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Fall Floral Dress to Shirt Refashion

Long Sleeve T-shirt to Dress Refashion
An Early Fall Beige Brunch Dress Refashion

Oh hai fall, I didn’t know it was you!

I am deeply and profoundly excited about our (admittedly slight) change in temperature here in SC.

Usually I get a little down as cold weather approaches, but not this year. 🙂 I’m ready for stews, tea and nights curled up with a book by my fireplace.

I even decorated!

fall outdoor decor
Douglas is looking…different…

I’m also excited about a certain 90’s trend that’s making a comeback: Fall Florals!

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When I saw this frock on my refashion rack, my gears began to turn.

Refashionista Fall Floral Dress to Shirt Refashion before
So fall. So floral!

I know. I know. It sort of looks like someone has already refashioned this odd dropped-waist frock from their great grandmother’s curtains, right?

But look closer! That print is actually totally on-trend (and I think really pretty).

The button-up back was a little challenging, but I had plans for it too.

back of dress
Baby got (button-up) back.

Like I said, I think this print is quite pretty, I just need a little less of it.

I started with these:

shoulder pads
Ugly dingy white(ish) shoulder pads!

You can probably guess what that means.

cutting bottom off of dress
Gotta keep ’em separated.

I have way more dresses than I do tops, so severing this one gave me no hardship whatsoever.

This dress came equipped with now-unnecessary belt loops on the front, and those were removed as well.

removing belt loops
Pick! Pick!

The front of this dress featured a peplum, so I only had to give it half a hem.

Trimming everything under the peplum
Trimming everything under the peplum…
Pinning the back hem
…then pinning the back!

I stitched my back hem…

sewing back hem

…and was almost done! 🙂

I decided to take advantage of that button-up back by converting it to a button-up front. I removed the top button, then pressed a nice, pleasing V.

removing button with seam ripper
pressing vneck with iron
Gimmie a V!

I also removed that tag from the now-front of my now-top.

Nina Piccalinio label
You’re welcome, Nina.

After rolling up the sleeves a little and pairing it with my recently-skinnified jeans, I was ready to head off to my friend Cole’s art show opening!

Refashionista Fall Floral Dress to Shirt Refashion after
That pattern is tamed by becoming a top, no?
Refashionista Fall Floral Dress to Shirt Refashion after close up
Seriously? You’ve been blogging for like 6 years now. When are you going to learn to pose like a real fashion blogger? Geez.

In the back room of the art show venue, I discovered something disturbing…

jillian with mannequin head
My second head! 🙂

Cheers, and Happy Fall!

Fall Floral Refashionista Dress to Shirt Refashion before and after
Long Sleeve T-shirt to Dress Refashion
An Early Fall Beige Brunch Dress Refashion