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5 Vintage Summer Outfits to Try

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Has anybody else been evaluating/Marie Kondo-ing their closets lately in preparation for Summer?

As we begin the slow shift from jammies all day to actual clothing again, I thought you might like a little outfit inspiration.

This summer, I’m all about combining a vintage aesthetic with modern trends.

Summer 2020 is nodding enthusiastically towards ’90s fashion and DUDE…I AM HERE FOR IT.

For me, this means creating a budget-friendly look with thrifted pieces that look luxe, not cheap.

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1. Big Prints

refashionista in '60s nightgown
Big & Bold

Big prints are…well…big in 2020.

We’re all staying home much more than usual as of late, but that doesn’t mean you’re relegated to just sweatpants and ratty T-shirts.

I felt incredibly glamorous while hanging out around the house in the ’60s nightgown you see here. The print is ah-ma-zing, and that scalloped hem is a delightful detail. All this for $1!

2. Mix ‘n Match: ’90s Grunge & ’50s Femme

refashionista in polka dot skirt
Genre mixing is way okay!

This quasi-rockabilly look was a really fun one.

That tank is my absolute favorite. It’s just a $1 thrifted T-shirt that I ripped the sleeves off of. I love how it gives high waisted skirts and pants that might otherwise be a little too feminine for my tastes a bit of an edge.

The polka-dotted skirt was another $1 find. It was actually handmade! I can’t believe someone gave it up!

3. ’90s Floral Dresses

refashionista in '90s floral dress
I look like a way-too-old extra in the original 90210…

WHY did I not save all of my ’90s clothes? If you obsess over Pinterest Trends the way I do, you know ’90s fashion is EVERYWHERE.

Wearing the same styles I wore 10 years ago (The ’90s were only 10 years ago, right?) 😉 fills me with wistful nostalgia and makes me want to watch Reality Bites.

refashionista in sweater close up
You Saaaay…

This outfit features a $1 thrifted ’90s midi dress, vintage Laredo boots, a sweater a friend gave me, and a $2 vintage purse (that still had its original $150 price tag attached when I bought it). The hemp necklace was made by a friend (You may remember its interesting story).

4. ’70s Maxi Dresses

refashionista in maxi dress
Let’s take it to the Max(i)!

Midi dresses are having their moment, but let’s not forget the Maxi!

I purchased this dress at a vintage shop in Ireland for $20. It was made in the USA, so it felt a little odd bringing back home.

’70s maxi dresses usually feature unique prints and color combinations. I love the tiny polka dots on this one, as well as the blue-yellow-red combo.

5. High Waisted Everything

refashionista vintage summer outfit high waisted skirt
Am I almost 40 and showing a bit of midriff? Why yes I am.

Now here’s a trend that gets a lot hate and I don’t completely get why.

I think high waisted looks are flattering, as they accentuate the waist really nicely. Some say they look dumpy, as shorts and pants in this style can be less than flattering for our rear ends, but I say that all depends on the garment.

5 Vintage Summer Outfits to Try 6
My patio’s not tacky. You’re tacky. 😉

Vintage high waisted midi and maxi skirts are a more sophisticated way to rock this trend with class.

This skirt was scored for $1 (of course). I paired it with a knotted basic white tee and thrifted vintage accessories.

So there you go! My favorite thriftable vintage 2020 summer trends!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look put-together and stylish this summer. I hope you like the looks I’ve shared! Make sure to let me know if you have a favorite in the comments below!

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Vintage Summer Outfits
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