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A Duster Sweater-Turned-Sweater Dress Refashion

A Darling DIY Dachshund Sweater Refashion
Feeling the Love in my Valentine's Day Shirt Refashion

Before we get started, I want to go on record as having said I really liked this sweater as-is. It might be a first for this blog, but it’s true!

refashionista duster before pic
It’s cute!

If you follow me on Instagram (which I hope you do!), you might be experiencing a little deja vu!

refashionista wolf shirt with duster instagram

I love its nubby knit, the color, and how it pretty much goes with just about anything. That’s why I knew I’d want this refashion to be easily reversible!

That’s right. I’m going to turn this sweater into a dress in such a way that it can easily be undone!

First, I pinned my duster’s front placket closed using my dress form.

refashionista duster pinned
It has begun!

Then, I did the same with those side slits.

refashionista duster pinned side slits
Simple, eh?

Next, I stitched it all down, BUT on the longest stitch setting my machine has.

a nice wide stitch refashionista
A nice wide stitch!

This means my new dress will be secure, BUT I’ll easily be able to unpick my new seams with my seam ripper later. 🙂

refashionista sewing sweater
It’s like one of those sand mandala things.

I love my comfy new dress!

refashionista duster after
Comy & Cozy!

I styled my new dress with a vintage hat that used to be my grandmother’s, $6 thrifted Laredo boots, and a fave vintage brooch!

refashionista with brooch
I WILL bring brooches back!
refashionista duster sweater refashion after
You can’t even tell it used to be a duster, can you?

I wore my new frock for a few bevvies with buds!

refashionista buds
(aforementioned buds)

I got lots of (totally solicited) compliments on my new sweater dress from them!

refashionista buds
They try to be supportive.

While I still plan on returning it to its original form (I’m sure you’ll see it layered over something else soon), I’m really happy with how this one turned out!


refashionista duster before and after
A Darling DIY Dachshund Sweater Refashion
Feeling the Love in my Valentine's Day Shirt Refashion