A Merry Re-Christmas! 1
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A Merry Re-Christmas!

Purplesaurus Rex
Electric Blue

Merry Christmas everybody!  My Christmas ensemble started off looking like this:

A Merry Re-Christmas! 2
an ill-fitting frock

I looked and felt like a depression-era housewife in this thing.  I really liked the fun print, and the fabric (Silk! MMMMMMMM!) though.  With a couple of tweaks, I would have the perfect outfit for a comfy/cozy Christmas with my soon-to-be family and a few friends.

Of course, I had to remove the shoulder pads, which some foolish person had hand-sewn in.  Weird!

A Merry Re-Christmas! 3
Oh Christmas Pads, Oh Christmas Pads...You really are quite nasty!

I liked the blousy-ness of the top, but I needed to make the waist fit better.  I didn’t have much time to work on this, as I had overslept and I needed to get some cooking done.  No worries!  This called for a quick fix.  I turned the dress inside-out and grabbed the back of the dress at the waist, taking in enough to make it fit.  I deftly pinned it, and Ta-Da!

A Merry Re-Christmas! 4
A quick fix!

Now for that length…A good bit of it had to go!  I wanted this dress to work as a tunic or as a short lil dress (versatility rocks).

A Merry Re-Christmas! 5

I pinned my new hem under…

A Merry Re-Christmas! 6

Then, I ran it through my machine…

A Merry Re-Christmas! 7

Then a quick press to make my new hem nice and neat…

A Merry Re-Christmas! 8
Don't be dePRESSed! It's gonna look fabulous!

And just like that, I was done!  I decided to rock my new tunic/dress with jeans and some festive green shoes and earrings.

A Merry Re-Christmas! 9
Merry Christmas Tu(nic) You!

The back looked just fine, despite my rather slackery methods.

A Merry Re-Christmas! 10
Sometimes a quick fix is just fine. 🙂

And now… a story in 3 pictures:

A Merry Re-Christmas! 11
Trying to get Basement Kitteh to look at the camera...


A Merry Re-Christmas! 12
Basement Kitteh?


A Merry Re-Christmas! 13
Sorry Basement Kitteh! I shall never attempt to exploit you again!

Merry Christmas everybody!  I hope your holiday season has been marvelous!

Cheers!  🙂

A Merry Re-Christmas! 14
My new frock in front of a chicken painting. 🙂
Purplesaurus Rex
Electric Blue


  • Herbie

    Basement kitteh is on to your exploitation of her, so that’s why she’s not about your trimmings on the floor. Perhaps. Also, has said kitteh tried to run back home to where y’all used to live? Like the other side of the duplex?! 😀

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