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Darling Dachshund Applique T-Shirt Refashion

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I know. I know. I just did a Dachshund refashion.

“Slow your roll, crazy dog lady!”, you’re probably saying.

What can I say? Inspiration strikes where and when it strikes!

I thrifted this sweatshirt years ago and have worn it a TON.

dachshund sweatshirt pre refashion
Awwww…he looks so sad!

It’s super pilled up now, and I’m kind of over the whole cut-off neck/Flashdance vibe. I couldn’t bring myself to re-donate it though…because…Dachshunds. πŸ™‚

Instead, I grabbed this boy’s T-shirt that I thrifted for the magical price of free!

refashionista in free thrifted t-shirt
Wait…how did I thrift this for free, you ask?

Prepare yourself to be jealous, friends!

Darling Dachshund Applique T-Shirt Refashion 2

Is that not just buck wild? And this is the same thrift store that used to sell all of their clothing for 50 cents apiece (sadly, they have doubled their prices to $1)!

All of a sudden, a plan was born!

I carefully cut out my dachshund, leaving some of the purple around the edge.

refashionista cutting out dachshund for applique
Good boy!

Then, I pinned my doxie to the front of my T-shirt, overlapping the pocket a bit (because I think it looks cool that way).

refashionista pinning dachshund appliqué to t-shirt
This will only hurt for a moment, little fella!

I carefully stitched my appliqué down (You’ll want to turn down the speed on your machine for this, friends).

refashionista stitching down dachshund
Whirrrrr & Woof!

And just like that, I can now advertise my Dachshund fandom with pride!

Darling Dachshund Applique T-Shirt Refashion 3
DIY dachshund applique t-shirt
Upcycled dachshund applique t-shirt
A fine and noble breed!

I ended up wearing my new T-shirt to the vet (Benson needed a nail trim), and undoubtedly looked like a Crazy Dog Lady. πŸ˜‰

refashionista with dachshunds
Benson: “Is Mommy exploiting us for her blog again????”
refashionista with benson and Douglas
Douglas: “Yep. You’ll get used to it…”
Darling Dachshund Applique T-Shirt Refashion 4
Me & The Boys!


A Darling Dachshund Applique T-Shirt Refashion Before & After
A Darling Dachshund Applique T-Shirt Refashion
Easy DIY Tie Back Top Refashion
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37 thoughts on “Darling Dachshund Applique T-Shirt Refashion”

  1. I don’t usually comment but THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!! you are a thrifting / sewing / refash genius! I love everything you do but this is my absolute fave!

  2. Being a Doxie chick myself, I’d love anything you did with Doxie motif! I found your blog a few years ago and loved it! You are so creative!

  3. I don’t think I would have bot the doggie top… purple and all… but you did and what a reward you have for doing so. The doggie is precious and I see you are a fan… Love the boy shirt with the pic on the front. It’s perfect and will make me reconsider my secondhand purchases from now on… Thanks… πŸ™‚

  4. Cannot believe how well the colors work on the Dachshund and the tee. Brilliant! I believe in stylin clothes for when I walk my dog. Nothing crazy about honoring our precious fur kids. Your guys are charmers!
    Also interested in the sewing foot you used for the applique attachment.

    • Oh goodness. Are dachshunds ever really housebroken??? πŸ˜‰ Our boys are fairly good, but we also only have washable rugs. Ruggable rugs are great for us.

  5. Amazing job, the image looks like it was made for the colours in the t-shirt rather than the sweatshirt it came on. Fun fact, sweatshirts are called wind-cheaters in Australia. Love you work!

  6. This is by far your funniest post. Had me in chuckles. Now if only I could find a shirt with my dog’s face on it..

  7. Ok, I honestly didn’t think that was going to work as you introduced the two pieces, but I have to admit that came together really well. You are super cute by the way. I love your doxie love!

  8. What a great shirt to wear to the vet. It must have been a big hit! I love cutting things off ill fitting t-shirts and putting them on other ones. I have done this a lot for my hubby. I actually have three I am working on now.

  9. Thanks for bringing in some cheer today, especially after seeing the news. You are such a positive and creative lady. You have a sharp eye for detail. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I have a pair of embroidered linen pants that are full of holes. I plan to do something like this to save the fabulous embroidery for a new pair of linen pants. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. You are just so darned cute. And your refashions are such a joy to watch. The photos make me chuckle. Thanks for some great ideas!

  12. I’m amazed there’s that much clothing out there with dachshunds printed on it. I’m also always amazed at how you can take something so frumpy and make it look so chic! Looking super cute!

  13. A. this is the cutest
    B. how do you have the best thrift stores where you live? I can never find great deals like that in New England – even when Savers has their 50% off sales, the prices aren’t that good!!

  14. Adorable. The MOST genius part was leaving a margin of purple around the Doxie. Neon purple!! Makes him look like a rock star!!!


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