Hi There. Let's Catch Up. 1

Hi There. Let’s Catch Up.

Welcome 2020!
Thrift Stalking

Well…here we are. 2020. A new year AND decade. Just to manage expectations, today’s post is not a refashion (but I will be posting one tomorrow).

I know…it’s been a while and I’ve been terrible about keeping in touch. I could bore you with the myriad reasons for my absence from the blogosphere as of the last couple of years, but let’s keep this post short and sweet, as we have a lot of ground to cover.

A few big things have happened since last we spoke.

I’m married now.
Yep. On our two year anniversary, Brian proposed to me and I said yes. 🙂 As our wedding planning began, we quickly realized just how expensive even the simplest of weddings actually are.

That’s why, on a lark, I entered the UofSC Love Story essay contest from my alma mater to win a free wedding on the last day they were accepting entries.

We won.

Not to brag, but I’m a not-too-shabby essayist. 🙂 Our wedding was planned and put together by 30 students in two months. The whole process was exactly what you’re thinking it was.

Hi There. Let's Catch Up. 2
We’re pretty happy.
Hi There. Let's Catch Up. 3
Our nearest and dearest approve.
Hi There. Let's Catch Up. 4
This guy. Right here.
Hi There. Let's Catch Up. 5
Here’s to years of love and laughter to come!
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We were so honored to be chosen, and I’ll probably eventually write a post about what it’s like to have a class of students completely take the reins on planning your wedding (if you’re into that sort of thing). It was an incredibly fun process and the students did an amazing job. It was a wonderful day. The best day. We love each other so much, and being surrounded by our dearest friends and family while promising to continue choosing each other was just indescribable joy.

I didn’t get to make and/or refashion my dress, as it was provided by a local wedding dress shop (the rules for accepting the free wedding were strict, friends), but it was nice to not feel the intense pressure I would have felt had I decided to make my own. Don’t worry. I’ve made and will make plllllenty of dresses in my lifetime. We’re good. My reception dress was given to me by my bestie Erin, who originally bought it for her wedding, but never changed into it.

“You have to wear it. One of us has to eventually wear this. It’s pretty! DON’T forget to change into it!” were her orders.

Douglas has a new little brother.

Look at these adorable bubs.

Hi There. Let's Catch Up. 7
Benson is on the left.

Meet Benson. We adopted him from Little Paws Dachshund Rescue right after our wedding. He’s five years old, and spent most of his life as a breeder dog that was eventually dumped off at a shelter severely underweight with pneumonia because some people are garbage.

Hi There. Let's Catch Up. 8
Who could be so mean to this sweet baby?
Hi There. Let's Catch Up. 9

He’s super sweet and super tiny (9 lbs!).

Hi There. Let's Catch Up. 10
He wears clothes! Get ready for matching outfits, little guy!
Hi There. Let's Catch Up. 11
Benson’s first Christmas!

Benson is content to be removed from his previous lascivious lifestyle and is now happy, healthy, and a total cuddle bug that you’ll be seeing lots more of (along with Douglas, of course!). He is literally snuggled up with me on the couch as I write this.

Sad things have happened as well. Douglas suffered a spine injury that led to paralysis followed by surgery and months of intense physical therapy. He’s completely fine now, but Brian and I hope to never go through anything like that ever again.

It’s nice to be back. I can’t believe this blog has been in existence for almost ten years. It’s been a decade of so many transformations (not just talking clothes here, folks), wins, losses and opportunities to grow and challenge myself.

In 2020, you can expect to see many posts (far more than you’ve been accustomed to over the last two years). Refashions, thrift style inspiration, and anything else I find interesting will eventually land here.

It’s good to catch up. I can’t wait to share my latest refashion with you tomorrow. Even though we haven’t talked in a while, I think we’ll be able to take up right where we left off.


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  • Lisa Hamel

    SQUEEEE! I am equally excited for your marriage AND new posts. Small confession–I gave up checking BlogLovin when you stopped posting. I was so excited to see your cute face when I opened it on a whim tonight!

  • Parker

    Okay, final comment for today…CONGRATULATIONS! You so deserved to win that contest, especially after sharing so much on your blog over the years. The pix are beautiful, and that GOWN…absolutely gorgeous, as was the reception dress. And the Dachshunds are so sweet. <3 <3

  • Kelli Ferment

    Wow your life has gone through a lot! So glad you are back. I sew and love making things but just don’t have your eye. I have read your blog since you started and I am so excited you are back! Here’s to great things in 2020!

  • Amanda A

    So glad to have you back! Been following you for years; you’ve been such an inspiration. Congratulations on your wedded bliss!!

  • Jeanette Compton

    How exciting! Congratulations! I couldn’t be happier for you! Your wedding looks beautiful and you both look happy and full of joy!!! Here’s to the rest of your lives happily ever after!

  • Erin Spencer

    super excited to see this pop up in my blog roll feed. My creativity is always sparked by your refashions. Many congratulations on your wedding, best wishes for a happy future together!

  • Kazzie

    Congratulations on you getting married, that’s wonderful! 🙂
    Lovely to hear from you again, I’ve missed seeing all your amazing fashion recreations.

  • Amy Alley

    I have missed you so much Jillian! I actually slipped and started buying new, off-the-rack without you to inspire me! Congratulations and I am looking forward to Refashionista in 2020! And it was great to meet you in person, albeit accidentally, at The Warmouth last year!

  • Karen

    I’m really happy for you. I have been around since close to the beginning of your blog and I’m excited to see what you have planned for the coming year. Thank you for sharing!

  • elaine suter-rink

    Hello there!! I was so pleased to find you in my box today! I have missed your cheerful energy and lively enthusiasm! Glad to have you back! Congratulations, both on your marriage-(how romantic a proposal!)- and upon the addition to your family. What a sweet little tale…tail…his face is pretty sweet, too, along with the rest of his long little body. It’s a blessing to become the forever family of a rescue, isn’t it? My Dausy, a 12 year old Chihuahua who had been abandoned by her previous owners 6 1/2 years ago, is my most precious treasure. I look forward to more pictures of yours.
    I’m also on tenterhooks to see what inspired redos you’ll be sharing with us. You’re so very clever and your instructions are always helpful as you guide us, your loyal fans, to create our own versions from fun finds.

  • Debbie

    Hey congrats! I just got my machine out from a badly needed tune up and was wondering how, where you are..and u r here! Excited to make some new creations w you..cheers to you and your family!! Debbie

  • Viv

    Oh my goodness! So much happiness over here! I kept checking back to see if you’d posted since the thrift stalking post, and got surprised with TWO new posts today!
    I’m so happy for you! I totally wanna know how the wedding was (I eloped, so live vicariously through other’s weddings lol) and am so looking forward to more refashions! One of these days, I’ll be brave enough to try one myself

  • Beth Ineson

    So GOOD to hear from you! I was just lamenting to my daughter while we were at the fabric store last week that I missed your blog! A lot has changed, but I can’t wait to see your new refashions and such! Congratulations on your marriage and winning that contest. Amazing. You really are very blessed!

  • Kenna

    I am so excited you are BACK!! I am even more excited you have found your joy in life. I then read who you work for, I am the apparel purchaser for a large company and we print on your clothing all of the time, even more cool!

    I got married last year to the love of my life and it was on a shoestring as well and it could not have been more fabulous. You don’t need a lot of money when you have love.

    You are also the person who inspired me to Goodwill, I can no longer buy clothes at regular stores, heck, my husband and I are both now Binners, and we love a good find, ha!

    PS. Both of us are also vets, USMC, please thank your husband for us.

    Can’t wait to read more in 2020, what a great year this will be!

  • Ann Marie Sikorski

    Congratulations on your many accomplishments and happy Events in the time we’ve been apart! Very exciting!
    Happy New Year’s to both of You!
    Looking forward to your creative fun blog &
    the myriad of discoveries and topics you will present to us in your lively, chatty, charming way. Thank you for coming back to us!
    I wondered about you often.
    Ann Marie ☮️‍♀️

  • Catherine

    Congratulations on your wedding, it looks like the collage students did a fantastic job of making your day beautiful.
    We have a rescue who went through hell before we adopted her, she is the most loving pit bull in the world.
    I have missed your posts, I am looking forward to seeing more.
    Thank-you for adopting a rescue, Benson is adorable as is Douglas, it looks like they get along well.

    Happy New Year

  • Sue

    Just seeing Refashionista in my e mail brought a smile to me this morning. You look beautiful. Congratulations on your wedding!
    Have you thought about refashioning jewelry from thrift stores?

  • Stephanie Metz

    OMG so beyond excited to see more from you again! Congratulations on your marriage, the puppy, and all the happiness! I just set up a sewing space in my basement, so bring on the inspiration!! 🙂

  • Christine M Taylor

    Congrats to you im so happy for you watching your journey has been awesome and inspiring wishing you lots of love light and blessings in the years to come! Love the new addotionbtontour for babies he is just as adorbs as Douglas glad he is all better!

  • Barbara Van Der Mescht

    Welcome back, congratulations on your marriage and we have missed you!!!!! Looking forward to 2020 with you and the family.

  • Shari Wells Nixon

    Super excited that you are back! Always loved to see your creativity! Looking forward to some new ideas and maybe the bravery to take on a few projects myself Best wishes for our new year!!!

  • Sarah

    Welcome back! Your blog inspires me to sew, and generally to just give things a try in life. I like that you’re YOU, and also that you take on truly ugly challenges 🙂
    Congratulations to you and Brian!

  • Kimberly Gumm

    Congrats! I’m very happy for you everything looks perfect. Got married myself and it is a wonderful feeling to be with someone who feels the same!

  • KathyJo

    Sooooooo, soooooooooooooooo happy you’re back! As a loyal thrifter and recycler, I’ve been motivated and encouraged by your blogs. Don’t ever go away again. Ever!

  • Rowena Morgan

    Congratulations, so wonderful to hear from you. Love you wee doggies, my 3 are all rescued from people who should never have animals. Can’t wait to see your posts.

  • Lyn Edington

    What a thrill to find an email from you! It is like hearing from an old friend. Has it really been that long? I often wondered how you were doing. Congratulations on your marriage and adoption. Wishing you nothing but happiness. Welcome back!

  • Renee

    Congrats!! And welcome back. I love your blog – you have inspired so many repurposing projects for me (like a 200 yr old church to a house)! I’ve missed the inspiration and look forward to the new projects!!

  • Paula

    Welcome back, you and Douglas were missed! Looking forward to new posts, congrats on your wedding! One of my favorite blogs!

  • Lori

    Welcome back! You inspired me to try more refashioning. I didn’t discover your blog until it was almost going away, so I’m glad you’re back! I already read the post about the New Year’s Eve refashion. Very nice and looking forward to more.

    • Desarae P.

      You were one of the first blogs i really got into, and a big spark in my own refashion journey (even completed in some online refashion contests and did pretty good!). Reading your post was like revisiting an old friend or slipping on a favorite cozy sweater. Makes me wonder about picking my own long neglected blog (s). Congratulations on the love story! He looks swell. And to the cute new addition, welcome. 🙂

  • Lesley

    Happy New Year to you both and congratulations – Douglas & Benson too. Look forward to seeing your posts again – Awesome way to have a wedding!

  • Phyllis D Hobson

    I, too, had just been thinking about your blogs and attempting some redesigning myself! So glad to see you’re back and congratulations on your marriage! What a way to do a wedding, that sounds fabulous and fun! Looking forward to reading your updates in 2020!

  • Thelma neff

    I’ve missed ur posts but kinda thought u may have gotten married Congratulations ❤️ Glad ur back. Look forward to upcoming posts

    • Shannon Wingfield

      Such a delight to have you back! Congratulations on your wedding! I’m so happy Douglas is ok and Benson has a loving home!

  • G

    Greetings! I must say, I was so happy to read of your wedding. I’ve been having a lukewarm (at best) first day back to work after the break and that warmed my heart. And then. The dog rescue. This is what I needed to read to restore my faith in humanity. Thanks for adopting that lovely pup, I know he is so lucky and happy! And thanks for making my day! 🙂

  • Donna Dodd

    Hello! Welcome back, Happy New Year, and congratulations! So nice to hear from you and looking forward to seeing all of your posts!

  • Marcia

    How lovely! I cannot wait to see more in my inbox. Congrats on the wedding and on the new pup. We just adopted our first dog a month ago, from the Humane Society. She’s a 12 lb Chihuahua mix, and had been a stray before her 8-9 months at the shelter. She’s 7 or so, and will be needing surgery soon, I think. She’s a cuddle bug with us but a fierce warrior around anyone new. Will have to work on that for sure.

  • Sheree

    Congratulations!!!! Having a wedding planned by students sounds so fun to me. So happy you will be blogging again, I always enjoy your blog post so much! Love love little Benon! Happy New Yar!

  • Heidi Emmett

    Soooooo HAPPY you are back! Congratulations on the wedding. And a new adorable addition to the family. We are a “rescue” family too. Rescues are THE BEST! So much love they give to us.Again, SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK! And eagerly await your next post.

  • Nancy Marie Fisk

    Now I want to read the essay you wrote! Congratulations on your wedding and may you have many happy years together. I think of you whenever I refashion something or want to refashion.

  • theadventuresofcaptainandcook

    Glad to see your new post. Congrats on your marriage. And what a wonderful things you have done for Benson. As a board member of my local animal shelter, I have seen lots of “garbage” bring in pets 🙁

    Missed living vicariously through you for all my altering projects. Did finish a few. Looking for to your posts

  • Vicki Dudek

    I didn’t realize how much I have missed reading your blogs until I got this lovely update. I am beyond thrilled to know all the wonderful things you shared. Here’s hoping to see something soon! If not ……well, I understand about life continuing and will just save this post to read again……..Congratulations Honey, you deserve all the happiness your heart and hands can hold…..

  • Christeen Bowers

    Congratulations! I missed your blog so much! I’m so happy to see 2020 will bring more to my inbox. You are truly awesome.

  • Dawn wisusik

    Congratulations! I have missed your fun posts and your creative ideas. I am so glad you have found your joy. It sounds like an amazing journey- but so worth it! Look forward to your posts and -even though not everyday ( I was exhausted for you). Happy New Year!

  • Carrie Zaitz

    How wonderful. Blessings on your new union, and great decision to rescue a wiener! They do best with buddies (or a pack!) but for all of us long-backed dog owners, keep the Dodgerlist website on your favorites. For all things IVDD. So glad to have you back entertaining us! Congratulations!

  • Pat

    When I first began following you, there was this guy who “popped up” into the picture at times. I wondered if there were any sparks flying. There was!!! You made a beautiful bride and Brian is a lucky (handsome, too) guy. I wish you the very best of married life. I’m glad you’re back!!!

  • Lidia

    Congrats! I’m so happy to see you again. When I’ve received the New post notification I was very surprised. ¡¡Bienvenida de nuevo!!

  • Elissa Barber

    Wow! Welcome back and post the winning essay, unless its against the rules. Wouldn’t want your wedding repossessed.

  • Grace

    What an exciting time you have had!! My daughter got engaged during Christmas and I am learning how much wedding things cost!! Wowzer!! So happy for your essay and win and can’t wait to see your posts coming up in 2020. I am trying to learn to sew and look forward to all your refashionista pieces:)

  • Karen

    How lovely!! Belated congratulations and hope to see more of you this year. I do love your dogs and dressing them up can be so much fun too! xx

  • Julie Majkowski

    SEW GLAD you are back! Congrats on your wedding. Thanks for sharing all the news about how it came together! You saved a lot of money!!! I am a follower and love your blogs and emails. They are exciting to read!
    I am a designer of upcycled, repurposed clothing and accessories. I wish I could afford a team that would design what I see in my head. Until then, I am the only one doing it all…..buyer, designer, etc…..
    Happy New Year to you and your family. Great to see you back. We appreciate you!!!

  • Lauren

    OH MY GOSH WHAT! So many awesome things!!!!!!!!!! So so happy for you and your husband, what a fun wedding story!!! And 2 sweet pups! Congratulations and can’t wait to catch back up more with you soon 🙂 Love, random internet stranger who has been following you awhile 🙂

  • With Love, Rhianna

    Yay! You’re back! I’ve missed you so! Congrats on the wins and sorry on the loses. I’ve been through a lot with my Akita…those dogs can really get into some stuff! Looking forward to seeing more from you!

  • Michele Schiegner

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!I We’re all sooo happy for you! It’s great to have you back. I figured I’d done something wrong. Whew!!!

  • Krista Townsend

    So happy you’re back! And congratulations on the marriage! And the new pup 🙂 Can’t wait to read what you have coming!

  • Ann

    So happy to hear from you again! I literally had just been on your home page on Dec 31, thinking that I had been unsubscribed, to see what I had missed. Congratulations on your marriage and your new fur baby, Benson! Can’t wait to see what you’re doing going forward.

  • Nancy

    So glad you are back to the blog! Much happiness in your marriage and your new life together. Looking forward to your new stories and blog. You have been missed! Greetings from Asheville and Jax Beach.

  • Jay

    Wow, how completely fabulous to have you turn up in my inbox, such a lovely surprise! Congratulations on your beautiful marriage, and thank you for sharing all these wonderful photographs. Glad Douglas is better too, and welcome to Benson!! Look forward to your posts in 2020 xx

  • Bay

    Hello ! les ! vous revoilà ! J’attends avec impatience vos nouvelles transformations de vêtements. Vous faites partie de ces personnes qui m’ont largement inspirée ces dernières années. Je suis ravie de vous retrouver. Et félicitations pour votre mariage.

  • Carol

    Congrats!! Delighted to hear you will be back to sharing you wit and wisdom with us again. Have a wonderful happy and blessed day and year. Always wanted to try some of your ideas.

  • Teresa

    Congratulations on your marriage! I hope to see lots of content…you are one of my favorite bloggers…we need more like you…quirky and sincere…real!

  • Sherri Lantinga

    Hooray! Hooray!!! This American living in South Korea (non-military foreigner) is very pleased to hear you’re well and ready to blog again. Congratulations!

  • Claire

    Amazing news! So great to get that into my inbox. Wishing you all the best for 2020. Would love to see more sewing, thrifting ideas. 🙂 Claire x x

  • Eve Declerck

    Je suis vraiment heureuse de pouvoir te lire à nouveau. Depuis 2 ans, je n’ai jamais arrêter de coudre et d’upcycler mes vêtements, avec toujours une petite pensée pour toi qui m’a encouragée grâce à ce blog. J’ai également progressé en compréhension de l’anglais mais parler reste très difficile. J’ai hâte de lire tes prochains articles.

  • Kay

    Congratulations! Delighted to hear that you’ll be sharing your inspiration with us again. Hearing about the essay contest win just made my day! Welcome back.

  • Jeanette Cz.

    Well You Were Busy!! I get it! Congratulations, and may you both always be as happy as you were on your wedding day! Welcome back!

  • Rosemarie O'Neill

    This is so amazing to hear from you! I was thinking of you two days ago and wondering how you were. Surprising how blogs make us readers feel like we’re besties! So glad to hear you have a great man in your life; you look so happy and I am looking forward to seeing some refashioning! All the best is wished for you and your fella! and fur babies….

  • Angela St

    congratulations! good to have had an update so we all know you are well and happy. look forward to the posts this year…………

  • Deborah Fischer

    Congratulations to you both! I am so thrilled for you and excited for me that you are back to blogging, AND refashioning. May 2020 bring your little family much joy!

  • Juanita

    Happy you are back so happy for you and your furr babys are so sweet bless you for saving them as far as the evil people there is going to be special place for them

  • Joan M Smith

    Congrats to you and Brian. I seem to recall him in many of your earlier photos. I am looking forward to more refashions!

  • Laura Ly

    So very happy for you, congrats on winning the contest and on your wedding!!! So sweet to hear about the changes in your family and can’t wait for your blog to begin again! Cheers to New Beginnings! God bless!!!

  • nina carr

    Sooooooo happy that you are back again ! Congrats on your new life with Brian as a married lady. Happy for you both.
    Missed your refashions, but most of all, missed Douglas ! Hope to see some more frugal dinners, some vegetarian ones please ! Looking so forward to receiving your posts again. Welcome back.

  • Bree

    omg… Your email was like one from an old dear friend that I had lost in life’s on going shuffle. I was delighted to hear from you. So pleased you found someone to love that loves you, glad to learn of your wedding and to hear a bit of news about Erin. Your email was a very bright spot in my day. You even shared news of Douglas. Sorry about his illness and I am glad he recovered and that he now has a Bud. Good things come to those who wait. Your letter proved it.
    Wishing you every happiness…

  • Elda

    what a coincedence !! I was thinking of you and your blog, I haven’t recieved any emails.!!!
    Congratulations!! So happy for you and I’m looking forward to receiving your emails again.

  • Valerie Geib

    I am so happy for you!!!! Congratulations! I have often thought of you and wondered how you were! I am so glad for your happy news!

  • Lorraine Fiander

    I’m so happy to see you back! I was just thinking about you and your blog this morning 🙂 congratulations on your marriage and thank goodness for pup recovery! Look forward to next blog post

  • Trish in NJ

    Congratulations, after reading your blog for a long time I can truly say if anyone deserved a happy ever after it’s you. I’m looking forward to your next refashion. Best of luck to the two of you and your little fur babies.

  • Heather

    Everything about this post makes me happy! Glad you are back! Congrats on the wedding! Congrats on Benson! Can’t wait to see what you refash next!

  • K

    I’m so happy for you and Brian. I was worried about you as it seemed you kind of disappeared for a while and I wondered what happened to you.
    Looking forward to all your new posts this year. Welcome back!!!

  • MaryJo

    Yay, it’s great to hear from you! I have missed your posts, as I’m sure many of your other fans have but I assumed that you had something important that you needed to do. Blogging is HARD, I know because I’ve tried it and my hubs is a food blogger and it can be so exhausting! So do what you can, but take care of yourself. Anyway, welcome back and congratulations on your wedding and the new addition to your family.

  • judy ross

    Such a wonderful surprise to see your post! Congratulations! You look so happy and beautiful! Even if you can’t do an outfit makeover, please post once in a while. We love to know you are happy and busy.

  • Arlene

    Oh this makes me so happy! I really enjoy seeing your transformations and look forward to seeing many more! Congratulations on your wedding and the newest addition!

  • Carolyn Archambault

    So happy you’re back and Congratulations on your marriage! Here’s to 2020-I hope it is wonderful for us all

  • Regina Ingram

    Hello from Florida…Wonderful to see you back. Congratulations on your nuptials. May you and Brian be awesome and your kids Douglas and Benson be happy. Your pictures are lovely and you look wonderfully happy. Be blessed and happy.


    Aloha from Hawaiʻi! I was so happy to see an email from you after all this time. Congratulations and best wishes to you and Brian! And Douglas and Benson! You are a beautiful bride and the dress is stunning. I wish you many many happy years together.

  • redbam

    Congratulations on your wedding! How exciting. You two look adorable. Our youngest daughter got married this past August so I can relate to you about the planning and financing of a wedding. It’s nice seeing a post from you. Hope to see more in the future. Good luck to you two and may 2020 be a simply amazing year for you all.

  • Shannon Fannin

    HUMONGOUS CONGRATULATIONS! We’ve missed you. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing your blog posts in my mailbox. All the best and Happy new year! – Shan, realist vehicle painter in Austin, Tx

    • Anne Styx

      I was so happy to see you in my inbox today! I am so glad to see all of your exciting news too. Finding your blog was a huge inspiration to me a few years back, and you’ve been missed and I look forward to any future posts you have to share. 🙂

  • Pamela

    Congratulations on all of your happy news! I’m thrilled you are back, you are absolutely adorable and ALWAYS entertaining!!! Excited for your upcoming posts!!!

  • Anita

    I was literally just thinking about you this week,missing your posts! Congratulations and happy to hear your life is going well! I started following you when I took beginner sewing classes but then, life and dropped it for 3 years. Would love some fresh inspiration!

  • Susan

    So glad you’re back! I go to your blog now and then to see if I’ve accidentally missed something. Congratulations on your marriage and your new poopster!

  • G

    Wow, so happy you’re back! I loved this blog! Your creativity, talent, and humor constantly inspired me.

    And congrats on your marriage! What an amazing story to win that free wedding! You ARE a talented essayist, (my assessment coming from years reading your blogs and as a fellow essayist,) so I’m actually not surprised.

    P.S. I’d love to read your winning essay if you’re open to sharing it.

  • Janet

    So relieved to see you return to your blog in such a happy, happy place. And, I’m happy my days of cruising Pinterest for past refashions just to get my fix are soon to be over. Congratulations on everything!

  • Gemma Petracca

    Glad to have you back and I am looking forward to your blogs as I achieve many ideas from your refashions and upcycles. So happy for you and Brian on the happy wedding event. What a fright It must have been when Douglas was hurt, but the medical profession can work wonders even with our precious animal friends. Douglas must be very pleased that he has a new brother and playmate. May your future be filled with much love, health and peace

  • Ann Macon

    Always loved your blog as I dabble in the same. So happy to read your post! Congrats and I look forward to the refashions and etc. Ann

  • Jana Currie

    Congratulations! We’ve missed your posts, so I’m excited to see what you have in store for us in the coming year.

  • Patricia

    I am so excited to have you back. Please do what is comfortable. This is for fun right, and I am happy with whatever you can give me. Congratulations on your new adventures.

  • Sandy Young

    WooHoo! Congratulations to you and Brian! I assumed something good had happened in your life and I’m so happy to see you back in touch. I have missed your posts!

  • Lori N

    Congratulations and can’t wait to hear your planning story. You can always refashion your dress into lovely other things!

  • Shona

    So delighted to see you back! I’ve missed you. Congratulations all round, marriage, furbaby, new devade. Looking forward to seeing more of your refashions. Welcome back.

  • Stella

    Congratulations!! So happy to see you are back and all is well (exceptionally so!) in your world!! Here’s to continued positive vibes in 2020!

  • JoAnn Savko

    So very glad to see you back!! Congratulations on all the positive changes and getting through the not so pleasant times.

    You are in my thoughts as a refashonista and thrifter OFTEN and I am THRILLED to be hearing from you again. I have MISSED you!!!

  • Barbara Ray

    Congratulations to you both , you looked beautiful on your wedding day. Sorry to read about Douglas’s back problem. We also rehomed a miniature dachshund 2 months ago and look forward to reading about your two.

  • Jill

    So happy for you! And so happy you’re back. I have missed your blog and often wondered what happened to you! Cheers for a great 2020!

  • Karen Lotter

    Congratulations on your new husband and fluffy new child. I’m glad to see you aren’t gone. I look forward to more of your posts! A fan in Foley Alabama.

  • Myra

    What a wonderful surprise to have you back! Congratulations on your marriage! Beautiful pictures. What a lovely family you all make. Looking forward to see much more from you

  • Ruth

    Happy to have you back and no apologies are necessary! You made a beautiful bride! Here’s to a great 2020! Ruth from Long Island, NY

  • Heide V

    I was just thinking about you the other day, wondering how you were and if you’d be coming back…. congratulations on your marriage and welcome back!!

  • Connie Turner

    Jill and Brian, Best Wishes to you and your fur children too. You look very pretty and the dress is spectacular and your alternate dress from your friend is also spectacular. I hope we do hear from you now and again. I always enjoyed your refashion posts.

  • Christy Keyton

    Well, yay!!!!!! And ditto to all that everyone has said here. Brought a smile to my face to read all this and am excited to keep reading in 2020!

  • Murielle

    I’m so happy to read your post! Congratulations on your marriage! Your wedding pictures are lovely. You were a beautiful bride! Congratulations to Douglas on his new little brother, Benson. Can’t wait to see much more of you. I have missed you.

  • Nicole

    OH YEY!! Happy New Year TO US!!

    … well, and to you 😉
    But YEY US! Can’t wait to laugh through some re-fashions and such with you again ♥️♥️♥️

  • Hope

    Congratulations, a wedding, a pretty reception dress, and a new pup? You are living the life. So glad you are coming back to blogging. I’ve missed your inspiration!

  • Linda Busch

    I’m so happy you are back! Congratulations on all the great changes in your life! May your marriage be long, healthy, and happy!❤️

  • Stacey

    Congratulations on your wedding! Its wonderful to hear from you again and yes it just like old friends picking right up where they left off. Here is to anew year!

  • Paula Coyner

    It was such a surprise to see your post! I think of you every time I re-purpose and outfit from a thrift store. Congratulations on your wedding and new life!

  • Mary Kay

    It is so nice to see that you are happy! I’ve been following your blog for such a long time but this is my first time commenting. Looking forward to seeing more of your refashions.

  • Barbara

    32 years ago, after kissing a lot of frogs I met my Prince. We’ve been married for 28 years now. Just reading your email I could feel all that joy I felt the day I married my love!
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I just know your life will be filled with love…..no matter what comes your way!

  • Joan

    Congratulations! So Happy for you and your husband. And super excited that your back and will be posting again. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s post!

  • Becky S Williams

    OMG!!! I am so Hap, Hap, Happy to hear from you again! I cannot wait to get your posts again! And congratulations on all your good news, so sorry for all your bad news. Looking forward to seeing your posts again.

  • Melanie Miles

    Well, that was a nice late Christmas present to see your post! Sounds like you’ve been very busy over the last few years, I’m not surprised you haven’t had any time to do posts. Your wedding looks wonderful and it sounds like a perfect way to plan it – let someone else do it! I’m glad to hear that Douglas is on the mend, it’s so hard for everyone involved when pets are sick. And Benson is just perfect – it makes me hopeful for the world that there’s people like you two who rescue doggies like him. He looks so smart in his little jumpie.
    I’ll look forward to your posts whenever you’re able to put them up – trying to start a blog myself I appreciate how much time goes into them.
    Happy new year to you all from Australia xx

  • Carol Morgan

    Congratulation and may you both have many happy and healthy years together. I am very happy that you are back again. I have greatly missed your post a lot. Welcome Back!!

  • Brittany Olson

    Ah yay!!! We’ve missed you! I stumbled upon your blog on pinterest when I was first learning to sew for my toddler, who turns 8 in a couple of months…I am so excited to see new refashions from you! 🙂

    • Amy

      Welcome back my lovely. Happy new year and I’m very glad to hear about the ups and family additions, and I’m desperately pleased to hear that Douglas is ok after all you all went through with him. Looking forward to hearing from you as and when is convenient, you’re a major inspiration to me and my sewing room xx

  • Jen

    OMG! Congrats!!!! so happy to see you two wonderful people were blessed have all this wonderful stuff happening! Glad your back. Looking forward to a great future and posts☺

  • Rochelle L Gwinn

    Yah!! So happy for you! Was actually think about how much I miss your post the other day. Glad you are going to be back. Can’t wait to hear your wedding story!!

  • Linda L

    I just found you right before your break and I’m so happy you’re back. I love seeing where your imagination and your thrifting take you. Looking forward to what comes next.

  • Kelly Baldwin

    I now moved to Columbia SC area…would love to meet up some time…been following your post for years…Glad that you are back.

  • Karen Sameiro

    Oh how I have missed you and your posts :),Soooo Happy for you to have found your Love .You look so beautiful and your Groom looked Dashing ,and awww your new fur baby is adorable,I have missed Douglas too.Wishing you and yours a Happy and a Blessed New Year

  • Jillian

    Now that is fantastic news and what a way to greet the New Year!!!
    Missed you!
    Very pleased all has worked out so well for you and Brian!
    Peace, health and happiness to you and yours always!
    Best! Best! Jillian xx

  • Dale

    Happy to see you are doing so well and looking forward to hearing all about the gift wedding, you latest projects and life as a Sadie Sadie Married Lady.

  • Lorna Moxley McGlynn

    I didn’t realize how much I missed you and Douglas until you posted those adorable pics. So very excited for you and can’t wait to see your next creations!!!

  • Claire Jefferson

    WELCOME BACK. Have missed your inspiring fashion, personality, humor, shopping tips, and views on life! etc., but am so glad that things have turned out so well for u, Brian and those adorable dachies. Beautiful wedding! Have fun!

  • Sydney Charnley

    YayyyY! Welcome back. What a lovely New Year surprise to see ya back again. Looking forward to further posts. Thanks for the updates on your life, and congrats about you & Brian.

  • Michelle Robertson

    So nice to have you back, and happily married huge congrats.
    Welcome Benson you are as adorable as Douglas, sad to hear hes been so poorly, fingers crossed that’s all behind you.
    Look forward to tomorrow refashion YAY!!

  • Susan

    CONGRATULATIONS! What a beautiful bride! So happy to see you back and looking forward to your posts! Sending you and your all of life’s blessings!❤️

  • Julie

    Oh how nice it was to see your email! I was just thinking of you about a month ago, and was hoping all was well with you, as we hadn’t had one peep from you! And apparently things are wonderful! Congratulations to both of you on your marriage, and also your new family member…I’m so very happy for you all! Can hardly wait to see what amazing refashioning you are going to wow us with! Again, it’s so good to see your smiling face!

  • Joanna

    Congratulations on all of your happiness. Looking forward to reading your blog again. Your creativity helps me remember my own. Can’t wait to see your refashion.

  • Ieva

    Oh my, You are back! After receiving an email about a new post I dropped what I was doing and rushed here. I missed Your posts.

    Big congratulations on Your marriage! This is soooo beautiful and I wish you both the best! 🙂

  • tambra nicole

    Jillian, I’m so happy for you and Brian! Congratulations!

    It’s wonderful to have you back. I’ve really missed your refashions, thrift tips/tricks, cooking and the other wonderful items you find and share.

    Here’s to a happy, healthy, and blessed 2020 for all of us.

  • Etta tyler

    I was so excited when I saw your email!!!! Oh my goodness I have missed your refashions and your posts!!! I’ve looked you up soo many only to find… nothing new!

    2020 is going to be a good year for sure!!! So glad to have you back!!!

  • Noreene

    What a wonderful surprise to see you again! Cheering from the sidelines: hurray for love. Hurray for marriage. Hurray for dogs — and boys! Best of life to you. You deserve it!

  • Keri

    Ohmigosh!!!!! I have missed you! It was soo good to open my email and see your name. Congratulations on getting hitched-your wedding looks like it was a dream! Can’t wait to catch up ❤️

  • S abel

    Happy New Year and congratulations! Great to read all the good news and looking forward to seeing your posts…whatever the topics! Youve been missed!

    • Andrea

      Ohmagosh I am so happy to see you and read all about your Main Happenings! Super excited to see your wedding pics, and your baby photos Looking forward to your next instalment… whenever that may be!

  • Natalie Feller

    I am so excited for you! I was talking about your blog to a friend the other day. I knew knew knew you would be back soon. You have been missed! Happy 2020!

  • Ronnie

    The world has nose turned on it axis correctly now that you are back. Over hungered for your words of wisdom, humor and fashion ideas. I’m also thrilled you have found your perfect man (mate). Can’t wait for more.

  • Carol

    So happy for you and Brian. Glad to have you back in our lives. Missed your posts. Congratulations on your marriage!❤️

  • Daggett Betty

    Was so happy to see you in my mailbox. Welcome back, congratulations on all that good news, and Happy New Year. Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow!

    • Larissa

      I’m so delighted to see you back and blogging, with a wonderful life around you! I started refashioning back in 2015 solely because of your blog, and I’ve hardly bought a new clothing item since. It was such an inspiration to do good and have fun while doing it, to be an individual and let the world know. I’ve led two refashion workshops since then at my local library, started my own (tiny) refashion blog, and presented at a Maker Faire. You made me want to pay it forward, and I can’t wait to see what incredible things you come up with in 2020 🙂 Happy New Year!

  • Erin J

    So happy to have you back!! Congrats on the wedding and the winning and the brother doxie!! Can’t wait to see more posts as I’ve been missing refashions!!

    • Marcia

      Congratulation on you nuptials. You deserve so much happiness for all that you do for others. Your blog inspired me and I have gone from beginning sewer to a woman who not only owns a sewing machine but has a serger too! Today I am repurposing two old sweatshirts into one fashionable color block sweatshirt. It has been alot of work and much use of a seam ripper, but I am having so much fun.

      Looking forward to your escapades!
      Marcia from Charleston

  • Hope Wickett

    Congrats on getting married! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding full of love and laughter! Also congrats on your new fur child 🙂 sorry to hear about Douglas, but I’m glad he’s in the mend! Here’s to another decade of refashions!

  • Melissa

    I’m so happy for you!!!! Congratulations! It’s also good to hear from you. I look forward to your future blog posts and to see more of those sweet pups <3

      • Mary

        Literally been waiting for your return for so long haha, you inspired me to start sewing and I am so greatful for that! Congrats on your wedding also! And your new family member (dashes are my absolute favourite doggies). Thank you for showing the world what you do, so looking forward to seeing what you create!!! X

    • Nan

      Glad you’re back. I really enjoyed reading your blogs and seeing you refashion out dated or just plain ugly clothes into beautiful fashionable clothing. Congrats on getting married to the love of your life.

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