No-Sew Dress to Reverse Triangle Bottom Shirt
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No-Sew Dress to Reverse Triangle Bottom Shirt

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I haven’t done a no-sew refashion in a while! While this is primarily a sewing blog, I know not everyone who has the refashion itch necessarily wants to sew.

Or maybe they just need an easy no-sew project to jump-start their refashioning journey!

Allow me to remedy this right now.

At first glance, there isn’t anything wrong with this $1 clearance thrift store dress.

Refashionista No-Sew Dress to Reverse Triangle Bottom Shirt Before
Ho hum.

Sidebar: No, my hair didn’t grow back wicked fast after my recent haircut a la Interview with the Vampire. The images from this post are from a couple of weeks ago. ๐Ÿ™‚

No-Sew Dress to Reverse Triangle Bottom Shirt 11
Sorry kids. :/

I classify this dress under the category of “boring work clothes”. You know…one of those innocuous garments that’s politely inoffensive and meant to attract no attention whatsoever. A totally neutral dress.

There’s nothing to hate about it.

However, there’s nothing really special to love about it either. :/

At first, I had no idea what I’d do to change this one up. Then I looked a little closer.

dress triangle seam close up
Well…what do we have here?

Whaddyaknow?! There is an interesting detail to this otherwise Plain Jane dress! Isn’t that triangle seam neat?

Let’s make a chop!

I grabbed my scissors and got to chopping!

cutting dress into shirt

I snipped carefully right along that triangle seam, first on the front, then the back.

Since this dress is made from a ribbed cotton jersey, there was no risk of fraying.

If you’re uncertain whether something will fray or not, just snip a small section near the bottom of your piece to test it first.

When I was done, I was left with this.

top removed from bottom of dress
See where I’m going here?

That’s it! That’s all it took to refashion a dowdy dress into a fun top to wear during a weekend excursion to Charleston, SC with the Mr.!

No-Sew Dress to Reverse Triangle Bottom Shirt after close up
It sort of looks like wings!
No-Sew Dress to Reverse Triangle Bottom Shirt after
I think it’s much more fun now!

I wore a tank top under my new top as my stomach is still looking quite Frankenstein-y from my recent surgery, but this could totally be rocked as a crop top!

The back looks pretty neat too!

No-Sew Dress to Reverse Triangle Bottom Shirt after back view
Taking in that harbor view!

Mr. Refashionista and I enjoyed a tasty breakfast by the water at Marina Variety Store. If you’re visiting the area and looking for a great non-touristy breakfast spot the locals love, this is the place for you!

refashionista at breakfast
Yes. I make doofy faces all the time.

We had a delightful weekend getaway!

jillian and brian by water
I look more delighted than Mr. Refashionista…

The next time you go thrifting, I hope you’ll look closely at the details of even the most basic of garments.

There might just be an easy no-sew refashion hiding in there somewhere!


refashionista No-Sew Dress to Reverse Triangle Bottom Shirt before and after


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