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From 3 to 1: An Easy No-Sew Skirt to Dress Refashion

From Flared to Skinny: An Easy-Peasy Jeans Refashion
Helluu MuuMuu! A MuuMuu to Top Refashion

I was relieved when the friendly-ish clerk at one of my favorite thrift stores only charged me for one piece, rather than 3 when I purchased this…outfit.

3 easy pieces!
3 easy pieces!

I LOVE that print! But I HATE this outfit. However, I was excited to have a good bit of fabric to work with between the skirt, shirt, and sash.

And I couldn’t help but giggle a little at the label:

Vera Wang's less-popular sister?
Vera Wang’s less-popular sister?

I decided to try and get a couple of different looks from this one. 🙂

My first look is totally no-sew!

All I did was pull the skirt up to under my arms, tucked the waistline in, cinched the waist with the included sash, and then added a black maxi skirt under it.

Oh so bohemian!
Oh so bohemian!

The strapless top let my shoulders get a little sun, too!

...and that I look nekkid in photos from the collarbone up! :/
…and that I look nekkid in photos from the collarbone up! :/

My new (albeit temporary) frock enjoyed a pop up beer garden with some nice fellas.


I wonder what I’ll do with this one next. Any ideas? 🙂


Ribbet collage


  • Shelley C

    I would suggest a cute sleep romper, or just a romper. It’s a lot of polyester, so something loose and comfortable. Or, I would make a batwing light jacket, you’ve got enough fabric!

  • Kasia Stevens

    Did I miss something? Wasn’t there going to be another refashion w/ this dress….I was waiting….and then the blog jumped to jeans. Just wondering….

  • Ann

    I love the print. I like the top in Becky Dorricott’s dress suggestion. I would use the current top and make a halter type top with the shoulders bared but the fabric attaching to the neck in both the front and back. I would make 1″ – 2″ side slits for ease of movement. A small rolled hem to appropriate length for your petite frame. Then you would have a great top to wear with jeans, skirts, shorts or slacks.

    You could use the sleeves to make pockets if you keep the skirt as dress.

  • Carrie

    I actually love the colors in the print as well as the print. I am more of a fall colors person…being red headed. I would have been drawn to it in a thrift store. nice!
    Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of it.

  • Wendylowther

    Beautiful material but do you live in a world of giants? Dying to see what else you come up with! The outfit you made looks fab!

  • Diane

    Cute fabric ! How about keeping the neckline of the shirt and keeping the lenghth of the sleeves loose the elastic if there is some I couldn’t see from the photo and create a bail sleeve with some lace cut the back of the shirt so there is a low mid back scoop and let the natural gather happen . Cut the front up to the waist but let the back stay long you can create a cross tie in the back with the fabric you cut from the top and make flowy hip hugger pants from the skirt add the same lace to the bottom of the pants as the bail sleeve!

  • Anne

    Turn the top into a cute skirt to wear with a plain dark T shirt or tank. You could use the sleeves or the scarf to make straps for the sleeveless dress you are currently modelling. Glad to see you are back. Good luck with the move.

  • Ami

    My vote is keep the skirt to wear the outfit you have there……… it. And……..for that top, I would chop off sleeves, make a nice new scooped neckline, make bias out of the sleeves and finish off the armholes and new neckline…………a nice tank top. If you already have a tank top you like the fit of you can use it as a pattern for this. Then pair it with the bottom of your choice.

    • lavadamalone/Sunny

      But if she scoops the neckline it will ruin the pattern in the print.
      If she takes off the sleeves but keeps the high neckline it will keep the beautiful pattern of the top exactly as it is- pristine perfect. 🙂

  • Judith Stuart

    Culottes, good idea! The skirt already looks like a pair… how hard can it be? Actually not sure how hard it would be, sounds like something you’d need a pattern for. but culottes are IN at the moment, and with a plain black top would look terrific.

    As for the top, slit it down the front and install a zip: jacket! But don’t wear it with the culottes, too matchy-matchy.

    Love that print, it deserves some thought and work.

  • Adventures of Making

    That print is so awesome, but I dread to think that anyone ever went to a shop and thought: “yeah, that shirt/skirt combo is brilliant, and let’s throw a scarf in to cover up myself even more!!”
    But brilliant save there, Jillian!!

    I would love to see how it would look if you shortened the sleeves, and widening the neck, and make a dress by attaching the skirt to the top? Maybe with a lower back to keep the internal airco going, because your pictures hint that temperature is going swell over there! (you lucky you, I wore a scarf today over my coat!!)

    and if that idea is a bit dull, how about cutting some culottes from the skirt? you seem to have quite a bit of fabric going on there!

    hugs! Marije

  • Laurpud

    You could chop the sleeves off the blouse, following the angle of the design on the ‘bib’ area. Dress or top, both would be cute

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