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A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion!

Thrift Stalking: How to Thrift Like a Savage
From 80's Dropped Waist to '18 Good Taste: A Refashion

Congrats Everybody! Today you get two refashions for the price of one (which is still free, so I guess that’s not really a bargain, but whatever…)!

When you look at these two pieces from my local thrift, you might not think they could work together very well.

A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 1
80’s frump meets Look At My Larger Bottom Half.

I’m not fan of either of these. The green one is well…something, isn’t it?

The grey one’s distastefulness is a bit more subtle and insidious. The top is properly fitted, but the bottom is an awkward mid-knee length and those white flowers just bring attention to the pear-ness of my shape. I also hate that stupid waist tie thing.

Goodbye Green Dress & Frumpy Grey Dress, and Hello Hip Green Jacket and Versatile Grey Tunic Top!

Let’s start with the easy one, the grey dress.

A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 2

Well, That was easy.

Now for the Green!

First, I happily ripped these out:

A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 3
Massive pads of squareness!

I carefully snipped right above the elastic waist, like so:

A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 4
Snip snip!

Next, I made a tiny hem, and stitched it down.

A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 5
A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 6

Okay, so my jacket was complete, but I thought of a clever use for those massive pads!

I pinned them together, with the prettier sides facing each other.

A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 7
Like this.

Then, I stitched around them, leaving an opening on one narrow side.

A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 8
Another whirrrr!

I then trimmed the edges and turned it inside out.

Can you guess what this is? Can ya?

A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 9
A cozy case for my sweet specs!

All that snipping and whirring left me with a cool and funky outfit for the day!

A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 10
I think it’s pretty sweet!
A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 11
Or at least an improvement anywho!

I paired my jacket and tunic with yoga pants, my favorite Toms boots, and this cool ballerina necklace I thrifted for $2.

A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 12
Other fashion bloggers try to look cute. I just like making funny faces. ;P

As this was such a quick refash, I even had time to whip up a Southern Chess Pie!

A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 13
A chilly day requires a good pie!

I wore my fun new outfit for an evening of tiki cocktails with friends to help us forget the February chill!

A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 14
Ah…The Painkiller…my favorite tiki cocktail!


A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion! 15

Thrift Stalking: How to Thrift Like a Savage
From 80's Dropped Waist to '18 Good Taste: A Refashion

34 thoughts on “A BOGO Frump-to-Hip Refashion!”

  1. I must be getting old… er… older, that is… I loved the blue dress almost as it was and I think, if it had fit me the way it fit you, I’d have found a dye that dyed the floral whatchamacallit so it matched the dress and call it a day… But that’s just me. You look fabulous!

  2. Loved seeing a whole outfit! And great necklace. I think the flower embroidery bottom of that dress might make a nice clutch bag or something?! X

  3. I’m glad you’re back! Keep the refashions coming – I’m always inspired by your creativity. Question: when you’re at the thrift store, do you immediately get a vision of the end refashion before you buy the piece, or do you just buy random things and decide what to do with them later?

  4. I love that you kept the studs on the pockets–I thought that was a cool detail. And the finished outfit is very cute and very 2018!

    I started reading your blog circa 2013, but I recently used your archive to go back to the very beginning. It’s been a blast to read all of those old posts, and you inspired me to refashion a dress for a formal event I have this weekend. 😀

  5. I like the little jacket but I don’t like just the narrow hem on it. Perhaps use the belt that went with the original dress, making it more like a short denim-jacket style?
    Also waiting to see what you make with the embroidered bottom of the other dress…
    You always provide divine inspiration!

  6. All that and you still had time to bake a pie! You really were supercharged! Thanks for your continued awesome finished products. So look forward to seeing what you’ve done.

  7. An another awesome quick Refashion hit for my weekend of alterations. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep up the relatable alterations.

  8. Very creative outfit and cute on you! Also, love the use of the shoulder pads for the spec case . . . who woulda thought of that one!

  9. I love your Blog and your new blog too!! I’ve been following for some time not and have a question. Where did you get a dress form and how did you find one that is your size? Thanks so much!!

  10. Actually I LOVE the floral embroidery part of the skirt that got cut off- PLEASE USE THAT- maybe a tube top/bustier in a future re-fashion?

  11. Great creativity, as always! I’m kinda sad for the grey dress, because I loved it as you bought it (yay for knee length!) :p


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