From 90's Merp to 60's Mod Dress Refashion 1
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From 90’s Merp to 60’s Mod Dress Refashion

Happy St. Pat's!
A No-Sew Thrift Store Dress Upcycle

When I found this frock, I was immediately drawn to its amazing buttons!

Mod Dress Refashion Before
Aren’t they great?

I actually like a few things about this one. It’s made of linen, so it’s nice and breathable. I like the oddly sculpted raglan sleeves too. 🙂

When I first got it home, I threw caution to the wind and tossed it in my washing machine, despite this oddly specific care label:

Dress label

Next, I tossed it on my dress form and got to fitting!

dress on dress form for fitting
Not toooooo fitted though!
closeup of pinned dress on dress form

I didn’t want to make it too fitted. I was thinking more of a 60’s mod look.

First I stitched…

dress being taken in

….then I serged off the raw edge.

serging raw edge of seam

Next, I removed some of the length.

From 90's Merp to 60's Mod Dress Refashion 2

After a quick hem, I was done!


I dig it!

60s mod dress refashion after
Cute, eh?
Just trying on ya do!
Just trying on glasses…like ya do!
60s mod dress refashion after
…as Phillip samples David’s cocktail in the background?


refashionista 90s to 60s mod dress refashion before and after
A 1960's-Inspired Dress Refashion
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