Impressing the Parents with Thrift Store Decor! 1
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Impressing the Parents with Thrift Store Decor!

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For those you who have been commenting for the last couple of years or so that you’d like to see a nice young man in my life, rejoice!

Impressing the Parents with Thrift Store Decor! 2
Meet Brian!

This handsome bearded gentleman is Brian. We get along swell. We geek out over a lot of the same things and he likes my dog.  

If you’re feeling particularly stalker-y, you can listen to his podcast here (It’s actually quite funny). Things are going well.

So well, in fact, that I’ve met his parents (who are also lovely, and considerably less bearded).  Brian and I decided to have them over to my place for dinner.

This was a big deal to me for a few reasons:

  1.  I like Brian, and I want his parents to like me.
  2. I like his parents and want them to have a good meal and a nice time.
  3. I take dinner parties verrrry seriously.

I decided we would make roasted chicken and veggies, because it’s always a safe bet and something I do well. Brian wanted to make paella. We went back and forth on this.

Me: “Neither of us have ever made paella before!”
Him: “But I can cook anything!” (True)

Me: “We’ll put Douglas in the middle of the room and call him. Whoever he comes to wins.”
Him: “Fine.”
*We both call Douglas and he comes to me (of course)*
Him: “I still really want to make paella.”

After a morning/afternoon of him reciting paella recipes/explaining exactly how he would make said paella, I caved.

Now that the menu was determined,  it was time to set the table.

Any time I go thrifting I make sure to take a peek at the linens and dishes. I’m happy to report that I’ve amassed an impressive selection of mix-and-match-able items for nearly nothing. 🙂 For this dinner, I opted for a light green theme. 🙂

Impressing the Parents with Thrift Store Decor! 3
Pretty, no?

Everything you see on this table is thrifted (except for the flowers that came from the grocery store). 🙂 I scored the two green and white tablecloths for $2 apiece and the vase was free (a thrift store I frequent had way too many so they were giving them away). 

I didn’t have enough of anything to make everything matchy-matchy (which isn’t very fun anyways), so I opted instead to make two sets of two place settings that matched each other, with coordinating thrifted Fiestaware plates. 🙂

Let’s take a closer look!

Impressing the Parents with Thrift Store Decor! 4
I <3 cross stitch!

This meant my two cross stitched peacock napkins ($6 for the set) got to come out, along with my two 50 cent teal and gold fish tumblers and two of my $1 crystal wine glasses (because I’m fancy).

The other two sets looked quite nice as well!

Impressing the Parents with Thrift Store Decor! 5
Also fancy.

Two of my off white linen napkins (50 cents apiece) and my two gilded wine glasses ($6 for the set) and $1 crystal water goblets completed the tablescape.

Brian cooked up a fantastic paella (recipe here) in my Le Creuset paella pan I savagely thrifted for $20 along with my dutch oven.

Impressing the Parents with Thrift Store Decor! 6

I even managed to find a $1 album that helped give our meal Spanish ambiance!

Impressing the Parents with Thrift Store Decor! 7
Feel the spirit.

Brian’s parents loved the paella and at least seemed to have a great time. 😉 We ate, laughed, sipped wine and enjoyed a lovely evening.

They also loved the $8 thrifted owl I have hanging in my dining room. 🙂

Impressing the Parents with Thrift Store Decor! 8

How do you use your thrift scores to up your host/hostessing game?

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