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Fall Floral Dress to Shirt Refashion

Long Sleeve T-shirt to Dress Refashion
An Early Fall Beige Brunch Dress Refashion

Oh hai fall, I didn’t know it was you!

I am deeply and profoundly excited about our (admittedly slight) change in temperature here in SC.

Usually I get a little down as cold weather approaches, but not this year. 🙂 I’m ready for stews, tea and nights curled up with a book by my fireplace.

I even decorated!

fall outdoor decor
Douglas is looking…different…

I’m also excited about a certain 90’s trend that’s making a comeback: Fall Florals!

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When I saw this frock on my refashion rack, my gears began to turn.

Refashionista Fall Floral Dress to Shirt Refashion before
So fall. So floral!

I know. I know. It sort of looks like someone has already refashioned this odd dropped-waist frock from their great grandmother’s curtains, right?

But look closer! That print is actually totally on-trend (and I think really pretty).

The button-up back was a little challenging, but I had plans for it too.

back of dress
Baby got (button-up) back.

Like I said, I think this print is quite pretty, I just need a little less of it.

I started with these:

shoulder pads
Ugly dingy white(ish) shoulder pads!

You can probably guess what that means.

cutting bottom off of dress
Gotta keep ’em separated.

I have way more dresses than I do tops, so severing this one gave me no hardship whatsoever.

This dress came equipped with now-unnecessary belt loops on the front, and those were removed as well.

removing belt loops
Pick! Pick!

The front of this dress featured a peplum, so I only had to give it half a hem.

Trimming everything under the peplum
Trimming everything under the peplum…
Pinning the back hem
…then pinning the back!

I stitched my back hem…

sewing back hem

…and was almost done! 🙂

I decided to take advantage of that button-up back by converting it to a button-up front. I removed the top button, then pressed a nice, pleasing V.

removing button with seam ripper
pressing vneck with iron
Gimmie a V!

I also removed that tag from the now-front of my now-top.

Nina Piccalinio label
You’re welcome, Nina.

After rolling up the sleeves a little and pairing it with my recently-skinnified jeans, I was ready to head off to my friend Cole’s art show opening!

Refashionista Fall Floral Dress to Shirt Refashion after
That pattern is tamed by becoming a top, no?
Refashionista Fall Floral Dress to Shirt Refashion after close up
Seriously? You’ve been blogging for like 6 years now. When are you going to learn to pose like a real fashion blogger? Geez.

In the back room of the art show venue, I discovered something disturbing…

jillian with mannequin head
My second head! 🙂

Cheers, and Happy Fall!

Fall Floral Refashionista Dress to Shirt Refashion before and after
Long Sleeve T-shirt to Dress Refashion
An Early Fall Beige Brunch Dress Refashion

48 thoughts on “Fall Floral Dress to Shirt Refashion”

  1. Hi, I’m thrilled (at 83) to see a young person who enjoys using her head to save things that are reusable, with a little bit of ingenuity and work. You are what I wish more young people could be…to put down their damn phones and do something with latent, unused talents to make this a better wolrld…it is not a crime to be frugal …it is a crime to be lazy, in my opinion. Many people could find better uses for their money if they’d utilize their talents God gave them. When I was young, we made-do…we didn’t charge for things we just wanted because we felt entitled
    You are to be commended for being a great inspiration. Money saved is a penny earned, to be put to more worthwhile causes. You have a good heart, are smart, and an excellent mentor. You should give tutorials on utube or teach peple who are in need. God bless. You inspire me to dust off my old sewing machine!

  2. LOL! You are so funny! I love what you did to this dress – making it into a top! It looks great with your jeans… I confess that the dress, itself, was kind of hideous… but you turned it from a toad into a prince with your ingenuity and common sense. Always a pleasure to see to do your magic….

  3. Beautiful pattern! Are you going to make a skirt too? If you wore it togrther it would look like a dress, so it would be like a 3in1 outfit 🙂

  4. Like so many others here, I am hoping that you will do something with the skirt. So much fabric there! Your new top is a delight. The colors suit you.

  5. Loved this and good to see you active in the refash again. I have a suggestion for the discarded
    shoulder pads. I save them and fashion black-out night masks for myself. I have currently two and so when one is in the wash or drying I use the other one. I find that I sleep much better with
    my mask than before discovering them. At first I bought them online for twelve dollars each or so. Now I love my pretty patterned ones. Choose dark ones for this and I place my very skinny elastic
    very loose to keep it on. You want the eyes to be only loosely covered, nothing form fitting at all.
    If I knew how to post pix I would. Sorry.

  6. I wish I had your third eye to see how you are able to envision the transformation of something quite unappealing! You look fabulous in shorts. You look fabulous all wrapped up. Don’t let the cold weather get you down. Happy Fall.


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