Cloudy Easter Caftan

Helluu MuuMuu!
Happy St. Pat's!

When I found this comfy caftan at the thrift store next door to my office (Yes…you read that right!), I was thrilled! Look at that embroidery!

Sometimes I manage to contain my enthusiasm very well.
Sometimes I manage to contain my enthusiasm very well.

I saw two options with this one. I could keep the sleeves and make it a mini, or chop off the sleeves, and turn it into to nicely-fitted maxi dress.

I thought and thought about about it, and at the end of the day I just couldn’t bear to lose those fantastic embroidered sleeves. So, a chop happened:


A hem quickly followed.

A very small hem, as I went a lil short with this one...
A very small hem, as I went a lil short with this one…
Almost done...
Almost done…

A quick press was all it took to complete my super-comfy frock for an Ice Cream & Waffles Brunch with friends. :)

Still comfy!
Still comfy!
We had bubbles too!
We had bubbles too!
Did I mention we had bubbles? Let me reiterate that.
Did I mention we had bubbles? Let me reiterate that.
Gotta have franz!
Gotta have franz!
A perfect frock for a dreary day!
A perfect frock for a dreary day!



70 thoughts on “Cloudy Easter Caftan

  1. LOL yes a bit short, I thought so before I scrolled down! But still very cute and you can always wear it with tights. Wait – a thrift store right next to your office? Wow – that’s good fortune!

  2. You are such a precious person! I truly enjoy getting notified of all of your new blog posts! I have been following you for about a year and I even went back to day one and read and then re-read your posts 3 times so far! My husband even surprised me with a sewing machine this past Christmas because of how often I talk about you! You are such a delightful, REAL, beautiful person!

    1. I agree! I talk about her all the time to my husband too! I love this blog. She has such an interesting life, and I love being included in the action!

  3. The collar embroidery is super cute! Though, I might have used some of the skirt fabric and attached it to both sides of the dress it make a sash that tied in the back (to create more of a figure). Love the sleeves! And it’s a great length!

  4. I love your smirk in the after-pic! :)

    And who cares if it’s a little short, just make sure to wear fabulous underwear on windy days ;)
    Or -I’m anticipating Dutch weather conditions here- wear it on those days with black leggings and big brown boots!

    ps: I wonder what it would look like if you dye it dark blue?

  5. YES! YES IT IS SHORT! AND YES! IT’S PERFECT ON YOU! Now, this 68 year old Great-Grandmother would wear that exact same length with jeans, but YOU should have fun with it….HA!

  6. Not a big fan of brown but I do love embroidery. The length works for leggings. That’s me though. Keep up the good work.

  7. You look absolutely adorable!!! The only thing I would do different if it was mine would be to wear wedge sandals or booties :)

  8. Yes, I love the sleeves and I love the embroidery but it just looks to big and sacky but also too short. I love your talent and your blog. Just doesn’t feel like you are finished with this one yet. Hugs.

  9. I am excited to try my first refashion, thanks to your inspiration. This one is not my favourite but so many good ones. Thanks

  10. Love the embroidery and think you made a wise choice keeping the great sleeves- it does look a little 60s maternity though with that shape lol

  11. This dress is one of the many reasons why I love going to thrift shops, especially around Halloween. I love buying all the beautiful ethnic clothing that they consider a costume

  12. Ha! One of the few times you don’t make a sash and everyone comments MAKE A SASH! I think it looks great on you, and it gives you an excuse to make people pick stuff up for you (so you don’t have to bend over). Great job!

  13. Awesome as always. I wouldn’t worry about the length. You have the figure to pull it off. I think it looks great. I must say, you’ve renewed my love of sewing and thrifting. It has been years since I’d really done either one and now it’s become a new obsession. I’ve never refashioned anything before now. Now I go looking for things I can make into something new.

  14. This is the first post I’ve been like “wow, that’s too short, it looks like a shirt”. I think cause it’s also bulky.

  15. I wanted to thank you for a past post regarding fidget quilts. I had never heard of them and now I’m getting others together here in St Thomas to make and donate them to the local seniors in need of them.

  16. Hi, I m Dolores from Argentina. I found your blog via Pinterest a couple months ago and I ve read it all! Just wanted to tell you that what you do is amazing and inspiring, last night I stayed up until 3am refashioning some items! Thank you.
    And thank you for raise awareness against fast fashion!

  17. A little short can always be remedied with tights or wear bike and enjoy the short length. That embroidery though…..that is perfect. you always seem to find so many goreous piece I wish i had your thrift store luck.

  18. I think you could take a few more inches off and wear with shorts! As is, better not go commando… lol Love the brown.

  19. Well I am done checking THIS blog. If you’re not going to post any more just say so… You have some loyal followers and it is not right to lead them to believe you will be posting if you are not intending to do so.

  20. Missing posts from you – hope all is well! Love the embroidery on your cute little shorty dress. i could never in a million years get away with it – good thing I love capri leggings! (: Can’t wait to see what you are working on for summer!

  21. Jillian,
    Don’t be discouraged ! You have fans/friends who would love to see you work your way through another garment or just “discuss” blog for now. (The rack looks full.)

  22. I’m a long time follower. I must say it is very sad that you left us after promising another 365.
    I understand busy lives and other adventures, but if you are going to hang up this blog let us longtime followers know!

    Sad to see you go, I had a lot of inspiration from you. :(

    1. Thank you, Sara, for posting this welcome information.
      Jillian, your fans will be so happy to hear from you! Take care.

  23. That’s a great buy. The embroidery is rich indeed, especially in the neck region. Great choice to not cut off the sleeves – would have disturbed the harmony of the embroidery. Having said that, what you ended up doing with it looks awesome.

  24. Reading your blog for like 7 months now and I gotta say: this might actually be the first dress I do NOT like. I think it is too big on you. But you can wear anything in the end – so whatever :D

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