• Anne's Dramatically Groovy Reader ReFash 2

    Anne’s Dramatically Groovy Reader ReFash

    I’m excited to share a Reader ReFash with you that came to me from a kindred spirit named Anne. She teaches Fashion/Design and Speech/Drama at two junior high schools, which I find impressive given my fear of youths. I obviously love fashion, and I less-obviously hold a degree in Theatre (my professional career has been a winding path indeed). Anne recently challenged her students to upcycle a garment of their choosing, and I hope she’ll share some pics with me,…

  • Melissa's Skirt to Capelet Reader ReFash 3

    Melissa’s Skirt to Capelet Reader ReFash

    I’ve been scouring the racks at my favorite thrift stores for a nice warm cape. Since I sometimes wear items with belled sleeves, they don’t always fit very well into my coat sleeves. A cape is a perfect solution! Sadly, I have had absolutely no luck in finding one. But it looks like my luck has changed, thanks to Melissa over at Trevor Loves Mommy!

  • Cathi's Reader ReFash 4

    Cathi’s Reader ReFash

    When we talk about sustainable fashion, versatility comes up again and again. How can we buy less clothing? How can we need less clothing (other than by joining a nudist colony?). One option is to own garments that can can be worn in multiple ways. That’s just one reason why I dig this refash by Cathi from Scratch and Stitch. She began with an old flannel that used to belong to her dad. The original flannel shirt was an XL…

  • Kaylinn's Reader ReFash! 6

    Kaylinn’s Reader ReFash!

    When I saw this pic of Kaylinn, I must confess I had my doubts that there was much to be done with her chosen starter piece.  :/     She’s a braver woman than I.  I HATE velour and velvet.  Yes, they look nice (although this shirt is looking a bit scary as-is), but I HATE the texture of them.  I CAN’T STAND to touch them (or cotton balls for that matter).  Does this make me weird? Anywho, thankfully Kaylinn…