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Creating Now.

Is All Fair in Le Creuset and War?
CreateAthon 2016!

Hello fellow travelers. I’ve returned! 🙂

I’ve been revamping a few things around the old blog, and I hope you dig the changes I’ve made.

You’ll notice I’ve changed my tagline from, Change the way you think about fashion. to Creating now.

So what’s that about, eh?

When I first started this blog years ago, it was an outlet for my creativity which was pretty much relegated to refashioning $1 thrift store finds. But that was more than half a decade ago. Since then, I’ve grown and evolved as a person and a creative. Lots of things excite and inspire me nowadays.

My idea journal.
My idea journal (a lovely gift from a lovely friend).

I don’t want to just do refashions anymore, and I don’t want to be just a fashion blogger. To be frank, I’m completely amazed that so many of you have read my little blog when there are so many fashion bloggers who are younger, hipper and infinitely more Instagram-pretty than me (not being insecure, just being realistic here). 🙂

ReFashionista is evolving. From now on, I’m going to be blogging about thrifting, home decor, food, art, general life stuff and yes…refashioning.  I don’t know whether or not any of you will want to tune in to the awkward adventures of this SIOD (single income, one dog) 30-something, but I hope your will. 🙂

Perhaps 2017 will be the year I find true love, reach new levels of success in my marketing career and help encourage others to live a life more creative.

Or maybe I’ll just drink a lot of wine. We’ll see.

And now…a refashion.

I began with this comfy/cozy/dated blue dress.


It’s not bad. I promise it isn’t. It’s roomy, but it in a good way, and incredibly soft.

There were exactly three things I didn’t like about this dress. The first was the awkward mid-calf length.

The second and third were these guys.

#1 and #2.
#2 and #3.

I could have just cut off the bottom in a straight line and hemmed it, but I was feeling a little feisty. I folded the dress in half and chalked out my new hem.


Here’s a closer look:

Come cloooser...
Come cloooser…

I snipped along the chalk line, with the dress still folded in half…


Then treated the edges with fray-check, just to be on the safe side.

Check yo self.

The end result was a funkily-hemmed dress that paired well with a few of my favorite pieces.

What am I looking at?
What am I looking at?

I’ve decided that my old Dr. Martens are my favorite boots this winter.

Feeling very 90's.
Feeling very 90’s.
Same dress. Different pose.
Same dress. Different pose.

I’ve been happily contemplating ideas for future blog posts, and I’m feeling incredibly energized from my hiatus.

See? This is me contemplating.
See? This is me contemplating.

I can’t wait to see what the next few months will have in store. 🙂

Probably just Douglas. Lots and lots of Douglas.
Probably just Douglas. Lots and lots of Douglas.



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