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A Decorative Zigzag Hem & How to Dye Washable Silk

1940s-Inspired Dress Refashion
How to Refashion a Dress to be Worn Backwards

When I found this dress for $1 at the thrift store, I thought, “Hmmmmm…It’s not so bad.”

Decorative Zigzag Hem & Dying Washable Silk Before
It’s not bad!

The fit is fine, and the fabric is an incredibly comfy lightweight washable silk.

But it’s not grrrrreat either. The two main things I didn’t like about this dress as-is were the color and the length.

Not to worry! I had a plan!

Let’s dye it!

I found this dye during my most recent craft store visit, and it’s a hue I hadn’t seen before!

bottle of eggplant rit dye
Let’s Rit it!

Since this dress was silk, I knew it would take to the dye really well.

In retrospect, I didn’t realize just HOW well…but…spoilers!

I prepared my dye bath and added my new dress.

silk dress in eggplant dye bath
Quite a pretty color, I think!

My dye bath was just hot water, the eggplant dye, and some salt (to help it set). I use a big pot (which I use for nothing other than dye as dye is toxic when ingested) to dye my clothes, since my washing machine is a terrible front-loader (I hateses it).

After 40 minutes in its bath, I dumped out the water from my pot in my kitchen sink and rinsed my dress in my washing machine by running it through one wash cycle sans detergent.

Let’s hem it!

After it was washed and dried, I gave my now-VERY-eggplant dress a big chop.

cutting off hem of dress

I folded the new bottom edge under and pinned it down.

pinning a new hem
Pin that hem!

Then, I stitched it down!

Stitching new hem down

I didn’t stop there though. I use a lot of decorative stitches in my refashions, but not everyone has decorative stitches as a feature on their machine.

However, just a few lines of zigzag stitches in different colors can give your refashion a little extra oomph.

Sewing a zigzag on the hem
Zigzag Line 1.
Sewing a zigzag on the hem
Zigzag Line 2.
Sewing a zigzag on the hem
Zigzag Line 3.

After I pressed my new hem, my dress refashion was done!

Decorative Zigzag Hem & Dying Washable Silk after
Wait…where am I?

But wait! What is this? This doesn’t look like my yard (where all of my pics have been taken as of late), does it?

Dahlonega winery
Welcome to Dahlonega, GA!

Last week, Mr. Refashionista and I decided to book a cabin weekend in Georgia Wine Country. We stayed at this lovely airbnb.

Sadly, my dress got a little wrinkled in the 3.5 hour drive, so my “after” shots aren’t that great. :/

note about goat
She will NOT bother you. #bestnoteever
We were not bothered.
Cabin art!
Cabin art!

All wineries employed social distancing, sanitizing and mask-wearing measures to keep everyone safe.

Brian and Jillian at winery
Mr. Refashionista and I at Kaya, one of our favorite GA wineries!

It was so nice to be able to get away together, especially after being cooped up for so long.

brian in GA wine country
My handsome hubs.
Jillian and Brian at winery
The view from Three Sisters winery!
closeup of refashionista
Come closer!

And here’s a closer look at that new hem!

zigzag stitched hem close up
I like it!

While at the cabin, we drank our newly-acquired wine and played a few games of backgammon (which I’ve recently gotten into!).

jillian in front of backgammon board
I won 2/3 btw…


Decorative Zigzag Hem & Dying Washable Silk
1940s-Inspired Dress Refashion
How to Refashion a Dress to be Worn Backwards