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A Darling DIY Dachshund Sweater Refashion

8 Thrifting Tips & Tricks For Serious Scavengers
A Duster Sweater-Turned-Sweater Dress Refashion

Months ago, Mr. Refashionista and I agreed to watch Erin and Ken’s two dachshunds for a week while they visited family.

This means our house is currently overrun with FOUR dachshunds.

If you have even one dachshund, you already know they’re quite a handful. Stubborn, Borky, and crazed are all apt descriptors of this breed.

But they’re also cute, silly, and snuggly enough to make one forgive their many faults. I love the lil guys.

It’s no wonder I had dachshunds on the brain when I began this refashion!

This is probably the first time this has happened in at least nine years, but my “before” shot of this one got deleted somehow when I restored an image backup after getting a new phone. :/ However, thanks to the magic that is Google, I was able to find a pic of an identical Ann Taylor Loft Beige and Black Sweater I thrifted for a $1 a week prior!

stripe sweater
Thanks Googs!

When I tried my newly-thrifted sweater on my non-mannequin body, I didn’t like it. My body is more of a pear shape, and those horizontal stripes weren’t doing me any favors.

While there is no photo evidence of this, I decided to cut off the sweater right above the pockets and hem it (you just have to trust me, okay?).

But you’ve seen me hem plenty of things before, and that’s not what made this refashion special.

I Googled “Dachshund Silhouette”, and wasn’t disappointed with my options.

dachshund silhouettes to trace for sweater
Choices choices!

I chose my favorite, and since we don’t own a printer, traced it with a felt tip pen on a piece of pattern paper.

tracing dachshund silhouette
I’m not pathetic, I’m resourceful.

When I was done, I was left with this:

traced dachshund
Who needs a printer?

I pinned my traced dachshund to a piece of black felt I had leftover from another project, and snipped out my new pupper!

making dachshund appliqué
Snip snip!

I actually feel like using pattern paper (or tissue paper, wax paper, etc.) worked better than a printout would as it’s easy to pin to the fabric and it holds its shape with the fabric really well.

So now my cute lil doxie was cut out and ready to be adhered to my new sweater.

I cut out the flat part of a paper plate to put under the sweater where the dachshund was going to be added.

paper plate under appliqué before fabric glue

Now, of course I could have sewn this on, but I really wanted my appliqué to have a sharp & clean look to it. So instead, I opted for some really swell fabric glue.

fabric glue for dachshund applique
Come on Aleene & sponsor me! 😉

I couldn’t get a pic of me glueing this little guy down (as I needed both hands), but the main thing to keep in mind when doing this is that a little glue will go a loooong way. You don’t want to use too much, or it’ll seep on on the sides and look sloppy.

If you have any edge pieces that aren’t quite glued down when you’re done, just use a toothpick with a dab of glue on the end to tack those parts down.

toothpick glueing
Just a dab will do ya!

When my appliqué dried, I was ready to rock my sweet new sweater downtown with friends!

refashionista dachshund applique sweater close up
I kind of love it.

I styled my new sweater with a favorite vintage patent leather clutch, a pair of faux leather pants, and black booties.

refashionista dachshund sweater refashion
I like the shortened sweater too!

I got loads of compliments on this refashion from people who I assume are also dog lovers. 🙂

refashionista in dachshund sweater with friends
These guys liked it!
dachshund sweater up close
What should I name him?

Of course, the only feedback that really mattered was from these guys…

refashionista in dachshund sweater surround by dachshunds
Does this mean we now have FIVE dachshunds?!?!?!


refashionista dachshund sweater before and after
8 Thrifting Tips & Tricks For Serious Scavengers
A Duster Sweater-Turned-Sweater Dress Refashion

28 thoughts on “A Darling DIY Dachshund Sweater Refashion”

  1. I have done so many tracings on my laptop screen, many times. AND, don’t use a sharpie!!! I learned the hard way, lol,love the sweater. P.S. I now own a printer.

  2. The newly refashioned sweater is cute and looks great on you. However, like several other followers, my first thought was that you were fabricating some doggy duds… I am sure your fur babies would have approved. : )

  3. This sweater is the cutest! I wanted to comment on your white Doxie with the black spots. I adopted a dog 3 years ago who was a tiny puppy. When she got full grown she looked very similar to your doxie. So I sent away for dna because the shelter said Jack Russell terrier and chihuahua but I always thought doxie. Well sure enough, she is 1/4 doxie! I had never seen a doxie that wasn’t black or red/brown. But now that I see your dog, I totally see where she gets her coloring!

  4. All of your doxies are absolutely adorable — having had three Labs at a time gives me an idea of what it’s like to have three doxies at a time!

  5. I so enjoy your creativity and the fun way you tell the stories. I am so glad that you are back and inspiring us all. All the best to you for your life changes and personal happiness. Much thanks to you for sharing all this fun stuff with us! Hugs from Manassa, Colorado!

  6. Just a hint I’ve learned because I do a lot of applique. If you trace your design onto freezer paper (the white paper that has a waxy coating on one side), you can give it a quick iron and it’ll temporarily stick to your fabric without pinning. It’s easy to cut out felt that way and then the freezer paper peels off easily.

  7. We have a Jack Russel/Dachshund mix, and oh the stubbornness! It’s like she mentally weighs the consequences of her actions in her mind, and most of the time that she decides that the consequences are worth doing whatever it is she wants to do! She’s my wild child, but she makes up for it by being the best snuggler I’ve ever met. Love the shirt!

  8. “Come on Aleene & sponsor me!” hehehehhehehhe, you never cease to make me giggle.
    Obviously you should name her Aleene. Or maybe Eileen…

  9. Love this one! You’re right- the length of the refashion is much better on you and the silhouette gives the sweater a designer touch that is mucho better than just the plain stripes. Well done! Gonna try something similar with my Springer Spaniel.

  10. It reminds me of watching Laverne & Shirley when Laverne would applique a felt “L’ on her sweater. I’ve done something similar with a bird applique. It’s fun to wear clothing that is unique.

  11. Thank you for the idea of shortening a sweater! I’m not a fan of sweaters laying at the hip (adds unwanted bulk). I’ll be trying this for sure!


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