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A Fiend for a Friend

Jet Setter

A friend of mine has been in the hospital for a while now.  She’s about to be sent to a different hospital in New York to be closer to her family, and help her get the care she needs.

I decided to make her a little pal to remind her of her friends here in Columbia, SC.  As she is a fan of all things silly, I made a Green Cyclops Vampire Bunny to keep her company.

A Fiend for a Friend 2
Eye see you!

I made him/her out of an old sweater and other fabric scraps I had laying around.  He/She is wearing his/her own little hospital gown and ID bracelet so he can hang out with her all day.  I put one of my favorite vintage charms on the fiend’s neck, so my friend can wear it later on, too.  🙂

And look!  His/Her hospital gown has an authentic buttless back!

A Fiend for a Friend 3
Baby got back!


Jet Setter