost perspective, haven’t we?!?! When I first read $38, I was shocked you (or I) would pay that much. But then I thought that most people are thrilled if they found any decent new dress for as little as $38!!!

    Sometimes I measure food or the cable bill vs. what I could get thrifting for that kind of money. Then I have to bring myself back to reality! Haha!

  • jenny_o

    Isn’t this one good reason for living frugally most of the time – to be able to afford to get something our hearts desire, from time to time? Yes!

    You look great in it!

  • aura

    given your amazing ability to spend what you do on your wardrobe, splurging on a fabulous vintage find for only $38, is still being a refashionista. taking a beautiful dress and bringing it back to life by inhabiting and loving it, requires no explanation nor apology. you earned it, girl.

    • Lala

      Lonely, lovely, same diff, eh? πŸ™‚
      My worst autocorrect was with a guy I was trying to get together with before he moved, and I also had a thing for, and I meant to say, ” OK, just let me know”. And after it sent I saw it said, “OK, just lay me now”.
      Then I tried to save myself by saying, ” oops, total text-o”, but it autocorrected to, “sext-o”.
      Now I read EVERYTHING twice.
      Just remember, it could always be worse! OK, maybe not worse than mine, but, uh….

    • Lala

      Dang! Can I unpost something I just sent? Maybe I have worse issues than just not reading texts thuroughly enough before I send them? Maybe I should think on comments a bit first, like a few minutes, a week, year? Ahhhhhh!

    • Lala

      Even if you just wear it once, if you love it enough, it’s worth it! You also supported two great causes to believe in: small businesses, and avoiding slave labor with poor environmental practices. And this is all to have a unique dress that’s gorgeous! I like to embrace the history of my vintage numbers, like who wrote it and what happened. It’s like getting to play a whole other character I’d otherwise never get to know. And for a theater buff like you, that should be more than worth it there!
      Have FUN!!!

      • Lala

        Dagnabbit, AGAIN! This was supposed to be a comment left way down at the bottom, independently of yours. Sorry Amanda!
        Oh, I am so human. Sigh!

        • T G

          I love how you didn’t delete your responses! We all are so completely flawed no one should be judging. Thank you for sharing your funny story, it has lightened my day <3

  • JoAnn

    That dress is amazing!!!! You’ve worn $1 dresses as many as three different ways. A girl deserves a”splurge” every year or three!

  • Catherine

    I think it’s gorgeous! It fits you beautifully. I’m like you – I usually like to spend as little as possible on my always secondhand clothes, but just now and then an item will call out to me and, precisely because it goes against the grain, I know the item is special to me. I did it a while ago with a jacket that has since seen lots of wear! Enjoy your beautiful dress x

  • rimazimchick

    To calculate if an item is good value or not divide the cost by the number of times you wear it. This dress is classic and I’m sure you’ll wear it more than 38 times so a dollar a time equates to what you would spend in a thrift shop! Simple! It’s a bargain.

  • Janice

    In the scope of retail prices , $38 isn’t a big deal. You can’t always stick to $1 fashions. I say if you love it, go for it!!
    Besides, it’s gorgeous on you, ma petite!

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